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CNN: Anderson Cooper Interviews Donald Sterling (Full Video)

Anderson Cooper interviews [embattled exposed racist ranter and former L.A. Clippers owner] Donald Sterling for AC360 on CNN. This is the full interview (commercials included), with Sterling pretty much given free reign for a full hour. That is to say, in this no-subject-off-limits talk, Sterling has every opportunity to exonerate himself in the court of public opinion. Do you think he cleared himself or dug a deeper grave? Watch and decide for yourself.

(Stick around for the whole segment. Real reality TV with some unthinkable twists!)

Shouts to @Jose3030

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Nas Speaks On CNN With Anderson Cooper On The ‘Race And Justice In America II’ Special (Video)

Last night CNN’s Anderson Cooper held a special town hall discussion called ‘Race & Justice In America II’ on his Anderson Cooper 360 show & brought along a number of commentators to speak on the issues affecting the country. Nas was the most recognizable voice in the hip hop community who added his valuable 2-cents to the discussion. Check out more from the discussion featuring commentators Charles M Blow, Andre Perry, Michaela Angela Davis, & David Webb below….

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Adele Speaks On Life, Love, & Music on 60 Minutes (Video)

Adele deserves all the success she’s getting based on true talent & life music. Whenever any Adele song comes on the radio in the car my niece gives me a mini-concert. Adele is one of those artists that my nieces & I can all agree upon. Pure talent, great lyrics, & life music. I wish most artists would get the memo & quit with the gimmicks.