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Killer Mike Asks The All Black National Convention: “Are You Ready For The Revolution?” (Video)

You will FEEL what Killer Mike is saying here like you were there and he was speaking to you. Guaranteed! For those who are familiar, mix in the sentiments of Marcus Garvey, Muslim idealism, and modern day survivalism and you get this powerful response to the All Black National Convention discussion topic. Part chastising and part challenge, ALL Power To The People! Some folks there did not like some of what Mike spit into the mic. Some folks who watch it here might not like it.

Deal with it. Press play. This is a MUST WATCH! After watching, you must ask yourself, “Are you REALLY ready for REVOLUTION?”


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Chris Rock On Why Black People Don’t Like Baseball (Video)

HBO Real Sports is turning out solid gold, in the way of shows, by having comedians in for these funny sports rants. Here’s Chris Rock’s rant on why Black folks aren’t feeling baseball anymore. Hilarious… but some valid points made though.

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Black People Don’t Do: Atheism (Video)

From the ancient times, through slavery and the struggle for civil rights, and into modern times… worship and religiosity has been woven into the fabric of Black life worldwide. Has the time come for change in that regard?  Does a Black atheist automatically throw away his/her ‘Blackness card’ in choosing to be such? Questions like these are what the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) clip above poses… among others.

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