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‘Privileged’ White Extremist Protestors Push Back A Reluctant Riot Squad (Video)

Go home and think about this… That’s all I’m asking…

Dude on phone cam was amped, right? But was he right about the White privilege being exemplified.

Think about it. Honestly. Really think: Could Black protesters get away with doing this to a squad of police already in RIOT GEAR??


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“The Trayvon Martin Story” Documentary Series Coming To Paramount Network (Trailer)

They say that time heals all wounds. It does not.

Whoa. That’s a quote to frame, esp. for this case.

Paramount Network has teamed up with executive producer Shawn Carter for a landmark television event, “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” based on the life and legacy of Trayvon Martin. The six-part non-scripted documentary series will be the definitive look at one of the most talked-about and controversial events in the last decade that spurred the impactful worldwide “Black Lives Matter” movement. “Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” premieres in July on Paramount Network.

#ParamountNetwork #RestinPower #TrayvonMartin

And yeah. The exec producer is that Shawn Carter.

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Erykah Badu ‘Takes A Knee’ At The Soul Train Awards (Video)

ErykahBadu kneels in honor of Colin Kaepernick.’ Now some say, THAT’S the way to kick off the Soul Train Awards! Could be a title for an interesting article post. Meh… went another way.

However, Badu started off the right way, right away! Respect. The struggle continues.

#BlackLivesMatter #TakeAKnee #SoulTrainAwards2017

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Jeff N Fess – “Mr. Officer” feat. Eric Roberson (Prod. By The Playlist A-Team)

Serious music making happened at Jazzy Jeff’s Playlist Retreat 2016. Here’s one of the dopest outcomes of the gathering, Jeff N Fess (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Rhymefest) lacing a beat produced at the event – “Mr. Officer” (featuring crooner Eric Roberson).

After hearing a few bars of a particular arrangement, Eric Roberson was inspired to write. The first words uttered: Mr. Officer, can you spare some change? If they say art imitates life. Then Mr. Officer, by Jeff N Fess, feat. Eric Roberson, is art’s response to life. “Some people march, some people protest; we make music,” says DJ Jazzy Jeff of the motivation behind releasing Mr. Officer. Increasing reports of police brutality and deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of law enforcement led to this musical expression of hurt, anger and frustration. Mr. Officer is produced by The Playlist A-Team, comprised of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Stro Elliot, Daniel Crawford, Steve McKie, Kaidi Tatham and Eric Lau. This ensemble of gifted musicians worked together to create a sound that uncomplicated, yet moving. Lyricists Eric Roberson and Rhymefest shine light this complex and emotional issue with heartfelt simplicity.
– Playlist Retreat

You will cry hot tears by the end. Expect it. Powerful music with a powerful message powerfully delivered can overpower you like that.



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Killer Mike Asks The All Black National Convention: “Are You Ready For The Revolution?” (Video)

You will FEEL what Killer Mike is saying here like you were there and he was speaking to you. Guaranteed! For those who are familiar, mix in the sentiments of Marcus Garvey, Muslim idealism, and modern day survivalism and you get this powerful response to the All Black National Convention discussion topic. Part chastising and part challenge, ALL Power To The People! Some folks there did not like some of what Mike spit into the mic. Some folks who watch it here might not like it.

Deal with it. Press play. This is a MUST WATCH! After watching, you must ask yourself, “Are you REALLY ready for REVOLUTION?”


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DeRay Mckesson Tell Stephen Colbert Why We Protest (Video)

If you ever get frustrated by folks saying, “Protests are a waste of time,” or, “What good is marching gonna do?” this DeRay Mckesson interview is for you. Actually, it’s for the ones who frustrate you; who likely have no better ideas. Wait… actually, it is for EVERYONE who needs to know (or be reminded) why we gotta do this.

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson returns to The Late Show to share details from his meeting with President Obama, and explain why it’s crucial to take his message to the streets.


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Images Exposing America’s Racism: The Murder Of Emmett Till (Video)

1955. Your parents and/or grandparents REMEMBER this. The killing of Emmett Till happened not even ONE full lifetime ago. Anybody wanting to tell you that revisiting such a ‘distant past’ is divisive, that you should just ‘move on’… well you should. They would have been the same people who would have believed Emmett was ‘flirting’ and that his death was his fault or just a fact of life. The fact is that the loss of Emmett’s life was a TRAGEDY. That a movement found life and strength provides some solace but in no way lessens our sadness and mourning.

Anyone telling you to move on is right. Do it. Move on… AWAY FROM THEM! Anyone telling you that to keep bringing up race, protest or even talk frankly about race-motivated violence against Black Americans that is going on in the same lifetime as the murder of Emmett Till is ‘divisive’… Move on. But remember who they are.

“The irresponsible rhetoric of our President, who has used the pulpit of the presidency to divide us by race and color, has made America a more dangerous environment for everyone.”
Donald Trump

So, The President, a Black American (whose citizenship Trump consistently contested, remember?), even talking about what has happened to Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Walter L. Scott, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner or others divides us and makes for a dangerous environment? Hmmm… okay… Glad the cameras caught that tidbit in the midst of your nomination acceptance speech.

Yeah. I heard you RNC. I heard you, Donald Trump. And I am moving on!

But back to the video above: Watch. Grieve. Get focused. Get motivated. Get moving. Get more informed. And never forget Emmett Till!




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Bill Maher Says That Police Culture Has To Change (Video)

Above: Bill Maher tells Stephen Colbert that we need policing as a society. He values the police and denounces shooting of police, like most, BUT he understands why police got shot at this point.

You can only look at so many videos of shooting unarmed Black people. I’m surprised it didn’t happen before.

Wow. Then Colbert follows up with a quote from the late President John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” Then Maher goes in further: Police culture – attracting the wrong types of people, protecting wrongdoers within their ranks, not administering true justice when wrongdoers are caught, even the training – HAS to change!

Yeah. By this point in the evening, the funny part of the show was over, as Maher declared.

(Well, actually, they got in some more joke pokes… some at each other… but, trust, the serious power of what was said was not diminished.)

Incredible conversation The Late Show. Colbert keeps bringing thoughtful TV to CBS; while allowing what needs to be said to be said. Watch.


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Rant, Rebuttal, Reconciliation: Wendy Williams Apologizes And Invites Roland Martin To Speak On HBCUs & The NAACP (Video)

Two media power-movers get together and ensure the ooh’s and ah’s are not the last thing we get out of the swirl of fiery commentary that came from Wendy Williams’ rant – then Roland’s rebuttal – on HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. See all that build up after the jump. What’s most important though… is that they got together on Wendy’s couch, reached an accord, and ensured knowledge was shared! Good use of a powerful platform.

“News One Now” host Roland S. Martin sits down with Wendy to talk about her remarks about Historically Black Colleges and the NAACP. Then, Roland weighs in on race in America, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. Plus, Roland weighs in on how to talk to our kids about these issues.

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Activism: 23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America (Video)

Remember when Chris Rock did the comedic PSA “How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police” on his show years ago? No? We’re not surprised. With the passage of time AND all the police involved tragedy going on today, who can remember? And with all the unwarranted KILLING happening to us, it is really hard to laugh anymore. Crazy thing is… there seems to be NOTHING we can do to GUARANTEE living through a police encounter nowadays. Truth is, the time for folly is at an end. Hence the #WeAreHere Movement and the video above.

Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Bono, and others explain why it’s time to take action to heal the long history of systemic racism in America. #23Ways

In collaboration with Alicia Key and the We Are Here Movement, with original reporting from Mic’s Jamilah King. Go to to find out more.


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Ras Kass – “Promised Land” (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

Jesus didn’t even own a camel. Creflo Dollar wants 65 million for a new jet.
I just want 75 G’s for the new vette; blue Stingray. Make it a pair like Hugh Hef.

WHAT??! That’s how Ras STARTED his rhymes on this “Promised Land” jawn! You should have been stretching your neck to protect it from head-nod injury as soon as you read that that Statik Selektah laid down a beat for yet another Ras Kassination. Take time to do that now. Then hit the play button and get so much more from the work put down by the vets.

Always a socially conscious rapper, Ras addresses Police shooting unarmed black men, the Black Lives Matter movement and other relevant political topics underlined by a Statik Selektah piano riff track accompanied with Martin Luther King “I Have A Dream” speech inspired scratches provided by he and inDJnous, helped out with soulful vocals by Washeyi Choir. Chucch indeed!


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Killer Mike Speaks On His Anger And Fears In The Wake Of More Police Killings Of Black People (Video)

Without fail, Killer Mike is ALWAYS speaking poingnantly with passion about matters affecting the people… his people. Sometimes it’s a wonder how he keeps answering the call to speak. Frustration we all feel, way before he and those of like mind began to #FeelTheBern

This is all truth. No slick talk and no backtracking. Notice how he does not have to couch his statements in the typical ‘all cops are not bad’ rhetoric, because he is out there with the police in his town – forging relationships, ensuring that they will feel/be compelled to protect & serve in his community. He touches on that. He has not abandoned talk on political movements we need to make either: VOTE out the folks who refuse to look out for the people in the community… VOTE THEM OUT! And he continues to bang the drum for a show of Black economic power: Want to move those in power, move your money away from them and toward folks you wish to empower.

None of this is new, but Killer Mike keeps speaking it. As frustrating as it must be. The truth is easy to repeat; because it’s not a ‘platform’ or something he has to ‘make up’ or remember. Watch Mike Render speak on his fears and frustrations with the two recent tragic losses of two Black Lives that did not Matter to cops who took them.


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Jesse Williams Delivers A Powerful Acceptance Speech At The BET Awards (Video)

Screenshot 2016-06-28 01.49.19

A system meant to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.
Jesse Williams

Time to stand up Black people!

By now you have probably heard, or at least heard about the speech Jesse Williams gave in acceptance of the Humanitarian Award. We will steal NONE of its fire. PLEASE click the pic above or the link below and watch the full speech given at the BET Awards. Best three minutes you will spend today. Guaranteed to light a fire that burns in the depths of your soul. Let’s go!



(The speech is transcribed after the jump.)

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Ashley Williams Feels Hilary Clinton Owes Us An Apology. She Wrote A Sign About It. Wanna See It? (Video)

Ashley Williams. Pretty bold. Plus, the topic (the framing of young Black people as ‘super-predators’ as then President Bill Clinton, ultimately signed a ‘Three Strikes” crime bill that locked thousands of them up) deserves national attention that it was not getting until this fundraiser protest move.

Hillary Clinton was at a fundraiser in South Carolina when a Black Lives Matter protester interrupted her speech. She held up a banner that had a pretty devastating quote from the candidate.

Cenk Uygur does make a good strategy point in his critique: If only Ashley could have gotten an answer from Former Secretary Clinton #WhichHilary #BlackLivesMatter

So…why’d she do it? Cenk talked about it. Watch the video straight from Ashley after the jump.

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Larry Wilmore Gets Activist Deray McKesson To Speak On #AllLivesMatter And More (Video)

We’ve seen it play out in the media; and probably in our everyday lives. Someone says #BlackLivesMatter and you get #AllLivesMatter in response… likely from someone that doesn’t get that the former exists as a slogan because, currently, not everyone holds the latter to be true. The Nightly Show panel digs into this discussion, using Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush’s dismissive ‘they want free stuff’ quip as a jumpstart for it. See that above.

After the jump: The show guest, #BlackLivesMatter activist Deray McKesson, laid out how that #AllLivesMatter doesn’t matter much. McKesson has clapped back at Bush and other outspoken Conservatives via social media and in-person appearances; letting them and people know about institutional racism’s true effects on our country and oppressed people in it today.

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Talib Kweli And Bill Maher Discuss #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Interrupting Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign Speech (Video)

Bill Maher: Why Bernie Sanders? …If you’re gonna interrupt somebody… This guy had a hundred percent approval rating from the NAACP.
Talib Kweli: NAACP liked Donald Sterling, too.

And folks, that’s how we dig into a real conversation! Watch the video clip above and gain some perspective.

A while back, #BlackLivesMatter shut down a speech appearance by 2016 Presidential hopeful and leading American Progressive Bernie Sanders. Many disagreed with the women who took the mic. But EVERYONE paid attention, talked about it, talked about #BlackLivesMatter from many angles. Whether you ultimately agree or disagree with the tactic, Kweli does make a couple of solid points. The first, the duty of activist-protesters is to disrupt and gain the platform (which #BlackLivesMatter did LITERALLY). The second, NO candidate should take the Black vote for granted in 2016.

Very interesting. Do you agree with Kweli? Discuss…


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