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Dan Aykroyd Speaks On The Scene That Makes “Trading Places” One Of The Best ‘American Business’ Movies Of All Time (Video)

Was watching “Trading Places” a few days ago for the 1,234,678th time. Today while working I ran across this interview with Dan Akroyd about the film that we felt everyone should peep. If you are too young to have seen the classic movie “Trading Places” we posted the full film courtesy of youtube after the jump…..

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Cover Story: Inside the FBI’s Giant Bomb Warehouse (Video)

Employing forensics akin to what you’d see on CSI or NCIS, and taking what’s learned into the field (like on ’24’). the FBI is growing what will likely be America’s greatest asset in defending the U.S. against terror… information. Gathering artifacts and evidence from and related to bombs used against soldiers and civilians, compiling and crunching data on explosions that happened and that were prevented, identifying what makes bombs and bombers tick, predicting what or who spells trouble with regard to bomb attacks against the U.S. – all that and more has been going on for 10 years in TEDAC. Great article. Businessweek is the bomb y’all (alright, alright…stop groaning).



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Opinion: Accused Of Being Racist? The NAACP Can Help. Bring Your Checkbook Though (Like Donald Sterling Did)


Y’all, Businessweek is some good reading. I get tons of info from just skimming, and when I want more I read more closely. Case in point: The writeup the mag did on the recent ‘quick public relations makeovers’ the NAACP appears to be helping out otherwise hated entities with.

Help The NAACP Help You…Like Donald Sterling Did! Now that’d be a winner of a tagline, right?

And maybe not that far from the truth. The NAACP was happy to recognize Sterling as a ‘sterling’ supporter (yup), until he got in too much trouble. Now, I am not saying the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) cancelled its second award ceremony for embattled (read: racially challenged) NBA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling because they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar… But Donald, and the mega-rich that donate to the cause as he does… have some nearly irresistible cookies. Cause-driven organizations like the NAACP have always had to balance responsibilities regarding ethics and image while keeping the funding coffers full. The NAACP, therefore, can ill-afford to turn down too many quarter-million-dollar (or way more) donations… even from the likes of Sterling… even when folks had been calling him out as ‘less than appreciative’ of Black folk long before ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano bugged him while actually bugging (e.g. recording his racially insensitive remarks) him.

Hey, his views are his own business, right? Can’t let that influence fundraising, right? Ignore it, NAACP. Your reputation will probably be okay. Money is money. Sterling’s. Wal-Mart’s. Bank Of America’s. FedEx’s… Yeah, pretty much anyone at-risk or already entangled in discrimination-related litigation… can drop some (big) see-what-I-do-for-the-Blacks dollars off to the NAACP. Such investments donations go pretty far in helping clean up even the dirtiest situations and reputations (oops… I mean… go far in helping … um … you know … folks the NAACP helps and stuff).

Interesting. Check out the Businessweek article like I did; and just imagine if former Governor Mitt Romney’s people would have had him drop some money here and there with the NAACP before his whole 47% comments got out and put some of the final nails in his presidential campaign’s coffin.

@ojones1 (former Communications Officer, NAACP, University of Alabama Chapter)


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New Drug Can Reportedly Kill Seven Cancers With One Method (Video)

Breast cancer, ovary cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer… CURED! How’s that for a headline? Well, Irving Weissman’s team at Stanford Medical School is seeing success on that front in the early testing stages (with mice) of a cancer vaccine that is more method than med. In a nutshell, cancer cells cloak themselves from antibodies that would kill them with a “do not eat me” protein marker (researchers call it CD47). Weissman’s research is testing a cure strategy that customizes antibodies to stick to and turn off those markers. Then the body’s immune system can target and destroy the cancerous cells.



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Steven Fulop: Marine Turned ‘Action-Adventure Mayor’ of Jersey City (Video)

Businessweek magazine had this article entitled “Action-Adventure Mayors” (renamed something far less fun in its online edition..but oh well). Could have been a new comic series or something; so of course, I had to read it. Turns out, Democratic politicians like Steven Fulop are beginning their careers by running for mayor in towns in need of a major turnaround. Check out this U.S. Marine vet who defeated a solid incumbent for the Jersey City (NJ, USA) top spot with this ad (above). Creative… oh yeah! Compelling… for sure. But did it really say anything about why he was qualified for office or how he proposed to turn things around? Is any of that ‘stuff’ (you know platform, policy stance, plans…) even necessary in today’s politics? Just saying.

(That said… I think it is a cool video, too.)



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Technology: JPEGmini Reduces Photo File Size But Not Quality (Video)

Man! Businessweek is my source for leads on good tech! Check out this memory space-saving software product from Beamr (of Tel Aviv, Israel) called JPEGmini. The video I found on it (above) demonstrates how this innovation reduces pic file size while maintaining (and potentially improving) photo quality.



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Technology: New Clean Energy Source… Gravity? (Video)

Hazardous kerosene lamps, still used in many developing countries, are a major expense for many of the world’s estimated 1.5 billion families without electricity. Poor households typically spend at least 10 percent of their income on kerosene, as much as $36 billion a year worldwide, according to the World Bank. So far, efforts to use solar energy, hydroelectric microgrids, or repurpose old car batteries have also been problematic, says Joe Hale, president of the nonprofit Global BrightLight Foundation.

Gravity could help. British industrial designer Martin Riddiford has created a pineapple-size lamp called the GravityLight – powered by a 25-pound weight that falls about six feet in a half-hour. It shines slightly brighter than most kerosene lamps, and continuous use only requires manually lifting the weight back to the top to repeat the process every 30 minutes during which light is needed.

(Bonus: This means that one day there’ll be no more yelling at relatives about leaving lights on and running up the bill in homes using this innovation.)


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