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Eddie Murphy Tells A Real Prince Story And Talks About Almost Becoming One Of The “Ghostbusters” (Video)

SNL alumni unite. Rather, reunite… for this interview clip. An interview, if you lean in and listen closely, that will spill the tea about that time a White man actually said the N-word to Eddie… right to his face… with FORCE!

Eddie Murphy shares some stories about Prince before separating facts from fiction in some rumors about Ghostbusters, Marlon Brando and more.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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Comedy: When The Whole Entire Family Is Home For The Holidays (Video)

Ever come across something so funny, yet so real? Yup, me, too. And this is one of those somethings… Eddie Murphy’s return to Saturday Night Live was packed with throwback moments and hilarity. But, bet money, SOMEBODY will feel this clip for real #LoveFamily #EvenThoughWeDontAlwaysLikeFamily #EspeciallyDuringTheHolidays


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Soon, Eddie Murphy Tells Netflix, And The World, “Dolemite Is My Name” (Trailer)

He’s baaaaack! In this Netflix-told tale, we get the story of the ‘birth’ of Dolemite – played by Rudy Ray Moore back in the day, now played by Eddie Murphy in the upcoming flick, “DOLEMITE IS MY NAME!”

(All caps is probably over the top… just like Dolemite. Ha!)


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‘Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate’ At The Royal Wedding (Video)

Above: It’s an epic mashup of then vs. now, reality vs. surreality, church vs. chu’uch, and formal vs. funny!

For the one or two of you who have not, go see Eddie Murphy Randy Watson (and Sexual Chocolate) do the damn thing in “Coming To America” FIRST. You MUST have that performance in mind BEFORE you watch this mashup.

And if you peeped video of the Pastor’s speech at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding already, you are really going to crack the f**k UP!

Big ups to whoever did this #Hilarious


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Dan Aykroyd Speaks On The Scene That Makes “Trading Places” One Of The Best ‘American Business’ Movies Of All Time (Video)

Was watching “Trading Places” a few days ago for the 1,234,678th time. Today while working I ran across this interview with Dan Akroyd about the film that we felt everyone should peep. If you are too young to have seen the classic movie “Trading Places” we posted the full film courtesy of youtube after the jump…..

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Ish Sankara – “Eddie Murphy” (Video)


Yeah, an alt #ComingToAmerica vibe for certain. And Ish Sankara is going Prince Hakeem on us in this video. Haha! This “Eddie Murphy” is pretty cool. And while iTunes categorizes it as ‘rap’ music. Get into more of a ‘world music’ state of mind to really enjoy this jawn. Then press play above.


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Eddie Murphy Accepts Mark Twain Prize And Does Bill Cosby Impression At Kennedy Center (Video)

Okay, it’s going to be some must-see TV on PBS on November 23, 2015. Comic legend Eddie Murphy was honored recently with the Mark Twain Prize; and PBS will broadcast the award show (recorded at the Kennedy Center) on that night. Most interesting is the title of the YouTube trailer, “Murphy Makes Cosby Jokes at Award Ceremony.”

On the one hand, Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was known for biting witticisms and tongue-in-cheek commentary; so joking on current events and taboo stuff would be par for his course, right? But focusing on Cosby controversy will get the poster some more hits… is what it is. On the other hand, the Cos jokes were an overwhelmingly small part of the clip. Most of the video features celeb admirers – including JB Smoove, a near teary-eyed Tracy Morgan, and best bud Arsenio Hall – there to celebrate a comedy idol.

The Bill Cosby jokes and impression, though, were hilarious. That’s a given. It’s Eddie. Plus, he’s been killing with the Cos play since “Raw.”

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Eddie Murphy Questions Rick Ross’ Seizures (Video)

Funny stuff, While doing this interview Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy learn about Rick Ross’ seizures and Eddie wonders if they are real or that serious.

Nas Speaks On His New Album & Working With Rick Ross (Video)

While up at BET’s 106 & Park, Nas did a brief interview where he spoke a little about Rick Ross’s movement & gave some details about his upcoming album tentatively titled “Life Is Good”. More video from his 106 & Park appearance with Eddie Murphy after the jump…
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