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Jadakiss Joins ‘The Nightly Show’ Panel Hosted By Larry Wilmore (Video)

Jadakiss joined Larry Wilmore’s panel on The Nightly Show the other night. Got in on the discussion on student protests against racism, stagnation of progress on race-related matters on campus and across the country and more. The dude got to show skills on the mic in a different light, and no doubt to keep making noise for his project “Top 5 Dead Or Alive” push and for his place among Hip-Hop’s top noteworthies.


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The Dawn Of Def Jam: Rick Rubin Returns To His College Dorm (Video)

Most who know know… at the heart of the engine of the legendary Def Jam Recordings was co-founder Rick Rubin. Take a trip with this clip. Back to before ‘those’ days. Right right at the beginning where it all began, in Rubin’s dorm room. Yeah, of course, Russell Simmons is in there speaking on it with some ‘others’ around back then, too.

Def Jam was started 30 years ago in Rick Rubin’s NYU dorm room. Watch him go back to the place where it all began for the very first time.

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Founder Ali Mahmoud Speaks On Alif Laam Meem – America’s First Muslim Fraternity (Video)

This looks interesting.

Ali Mahmoud shares the origins story of AΛM, aka Alif Laam Meem, the first and only nationwide Muslim fraternity in the United States. Though the things that come to mind typically associated with fraternity life probably turn off most followers of Islam, Founder and Executive President Mahmoud provides insight on the organization and why it might benefit those who belong to it.

“Why would any Muslim want to join a fraternity? …There’s some really good connections that build up over time in a fraternity… Some great leaders, Martin Luther King, was part of a fraternity. And just the human need to make friends… there was a void that needed to be filled… some kind of way for a Muslim male… [to live a] lifestyle that is synthesized with an organic college social experience.”

Ali Mahmoud

You can learn more about AΛM by visiting the frat’s website – – and by watching the information brief after the jump.

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Tre Mason, Son of ‘De La Soul’s Maseo, Is A Young Upcoming College Football Star (Video)

Ah… kids today… with their Waka Flocka music and their NCAA Division I football scholarships… and WHOOAAAA! That’s right! Tre Mason, Auburn University’s young return man and running back has definitely made his pop proud…on the field, at least… Hahaaa! See, the second-year Freshman really is a Waka Flocka fan; though his dad (DJ Maseo of the legendary group De La Soul) has caught him listening to some Golden Era Hip-Hop on occasion.

I caught commentary about Mason as Auburn won its nail-biter against Lousiana-Monroe last weekend. After the game, I searched the ‘Net and found articles and video (like that shared above) on the up-and-coming gridiron star. Good stuff. Keep it up, kid! Read the nice article on Tre linked after the jump.

Full disclosure: Though I do wish the best for young Tre, I cannot root for him every game week. You see, I am a two-time alum of The University of Alabama (Auburn’s cross-state rival). See you at the Iron Bowl, young Mason. Heh heh hehhh… Roll Tide!


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