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Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore Speaks Out On The Killing Of Alton Sterling (Video)

Thank God for f#cking cell phones…Because we would never even hear about incidents like this otherwise. In fact, part of what makes people in the Black community so enraged about this is for years, we never had evidence for these things.
Larry Wilmore

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is supposed to be about comedic commentary… but a lot of what the host has had to cover is just plain old not funny. And it’s getting OLD. Larry speaks the feelings of us all in a tone like, ‘The vest just fell off…REALLY??’

Here’s the thing: People KNOW we have folks that NEED to be POLICED. But by and large, that should not include the UNJUSTIFIED KILLING we are see TOO OFTEN now. That’s MURDER, with a license to kill issued by the government. Before, folks could have dismissed all these as ‘anomalies’ or ‘things being blown out of proportion’… not anymore though. No more. People have the technology, even if cops on the scene ‘lose’ theirs all of a sudden at a crucial moment. We SEE you doing wrong, Mr. Officer. Cameras are ALWAYS on!



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Larry Wilmore Talks With Ice Cube And Common About Their New Movie, Racism And More

A little barber shop talk about the new ‘Barber Shop’ movie, racism and so-called Black-on-Black crime, and more with Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore for The Nightly Show.


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Comedy: Larry Wilmore Speaks To Some Black Donald Trump Voters (Video)

Know how on a lot of our posts we say, ‘Watch and you will get it.’ Most times, we mean it; even if we don’t explicitly state it in the write-up. Well…errr-aah-umm-duuhh… not on this one. We ain’t guaranteeing sh!t. You may not ‘get it.’ Okay, maybe you’ll get a laugh; but only because Larry Wilmore is really good at his job OR because you need to laugh to keep from crying, screaming, throwing something across the room or all the above.

Larry talks to some of Donald Trump’s African-American supporters in an effort to answer the pressing question, “What the f**k are you thinking?”

WTF!! This can’t be real. Can it? Welp, somebody’s voting for The Donald in these primaries.

(Did you hear that “Coming from the Hip-Hop community, I understand his language” bullsh!t? Okay, whoever said it, gimme…gimme your GOT damn ‘hood pass NOW!)

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Cam’ron Is The Nightly Show’s Office Cupid (Video)

Oh man, there is so much good stuff out ’round the tubes. Should have gotten this on in the Love Month, but you gonna love this regardless. Cam’Cupid giving ‘Killa advice’ to the Nightly Show’s ladies and men on matters of amore (wink).

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The Game Joins ‘The Nightly Show’ Panel On Cultural Appropriation (Video)

Facilitated by The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore, Cipha Sounds, Robin Thede and The Game debate the ethics of cultural appropriation, with examples ranging from Kylie Jenner’s cornrows to the use of Black emojis. After the jump, focus on The Game. Ebro in the Morning welcomes the emcee to talk about “The Documentary 2,” rumors regarding Karrueche Tran, Drake vs. Meek Mill and more!

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Jadakiss Joins ‘The Nightly Show’ Panel Hosted By Larry Wilmore (Video)

Jadakiss joined Larry Wilmore’s panel on The Nightly Show the other night. Got in on the discussion on student protests against racism, stagnation of progress on race-related matters on campus and across the country and more. The dude got to show skills on the mic in a different light, and no doubt to keep making noise for his project “Top 5 Dead Or Alive” push and for his place among Hip-Hop’s top noteworthies.


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Larry Wilmore Gets Activist Deray McKesson To Speak On #AllLivesMatter And More (Video)

We’ve seen it play out in the media; and probably in our everyday lives. Someone says #BlackLivesMatter and you get #AllLivesMatter in response… likely from someone that doesn’t get that the former exists as a slogan because, currently, not everyone holds the latter to be true. The Nightly Show panel digs into this discussion, using Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush’s dismissive ‘they want free stuff’ quip as a jumpstart for it. See that above.

After the jump: The show guest, #BlackLivesMatter activist Deray McKesson, laid out how that #AllLivesMatter doesn’t matter much. McKesson has clapped back at Bush and other outspoken Conservatives via social media and in-person appearances; letting them and people know about institutional racism’s true effects on our country and oppressed people in it today.

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Mac Miller Talks About ‘Battling’ Donald Trump And More On ‘The Nightly Show’ With Larry Wilmore (Video)

Mac Miller has his new album “GO:OD AM” out now (linked here). So, it makes since for him to go on some talk shows and talk it up. But for his The Nightly Show appearance, I think only host Larry Willmore mentioned it. That’s alright though, as anyone seeing him on this episode will likely be checking for his “Donald Trump” song and anything of Miller’s they can get their hands on. Twitter beef with The Donald after calling him a d!ckhead – hilarious! Actually, the whole panel discussion above is next level funny. And Mike Yard is a fool!! Must watch now.

(Mac said Trump is like a struggle rapper… bwaaahahaaaa!)


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Comedy: Meet The New HR Manager For ‘The Nightly Show’… Cam’ron (Video)

Larry Wilmore is going hard nowadays. The Nightly Show must protect itself from external AND internal threats to the brand. Moving to do so, he (chuckle) hires a new Human Resources manager to ensure no employee problems mess up the workplace culture or the Show’s rep. Larry will not get caught slipping like Amazon’s CEO did. And don’t worry, Killa Cam is highly qualified and motivated to ‘take care’ of personnel things as HR Manager.

Hilarious! Watch.

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50 Cent ‘Kept It 100’ With Larry Wilmore On ‘The Nightly Show’ (Video)

Yep, Larry is not letting up on Cosby. That and more with a strong panel on this episode of The Nightly Show with Larry WilmoreJudd Apatow (director/producer of “Trainwreck”), Rachel Feinstein (comedian, frequent guest, sexy…just saying), and 50 Cent (rapper, has that movie “Southpaw” coming, and you know about exec-producing and co-starring in “Power” on the Starz channel). And the “Keep It 100” segment, strong (no ‘weak tea’).

More after the jump.

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Killer Mike Dishes On Dolezal With Larry Wilmore And Guests On ‘The Nightly Show’ (Video)

Killer Mike is hilarious! Still clever in this clip though. Joined across the table by comediennes Natasha Leggero and ‘The Nightly Show’ regular Robin Thede, the show discussion focused comedic fire on Rachel ‘I still consider myself Black’ Dolezal. Clever conversation with bite, but not vicious. Funny, but they do get to some cultural fine points brought up by the former NAACP official’s Blackishness making front page news. Don’t know if they really nailed down an answer to the “Does Rachel get a pass?” question… Then again, who says that was the point? Watch, enjoy, ponder a bit.

Great bonus footage after the jump.

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Cam’ron “Keeps It 100” On The Topic Of Snitching On ‘The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore’ (Video)

Larry Wilmore with a good point above: How can the cops expect us to ‘snitch’ on their neighbors; yet they won’t tell the truth on their peers doing dirt and hiding behind the badge. Wilmore has been doing a great job with topic AND guest selection. Interesting perspectives on snitching; and more interesting, the poster child for the ‘No Snitching’ movement – Killa Cam – is there to weigh in. Will there be weak tea passed across the table for this “Keep It 100” segment of The Nightly Show?

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