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Activism: Black History In Two Minutes… Or So. Watch And Learn! (Video)

Never, ever, let anyone tell you what your government will NOT do to its citizens… especially its brown and Black citizens. Americans are pretty okay with believing that ‘other’ countries do bad things to their people; but not us.


The Tuskegee Study smashes that idea to bits. Is this when America was supposed to be ‘great’… where they want to go back to… Because hell no, we won’t go!

But hold on. After this visual enlightens you and fires you up, hit the jump and watch all these Black History shorts. Let’s wrap this month in power #RaiseYourFist #RaiseYourAwareness #PressPlay

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Watch The First 2 Hours Of PBS’ Documentary Series “Africa’s Great Civilizations” (Video)

Yes indeed. PBS’ 6-hour documentary series “Africa’s Great Civilizations” (hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.) hit the airwaves as advertised, February 27th through March 1st; shedding light on the stories, kingdoms and cultures of Africa. Groundbreaking and enriching. Fertile soil for fruitful discussions.

Got the first two hours for you here; hour one embedded above, with hour two after the jump. Take it as seed to build with your bretheren, your family… your human family. Africa’s history is WORLD history. Enjoy!

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Africa’s Great Civilizations (Documentary Series Trailer)

It’s February. Black History Month to those who want to celebrate it as that. But since we make history every month, and we predate history, let’s go with the LOVE theme (not even waiting until the 14th *wink*).

So, on everything we LOVE, the late author & renaissance man Dr. Henry Louis Gates is at bringing us this POWERFUL docu-series on “Africa’s Great Civilizations.” Stirring, speaking truth for the ages… A must-watch when it drops Monday, February 27th on PBS. Peep the trailer above.

(And don’t let “them”… any “them” tell you YOUR history. “They” should not determine YOUR place in the universe. YOU should!)

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Nas Explores His Ancestry On ‘Finding Your Roots’ (Video)

They paid $830 for my Great, Great, Great Grandma? I got more than that in my pocket right now…

What can humble the G.O.D.M.C. Nassir? Knowing what his people went through… and by people we mean family; and by family, his blood… And knowing that his blood (3rd Great Grandmother) was bought for, in essence to him, pocket change.

Nas encounters his 3rd Great-Grandmother’s Bill of Sale, a devastatingly telling document.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates has made his bones over at PBS by wowing celebs with the truth of their existence; helping them learn of their family heritage… so they can know from whence they came. Digging in the crates in the vaults of [family, official, and historical] records, the Doc blows Nas away, as you can see on this latest production of ‘Finding Your Roots.’

(See the entire episode, which also features the still-so-sexy actress Angela Bassett and Presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett.)

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PBS: “Finding Your Roots” With Dr. Henry Louis Gates Explores Celebrities’ Family Trees, Including Nas’ (Season Trailer)

“Now I’m looking into their world…”

PBS is home to some incredible television. Real. Not ‘reality TV.’ Case in point: “Finding Your Roots” with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Following on a great inaugural season, Season 2 is going to be loaded with guests who want to know the depth of the roots of their family trees. Everyone will learn something stunning about themselves on the show. The G.O.D.M.C. Nassir Jones (aka Nas), shown among other celeb guests in the season trailer above, seemed very reflective about what Dr. Gates found and shared with him. Check out the trailer. And check local listings for broadcast times.

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‘Black In Latin America’ Premiers Tonight On PBS (Video)

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Henry Louis Gates while he was speaking at my university years ago. Good to see he continues the great yet difficult discussions regarding race by putting them in the forefront. I’m very excited about this PBS piece that airs later today at 8pm called ‘Black In Latin America’. Having visited many spanish speaking countries I can recall one person, who was much darker than I am, telling me that they were Latin but denied that they were also Black. I looked at the woman like she was crazy. Immediately I thought to myself that if I had the time & resources I would love to do a piece on this very particular duality of race.

Black in Latin America is the third of a trilogy that began in 1999 with the broadcast of Professor Gates’s first series for public television, Wonders of the African World, an exploration of the relationship between Africa and the New World, a story he continued in 2004 with America Beyond the Color Line, a report on the lives of modern-day African Americans. Black In Latin America, premiering nationally Tuesdays April 19, 26 and May 3, 10, 2011 at 8 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings), examines how Africa and Europe came together to create the rich cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean”