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Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Hosts “Finding Your Roots” For A 4th Season On PBS (Trailer)

Whenever you see/hear a politician or group of protestors talk about cutting funding for PBS, you remember that they are talking about taking away wonderful, scary good, deeply enriching and fulfilling television like this.

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. returns to PBS on October 3rd!

Can you believe we’re going into Season 4 with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., talking guests through their heritages? He really is a historic/genetic tour guide (like someone said in this clip). Enjoy this extended teaser trailer of all kinds of sneak peeks at celebrity revelations about their family trees. “Finding Your Roots” is so dope!

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Finding Your Roots: LL Cool J & Puffy Explore Their Ancestry (Video)

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, as host of the long-running PBS series, “Finding Your Roots,” takes guests LL Cool J (aka James Todd Smith) and Puffy (aka Sean Combs) on a journey of exploration… of their family trees.

Uncover family mysteries about two legends of Hip-Hop through the use of DNA technology.
– PBS Video

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Nas Explores His Ancestry On ‘Finding Your Roots’ (Video)

They paid $830 for my Great, Great, Great Grandma? I got more than that in my pocket right now…

What can humble the G.O.D.M.C. Nassir? Knowing what his people went through… and by people we mean family; and by family, his blood… And knowing that his blood (3rd Great Grandmother) was bought for, in essence to him, pocket change.

Nas encounters his 3rd Great-Grandmother’s Bill of Sale, a devastatingly telling document.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates has made his bones over at PBS by wowing celebs with the truth of their existence; helping them learn of their family heritage… so they can know from whence they came. Digging in the crates in the vaults of [family, official, and historical] records, the Doc blows Nas away, as you can see on this latest production of ‘Finding Your Roots.’

(See the entire episode, which also features the still-so-sexy actress Angela Bassett and Presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett.)

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PBS: “Finding Your Roots” With Dr. Henry Louis Gates Explores Celebrities’ Family Trees, Including Nas’ (Season Trailer)

“Now I’m looking into their world…”

PBS is home to some incredible television. Real. Not ‘reality TV.’ Case in point: “Finding Your Roots” with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Following on a great inaugural season, Season 2 is going to be loaded with guests who want to know the depth of the roots of their family trees. Everyone will learn something stunning about themselves on the show. The G.O.D.M.C. Nassir Jones (aka Nas), shown among other celeb guests in the season trailer above, seemed very reflective about what Dr. Gates found and shared with him. Check out the trailer. And check local listings for broadcast times.

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