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Salaam Remi, Amy Winehouse’s Main Producer, Speaks On Her Artistic Influence, Dying At 27 And More (Video)

Ohhhh! Amy Winehouse’s main producer was Salaam Remi? That’s one of Nas’ go-to producers. Wonder if that is what put them in contact (e.g. both working with and trusting Remi), allowing them to grow their friendship. Or was it that those two were friends… and one introduced the other to Salaam Remi.

Salaam Remi is one of the producers who worked heavily with the late Amy Winehouse. The producer discusses meeting Amy, and how they would come together to produce jazz music. He goes on to speak about her issues with love, her sense of humor and how that affected her music. Despite producing a majority of Amy’s work, Salaam reveals he did not get a Grammy alongside the songstress. Salaam talks, Amy’s legacy after the troubled singer died at just 27 years old.


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Nas Is Coming: A 12th Studio Album, Work On Ghostbusters And More (Video)

In his own words, he’got a lot on the table right now. Shout of mad respect to the G-O-D-M-C Nassir Jones. Streets been watching, with so much pride and admiration. Nas is the business! See him above talking about the biz he is handling (and all kinds of scoops).

It’s been about four years since Nas blessed the world with his last full-length album, Life Is Good. Despite this hiatus, he hasn’t stopped making music and developing new partnerships. The Queens rapper was recently featured on remixes with The Weeknd, Future, French Montana, and Kanye West, and this week he caught up with Complex News in Los Angeles to discuss his new collaboration for the Ghostbusters movie.

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Destiny Jones Speaks On Her Life And Career Aspirations, Her ‘Lipmatic’ Line, ‘Moupies’ And More (Video)

Damn, Destiny Jones is HOT – from the voice, to the obvious outward sexy (such delicious thickness), to the business sense (‘Lipmatic’ lip gloss, nice), and more! Watching this vid is a mesmerizing experience. Bonus: Interviewer Jennifer Le got a lotta lot going on with the sexy, too.

Oh, and Destiny, when I step to you, it’s on some me & you stuff. Your dad (Nas aka Nassir Jones) is one of the dopest, but YOU… you have my FULL attention. I’m nobody’s moupie (male groupie).



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PBS: “Finding Your Roots” With Dr. Henry Louis Gates Explores Celebrities’ Family Trees, Including Nas’ (Season Trailer)

“Now I’m looking into their world…”

PBS is home to some incredible television. Real. Not ‘reality TV.’ Case in point: “Finding Your Roots” with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Following on a great inaugural season, Season 2 is going to be loaded with guests who want to know the depth of the roots of their family trees. Everyone will learn something stunning about themselves on the show. The G.O.D.M.C. Nassir Jones (aka Nas), shown among other celeb guests in the season trailer above, seemed very reflective about what Dr. Gates found and shared with him. Check out the trailer. And check local listings for broadcast times.

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