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State Of The Culture: Season 2, Episode 11 (Video)

You know what. There is some good, DOPE media being made out here nowadays. Not huge in scale, so some (read: many) might miss it. But I am watching, and highlighting it as I come across it. Much richer than a ‘Black Entertainment Tonight’… This episode of State Of The Culture is epic. Plus, the eye candy on the bookends (Eboni K. Williams & Remy Ma though… mm mm MM)!

On the 11th episode of Season 2, Joe Budden and co-hosts Remy Ma, Jinx & Eboni K. Williams sound off on the following topics: Kobe Bryant’s Legacy (6:42), Wendy Williams (34:19), Community heroes (39:20), Oscar’s diversity (40:45), Janet Jackson (50:40), Lil Wayne’s album ‘Funeral’ (54:12), Drake (56:32), Quentin Miller (59:58), Lil Pump retiring (1:04:37), Jussie Smollett being indicted (1:05:11), Who Said That? (1:10:51), 20 Years Since Big Pun’s Passing (1:21:00).


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Bun B. & Wife Queenie Speak On Their Traumatic Home Invasion And How They Are Moving Forward (Video)

Violent B&E. Home invasion. Both of these are bad ideas. Then the criminal finds out it’s Bun and his arsenal he is facing… BAD news. And the shots ringing out. Dammit man. Dude is finished!! Not dead, but the criminal was dead wrong and paid that price.

Bun B. And Wife Queenie drop in to tell us all the details about the home invasion that shook them up and how Bun B.’s reputation proceeded him in this instance. Plus, the rapper’s lawyer joins to help explain how this isn’t a crime story but a love story with a gun.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Charles ‘Big Angry’ Adams, friend and lawyer, put the accents on the story, too. Crazy! Must watch.

(Plus Queenie is a REAL one. Her and Bun B. REALNESS!)

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Eboni K. Williams Speaks On Stepping Away From Fox News Without A Firm Notion Of What She Was Stepping Toward Next (Video)

I really like this. Watch through to the end. The genuine sweetness Eboni doles out to the Breakfast Club trio is Black love AND a celebration of Black excellence. Nah, she could NOT stay at Fox News and stay Black like that.

(Oh, and she addresses why she was there on that channel for as long as she was; and why she feels there should always be one of us on there.)

Eboni K. Williams, who used to be a co-host on Fox News, explains her experiences working at the conservative news network. Williams also talked about her times as a lawyer in the courtroom and how it relates to working in media now.
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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