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Comedy: ‘No Activity’ Returns To CBS All Access (Series Trailer)

Been meaning to catch up on shows I have not made time for. But I did not even know about ‘No Activity’ though. Looks hilarious! Might have even more to binge… besides turkey sandwiches and dessert later #GiveThanks


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Questlove Speaks On How F*cked Up It Would Be To Cut The EPA’s Budget (Video)

Questlove and the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) put together this light-hearted PSA on what is ultimately a life or death situation. C’mon, current Administration… What? You don’t think it’s important to ensure that we have drinkable water, breathable air, and uncontaminated produce?? That really is f*cked up.

(All jokes and subtleties aside, don’t mess with the Environmental Protection Agency in ANY way. The EPA’s work is too important for scoring political points.)

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“Between Two Ferns” With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton (Video)

The ‘first girl president’… Zach Galifianakis is MENTAL! But he had a point: Hillary Clinton would be the first White U.S. president millions of kids have known. Aaaaand that’s the balance of the ‘good points’ in this clip. Uncomfortably funny as you would expect an ep of “Between Two Ferns” to be. You gotta watch.

(And hey, Barack Obama appeared on the show, so Hillary likely felt like, “I gotta do this.” Baaahahaaa!)

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Comedy: ‘Charlie Brown’ Stars In “Blockhead’s Revenge” (Video)

Now you’ve done it! How far did they think they could push Charlie Brown before he got down on some psychotic sh!t?? Charlie’s got your football, Lucy. Rock with this Funny Or Die trailer! Happy Halloween, muthaf*****!!


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Comedy: Mariah Carey Shares Her Pie With Bryan, Brett And Frito (Video)

Just saying… that Frito Pie looks like that bullll shucks! BUT if Mariah Carey’s cute a$$ makes it, I doubt there’s a dude alive that would not at least try it. Funny vid from ‘Funny or Die’ with host Bryan Safi, celeb guest producer/director Brett Ratner, and some corny dude named ‘Frito’ (gotta watch to hear Mariah’s story on him).

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Comedy: They Hate Over At Chick-Fil-A, But Colonel Sanders Loves Gay People (Video)

Okay, the issue might be cold in terms of news, but it’s a hot button issue. And this video on it is HILARIOUS! Colonel Sanders (aka John Goodman) admits that while he prefers white meat to dark meat (hah…knew it), KFC loves its gay patrons… even if Chick-Fil-A and Church’s don’t.

Don’t believe? Just watch!

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Comedy: President Barack Obama Gets ‘Between Two Ferns’ With Zach Galifianakis (Video)

“If I ran a third time, it’d be sort of like doing a third Hangover movie. It didn’t really work out very well, did it?”

President Barack Obama

Oh Snap! Yes, the real President Obama – not an impersonator – appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. Usually it’s Zach making guests squirm and getting the overall upper hand; but not on the man Obama. The way this episode came off is nothing short of hilarious! The Prez even got in a plug for

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Comedy: Everything Is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault (Video)

‘F##k You, Samuel Jackson!’ Hahahaaa! This ‘Funny Or Die’ skit is hilarious. Still manages to make a good point. Parents raise your kids, Samuel is just acting in movies you LET them watch. If he’s on the movie’s poster, maybe you shouldn’t let your kids watch. ‘YES, THEY DESERVE TO DIE AND I HOPE…’ you watch this funny clip!

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Comedy: ‘The Wire’ Musical (Video)

HBO’s popular series ‘The Wire’ gets turned into a musical in this ‘Funny Or Die’ skit featuring many of the cast members from the gritty television show. Michael Kenneth Williams as “Omar” doing a jig dance is just hilarious & wrong! Hahaaa!

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet (Video)

Spotted at 2DopeBoyz and its hilarious!!! “I’ll Turn You into a f*ckn tree!” This Captain Planet is not kid friendly…..not at all

Funny Or Die: Shadows With Nas (Video)

Nas has been doing a considerable amount of acting lately, but rarely have we ever seen him do a comedy if at all. The Funny Or Die team appears to tap Nas in this particular skit. I didn’t think this Funny Or Die skit with Nas was funny at all until the very end when I let out a chuckle.