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Colin Kaepernick: GQ Magazine’s “Citizen Of The Year.” Here’s Why (Video)

I saw an attempt to reframe the whole ‘Kaep blackballed for #TakeAKnee‘ argument. Going so far as belittling his moves & societal standing. You might have seen it on Facebook or something: in essence saying current NFL standout JJ Watt raised millions for hurricane relief while Colin Kaepernick just gave a million or so.

Hey. JJ Watt did a great thing; inspiring others to join his cause. Colin is TRYING to do a great necessary thing; trying to compel law enforcement, lawmakers, and the uninformed majority to actually ACT like #BlackLivesMatter too. Yeah, less popular. Less money in it. But even though Colin’s number is “smaller,” the dollars are doing big things!

Watch. See why Kaep DESERVES to be “Citizen Of The Year!”


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Lebron Gets Sentimental Over His Nike Sneakers (Video)

That first pair of custom sneaks. We all remember getting those, right? Anybody? Well… if you do… treasured memory forever!

King James shows us the holy grail of his wardrobe, dishes on his new signature sneaker–the Nike LeBron 13–and warns competitors about the mental edge that lets him “bust your a$$.”

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Have A Seat 2 Chainz, A $14K Seat, On ‘The Most Expensivest Sh*t’ (Video)

Hey, kids, it’s Christopher Guy! What do you mean you don’t know about him? ‘The James Bond Of Furniture’ and you gonna act like… Okay, we didn’t know about him, either. But a dude who makes chairs that go for $14,000 (sometimes more) certainly merits a sit down with bling king 2 Chainz. Yup. More out-of-control opulence in this episode of ‘The Most Expensivest Sh*t.’ See earlier episodes we’ve posted on here via the link below.


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2 Chainz Tries On $48K Sunglasses On ‘The Most Expensivest Sh*t’ (Video)

Yep, 48 racks on a pair of shades! Somebody done bumped their head… but with a eye wear like that there, the ability to rock such bling probably takes away a bit of the sting, right? Either way, 2 Chainz is going to let us ‘see’ what all the hubbub is about – trying on ‘The Most Expensivest’ sunglasses we’ve ever laid eyes on. Watch another outrageous episode of ‘The Most Expensivest Sh*t.’ Catch up on earlier episodes posted on here via the link below.


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Eye Candy: Zoë Kravitz Gives Tips On How To Date Her (Video)

Well damn! This is definitely one delicious Honey right here. Zoë Kravitz, daughter to accomplished musician Lenny Kravitz and actress and all-around-sexy Lisa Bonet. She was born to be a genetic wonder and national treasure. Hear she might be dating Yasiin Bey, but she won’t confirm that…yet. So, if you are going to step up, do it NOW! While doing a HOT two-piece shoot for GQ Magazine, she hints at the things she likes when she is approached by a potential. Whether true or just her gaming, it’ll make you tingle to see her in this clip sultrily laying and saying it.

Ah! See the Instagram? Of course, it has a shot with Zoë and Yasiin together on there; but there’s one of her hugged up with A$AP Rocky, too. You know she ought to know something about good music. Apparently, she appreciates rubbing an elbow with real Hip-Hoppers out here. There’s your in. Gooooo!


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D’angelo Performs On The Set Of His GQ Magazine Photo Shoot (Video)

D’angelo gave an impromptu performance while on the set of his GQ Magazine photoshoot. The Virginia soul man’s music was missed all these years & it’s great to see he’s really about to make a comeback with the music. Check out more from GQ Magazine here

Frank Ocean: GQ’s Rookie Of The Year (Video)

If I had to give an award for Rookie of The Year it would most likely be handed to singer, songwriter, & producer Frank Ocean. His “Nostalgia/Ultra” album has had a high volume of repeat plays with me since it dropped. Even on my flight back from Cali last weekend I was still bumping it in my headphones at one point. Frank Ocean has a very big future & he appears focused. GQ Magazine recognizes that as well. Peep the interview…