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Take An In-Depth Look At Life On Tour And Understand That There Are ‘Rules To This Sh!t’ (Video)

The Game rapped it best: “Who you know gonna turn down some groupie love?” And you know the answer… nobody! But, see, that is the problem; especially on tour. Being on the road is about handling BUSINESS. Hanging or hooking up with groupies can take your mind off business. Who can afford that? You already know the answer to that, too… NOBODY!

LV, D Dot, Too $hort, Tokyo Jetz, Dreezy, Ayo & Teo, Cousin Stizz and more dive deeper in what goes down on the road. #WhatHappensOnTour
– BETNetworks


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Destiny Jones Speaks On Her Life And Career Aspirations, Her ‘Lipmatic’ Line, ‘Moupies’ And More (Video)

Damn, Destiny Jones is HOT – from the voice, to the obvious outward sexy (such delicious thickness), to the business sense (‘Lipmatic’ lip gloss, nice), and more! Watching this vid is a mesmerizing experience. Bonus: Interviewer Jennifer Le got a lotta lot going on with the sexy, too.

Oh, and Destiny, when I step to you, it’s on some me & you stuff. Your dad (Nas aka Nassir Jones) is one of the dopest, but YOU… you have my FULL attention. I’m nobody’s moupie (male groupie).



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Jalen Rose Explains How NBA Players Keep Wives & Girlfriends Separated At Games (Video)

Most of us have never lived the life of an NBA basketball star & its rare when you get some truly candid insight into the stuff that’s rarely ever talked about unless you speak to some of the players personally. (I’ve heard many interesting first-hand stories from NFL & NBA players I must say). While speaking with Bill Simmons on the Grantland podcast, former NBA star & current analyst Jalen Rose spoke on all the distractions that go on for NBA players. It goes without saying that some of the problems revolve around women. No matter the classification be it “wives”, “girlfriends”, “jump-offs”, or “road kill” they can all be uncomfortable distractions if you don’t know the rules & juggle them right. Hahaaaaa!
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