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Bill Simmons Welcomes Guests Nas And Kevin Durant To “Any Given Wednesday” (Video)

Hmm… If you are not up on your “Any Given Wednesday” (hosted by Bill Simmons on HBO) watching, now’s as goo a time as any to catch up. Discussion goes in on everything from tatts to the best b-baller to rap to perhaps a budding “rap-like” beef between guest Kevin Durant and former teammate Russell Westbrook. And you know guest Nas can weigh in on much of that.

And both guests agree… Every basketball player wants to be a rapper. And every rapper wants to be a basketball player. Bill’s got both on here. Great show! Start with the clip above and continue after the jump below.

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Anthony Anderson And Chris Bosh Speak On Kevin Durant And More (Video)

Interesting insights shared on Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons’ new HBO talk series. Anthony Anderson and Chris Bosh are the guests in this clip. Bosh with an ‘other side of the coin’ perspective on Kevin Durant moving on from OKC among other things touched on.

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Jalen Rose Explains How NBA Players Keep Wives & Girlfriends Separated At Games (Video)

Most of us have never lived the life of an NBA basketball star & its rare when you get some truly candid insight into the stuff that’s rarely ever talked about unless you speak to some of the players personally. (I’ve heard many interesting first-hand stories from NFL & NBA players I must say). While speaking with Bill Simmons on the Grantland podcast, former NBA star & current analyst Jalen Rose spoke on all the distractions that go on for NBA players. It goes without saying that some of the problems revolve around women. No matter the classification be it “wives”, “girlfriends”, “jump-offs”, or “road kill” they can all be uncomfortable distractions if you don’t know the rules & juggle them right. Hahaaaaa!
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Comedy: Tracy Morgan, Chico Divine, and All ‘Their’ Craziness (Video)

Tracy Morgan is a fool! Cousin Sal and Bill Simmons of the Grantland Network have Tracy talking about his alter ego, Chico Divine, and being naked in Jimmy Kimmel’s green room, AND about getting kicked out of Prince’s house! There’s nearly a half-hour of good video here… covering much more, too!

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