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Ali: The Mission (Mini-Documentary)

Even before The Champ’s passing, you’ve probably heard about his nobility and heroism outside the ring. Given that, this 30-For-30 documentary short’s content may not shock you; but the story should warm your heart and make you miss him a little bit more.

Ambassador Ali. Fighting Parkinson’s all while winning over folks worldwide including Saddam Hussein; which was key. You’ll see why when you watch.

(Narrated by John Legend.)

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Former Ole Miss Rebel Marshall Henderson Patting The Rock In Iraq (Video)

A lot of people aren’t cut out for this… coming to a warring country or whatever…
Marshall Henderson

And BOOM! This is how VICE Sports kicks off its ROAM series. Marshall’s a long way from the Rebel Nation, and the NBA, but he is still making it in pro-basketball. Watch VICE Sports get to globetrotting to hang out in Iraq, latest home to former Ole Miss (on- & off-court) standout Marshall Henderson and get his story.

Marshall Henderson had one of the most infamous runs in NCAA Basketball history, dominating the SEC with his three point shot at Ole Miss (while also running into trouble with coaches/opposing fans/the law/etc.).

Then he went undrafted, and fizzled out of the NBA’s D-League. Now he’s in the massive and convoluted international basketball pipeline, playing wherever he can. His latest stop: Naft Al-Janoob of the Iraqi Division I Basketball League in Basra, scene to some of the most vicious battles of the Iraqi War and a city that continues to experience its share of violence.

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‘Chi Raq’ Documentary Highlights Chicago Death Tolls That Mirror Iraq & Double That Of Afghanistan (Video)

“Chi Raq” is a compelling video portrait of life in South and West Chicago by London filmmaker Will Robson-Scott. Shout out to my homie Hustle Simmons who appears in the mini-documentary/video portrait to speak on his own personal loss & offered some positive words about the escalating problem in Chicago.

“For the past decade, Chicago has been enduring a violence epidemic, with a death toll in the thousands and casualties mirroring the losses experienced by the US Army in Iraq war over the same period. Allowing its subjects to take center stage and tell their stories in their own words, Robson-Scottʼs film is unflinchingly honest in its depiction of life on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in America.”

– Protein TV

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