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Spike Lee Speaks On The Basis Of His New Film ‘Chi-Raq’ & Elaborates on Chicago, Sex Strikes (Video)

Interesting. Spike Lee and Stephen Colbert discuss the dire straits of Chicago’s war-like violence and casualty rates, the foundations/inspirations for “Chi-Raq” (a spin off the Ancient Greek satire “Lysistrata,” in which Athenian women vow to withhold sex until their men end the The Peloponnesian War), and the possibility of sex strikes on campus in the coming semester after his movie drops.

“I think that a sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment and date rapes. Second semester it’s going to happen. Once people come back from Christmas, there’s going to be sex strikes at universities and college campuses across this country. I believe it.”
Spike Lee

Gun control. Police brutality. So much in a short clip to watch. And you must!


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Spike Lee Speaks On Being Honored At The Oscars, With Having A Street Named For Him And More (Video)

There’s no overnight success. You gotta bust your ass.
Spike Lee

Truth spoken by the one bringing us the forthcoming “Chi-Raq” movie; a and a right to speak it, backed by decades of movie-making experience. Truly starting from nothing, getting a recent nod from the Academy (honorary Oscar award), and moves being made today; Spike speaks on all that and more with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (starting around the 29-minute mark of the full episode embedded above).

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Don’t Get It Twisted: Spike Lee’s “CHI-RAQ” Is Serious Satire, NOT Comedy! (Video)

CHI-RAQ is not a comedy. CHI-RAQ is a satire… In now way, shape or form are we not respectful of the situation that is happening in Chi Raq… So, people don’t get it twisted… This film was about serious business.
Spike Lee

For the benefit of critics [who may have forgotten how ‘pre-Malcolm X‘ Spike made message movies], CHI-RAQ’s executive producer released the above video to clarify his work’s approach to the real-life tragedy that is essentially Chicago-at-war. Spike is doing a satirical movie, in which any laughter is basically to ‘keep from crying’ as it were. This is not like the ‘Chi Raq’ documentary on which we posted earlier here. Spike Lee sternly denies critics’ commentary that allege that CHI-RAQ is making light of the violence and senseless losses of life in Chicago. To punctuate his statement, Lee ends his vid with what is pretty much an alternate trailer for the movie – blending snips from the film that communicate its seriousness.

Watch…now. And remember that you laughed at parts of “Do The Right Thing” too.

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CHI-RAQ (Trailer)

Now THIS is a Spike Lee Joint! “CHI-RAQ” hits theaters December 4, 2015. Over the top dramatic antics and dialogue to match and get out the message of an out of control situation. Telling a story you cannot ignore. This trailer teases a movie that channels the energies of “School Daze,” “Do The Right Thing,” and “Malcolm X” in the best ways. Tapping the actors familiar to Lee’s old movie line-ups (seeing you Samuel L. Jackson, Wesley Snipes) and folks you get to see stretch in new ways (go for it, Nick Cannon)!

You got the real Chi Raq story from us on here before. Let Spike show it to you in his surreal way.

(Interesting approach in there, too… holding back that ‘piece’ to make ’em put down their pieces as a way to peace in Chi-town.)

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Common Speaks On Chicago Today (Chi-Raq), Getting Chi-Town Back And More (Video)

“Nobody’s Smiling” (due out July 22, 2014)… Vince StaplesChance The RapperChi-Raq… just a few topics touched on by Common during his Hard Knock TV interview.

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Common Tells CNN About His Nonprofit To Aid Chicago’s Youth (Video)

No secret that Common loves Chicago, the kids, and esp. Chicago’s kids. Even the city’s mayor knows (watch the clip above).

Grammy-winning rap artist Common tells CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about his non-profit foundation, benefiting Chicago’s youth.

Hmm… says he’s no politician… but a well-known figure, willing to serve and campaigning for a cause (see the links to earlier posts below) rather than for himself… we could do worse. Salute, Common!


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VICE: Chicago’s Gang Problem & The Inequitable Sharing Of Nigeria’s Oil Resources (Video)

YES! Damn smart move by VICE: posting its HBO shows online for their fans who don’t have premium cable.

“Don’t nobody wanna talk no more. It’s so easy to get a gun out here. Everybody wanna shoot it out.”

Wow. Remember how we posted on ‘Chi raq’ (Chicago being a war zone akin to Iraq)? Well, VICE addresses that in this episode’s first half. For the last half, VICE documents Nigeria’s oil industry – oil theft, financial and social costs, and more.

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‘Chi Raq’ Documentary Highlights Chicago Death Tolls That Mirror Iraq & Double That Of Afghanistan (Video)

“Chi Raq” is a compelling video portrait of life in South and West Chicago by London filmmaker Will Robson-Scott. Shout out to my homie Hustle Simmons who appears in the mini-documentary/video portrait to speak on his own personal loss & offered some positive words about the escalating problem in Chicago.

“For the past decade, Chicago has been enduring a violence epidemic, with a death toll in the thousands and casualties mirroring the losses experienced by the US Army in Iraq war over the same period. Allowing its subjects to take center stage and tell their stories in their own words, Robson-Scottʼs film is unflinchingly honest in its depiction of life on the streets of one of the most dangerous cities in America.”

– Protein TV

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