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Heard From The “Hip-Hop Cop” Himself… He’s Pretty Sure He Knows Who Killed Jam Master Jay (Of Run DMC) [Video]

Now THAT’S how you start a clip! You ask former detective Derrick Parker, “What happened to Jam Master Jay?” Then follow up with, “So you think you know who killed Jam Master Jay?”

Parker answers, “Yes.” And, less than 40 seconds into the clip, let’s BEGIN!

Former NYPD detective and “Hip-Hop Cop” Derrick Parker shared his thoughts on the Jam Master Jay murder case with VladTV, and he revealed that it may be solved despite 15 years going by. He explained that lack of witness cooperation and corroboration of evidence slowed the case down, but Parker now believes he knows who murdered the Run DMC legend.
DJ Vlad

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Throwback: Run-DMC x Jam Master Jay [Live] (Video)

I remember reading in some Public Enemy album liner notes that when the group was looking for a DJ (who would eventually be Terminator X), they were looking for a ‘Jam Master Jay level’ deejay. WHAT?! You know how all powdered soft drinks are called Kool-Aid, or how all in-line skates are called RollerBlades? Jam Master Jay was like that… the industry standard!

Watch JMJ start the show like a pro, then watch Run-DMC come shut sh!t down!! Awesome jewel from back in the day (September 1984). Hip-Hop forever!!


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TJ Mizell x DJ Scratch – “Jam Master Jay Tribute” (Video)

We posted a li’l something a li’l while ago featuring TJ Mizell doing his thing on here. Now, he’s teaming with DJ Scratch for a “Jam Master Jay Tribute.” Who better qualified to speak on it with their hands, especially with TJ being the son of JMJ (who would now be 49 years old, RIP).

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Jam Master Jay’s son ‘TJ Mizell’ Spins On NYC’s ‘J’ Train (Video)

Among the things that might fill your heart with joy on a cold morning. Think of hopping the train on a typical NYC day… getting into the rail car that just so happens to be being rocked by TJ Mizell, son of the legendary Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell (of Run DMC fame). Yooo! TJ does a run of Jigga joints – including a Trap remix of “Tom Ford” (Benzi Remix) and “Show Me What You Got” (DJ Green Lantern Remix).

Keeping it old school, the man powers his equipment using a car battery (sorry, no streetlamp poles on the train)! Great vid.

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DJ Scratch Speaks On Early Days Touring With Run DMC & Friendship With Jam Master Jay (Video)

Yesterday, October 30th, marked the 13 year anniversary of the passing of the legendary Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. The people at FUSE TV caught up with iconic turntablist DJ Scratch speak upon the early days of touring with Public Enemy & Run DMC while developing a friendship with Jam Master Jay.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff x Señor Kaos – “Peter Piper” (Jam Master Jay Tribute)

Just a few days ago on January 21st we would have celebrated the 47th birthday of the legendary Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. Unfortunately the world is unable to celebrate his contributions to hip hop & DJ culture with him in the physical form due to his untimely death, but that doesn’t stop many people like DJ Jazzy Jeff & Señor Kaos from honoring him with this tribute track that I believe was first premiered on DJ Mick Boogie’s Run DMC tribute mixtape.