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50 Cent ‘Kept It 100’ With Larry Wilmore On ‘The Nightly Show’ (Video)

Yep, Larry is not letting up on Cosby. That and more with a strong panel on this episode of The Nightly Show with Larry WilmoreJudd Apatow (director/producer of “Trainwreck”), Rachel Feinstein (comedian, frequent guest, sexy…just saying), and 50 Cent (rapper, has that movie “Southpaw” coming, and you know about exec-producing and co-starring in “Power” on the Starz channel). And the “Keep It 100” segment, strong (no ‘weak tea’).

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Killer Mike Dishes On Dolezal With Larry Wilmore And Guests On ‘The Nightly Show’ (Video)

Killer Mike is hilarious! Still clever in this clip though. Joined across the table by comediennes Natasha Leggero and ‘The Nightly Show’ regular Robin Thede, the show discussion focused comedic fire on Rachel ‘I still consider myself Black’ Dolezal. Clever conversation with bite, but not vicious. Funny, but they do get to some cultural fine points brought up by the former NAACP official’s Blackishness making front page news. Don’t know if they really nailed down an answer to the “Does Rachel get a pass?” question… Then again, who says that was the point? Watch, enjoy, ponder a bit.

Great bonus footage after the jump.

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Cam’ron “Keeps It 100” On The Topic Of Snitching On ‘The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore’ (Video)

Larry Wilmore with a good point above: How can the cops expect us to ‘snitch’ on their neighbors; yet they won’t tell the truth on their peers doing dirt and hiding behind the badge. Wilmore has been doing a great job with topic AND guest selection. Interesting perspectives on snitching; and more interesting, the poster child for the ‘No Snitching’ movement – Killa Cam – is there to weigh in. Will there be weak tea passed across the table for this “Keep It 100” segment of The Nightly Show?

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Common ‘Keeps It 100’ on Black Women & Fatherhood on ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ (Video)

Common recently appeared on the panel revolving around Black Fatherhood on ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ that airs on Comedy Central. New York Times columnist Charles Blow, founder of the Center for URban Families Joe Jones and comedian Mike Yard also take part in this discussion that began with the simple statement that ’72 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers.’

Although they tackle serious issues in this discussion, things get hilariously uncomfortable fast as Larry poses questions about whether they’d play in the Super Bowl instead of witnessing the birth of their first child & their opinions on whether or not black women are too domineering in relationships.  Check out more video from the discussion below……

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