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Cam’ron – “The Program” (Album Stream)

YOOOOOO! That “Lean” is one thing, and it is certainly a banger. But have you peeped “The Program” out yet, like, the whole thing?? Daaaayummm! A bag of bangers from the jump!! And for the FREE.99??? Maaan GO! Go NOW!

(And if you got that already, hip someone else to it.)


Cam’ron – “Lean” (Prod. By Rek) [Video]

Dope! Good straight-ahead Hip-Hop from Cam’ron. The ‘Lean On Me’ music and the raw but not too rugged (this time) rhymes… yeah, the visuals for “Lean” make a case for giving “The Program” a good listen. That, plus it’s FREE!


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Cam’ron – “10,000 Miles” (Video)

Wow. Killa Cam eff’d up, and now his girl got him eff’d up in this video. This love thing though. Whew! ‘Cheat on your diet, not your girl.’ Haa! That’s pretty good, even if Cam’ron got it bad. Maybe they’ll make up. Watch the video above of the new single “10,000 Miles” and see. Plus we got that link to the iTunes single for y’all to grab if you want.

(Apparently, judging from the cover art, Killa pink is back in.)


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Listen To Cam’ron: If You Know What President Trump Is Up To… You Must SNITCH! (Video)

Hilarious! Wow, how’s Cam’ron REALLY feeling? Mr. No Snitchin’ says that everybody and anybody has a DUTY to snitch on President Trump. CIA. Even the First Lady. Gotta tell us what The Donald is up to in the White House, Watch him speak on it on ‘The Daily Show’ #SnitchesGetRiches

Rapper Cam’ron believes that members of the Trump administration have a civic duty to leak information about White House dysfunction.

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Sneaker Shopping: Cam’ron Chooses Killa Kicks (Video)

Cam’ron goes Sneaker Shopping. A self-declared Reebok guy; but he loves Jordans. But do not twist things up… Cam is ’bout the biz. Shoemakers need to holler at him about his Killa Pink (the album and the color) coming soon. Watch him and Joe La Puma chop and check out what to step into.

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Nardwuar Interviews Cam’Ron (Video)

Killa Cam’Ron keeps a perpetual side-eye (e.g. rarely pressed or impressed); so how Nardwuar planned to wow him… any guess would be as good as ours. But won’t he do it though? Don’t believe, just watch. Talk touched on coming up in Harlem, Big L, the movie “Paid In Full.” And, of course, Nard hit Cam with the gifts! Peep.

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Cam’Ron Speaks On His Full History And More… Including Airing Out The Drama With Jay Z Back In The Day (Video)

No reason to be mad at Killa Cam for this Whoolywood interview; but somebody probably will be. Maybe Jay. Maybe Ye. But hey… whatev…

Cam’ron stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s “The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Shade 45 to promote his new single “Oh Yeah” with Juelz Santana. Cam touches on everything in this video, from first meeting Notorious BIG through Ma$e and acting reckless, Russell Westbrook’s fashion sense, Kanye giving ‘H To The Izzo’ to Jay Z after purchasing the beat, what Big L was like on the block and more! But the true gem is Cam’ron finally clearing the air on the Def Jam situation with Jay Z from back in the day which left us speechless!

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Cam’ron Is The Nightly Show’s Office Cupid (Video)

Oh man, there is so much good stuff out ’round the tubes. Should have gotten this on in the Love Month, but you gonna love this regardless. Cam’Cupid giving ‘Killa advice’ to the Nightly Show’s ladies and men on matters of amore (wink).

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Scion Road Trip: Eddie Huang Scoops Up Cam’ron, Prince Paul, & Vince Staples (Video)

Eddie Huang took a few minutes out of his schedule to jump behind the wheel of our 2016 Scion iA, making a few rounds around Los Angeles to pick up a few special guests – like Prince Paul (and his son, DJ P. Forreal), musicians Vince Staples and Stevie Lee and rapper Cam’ron – to hang and chit-chat.

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Comedy: Meet The New HR Manager For ‘The Nightly Show’… Cam’ron (Video)

Larry Wilmore is going hard nowadays. The Nightly Show must protect itself from external AND internal threats to the brand. Moving to do so, he (chuckle) hires a new Human Resources manager to ensure no employee problems mess up the workplace culture or the Show’s rep. Larry will not get caught slipping like Amazon’s CEO did. And don’t worry, Killa Cam is highly qualified and motivated to ‘take care’ of personnel things as HR Manager.

Hilarious! Watch.

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Cam’ron – “F#ckin Hater” feat. Sen City (Video)

Okay, okay, this new Cam’ron joint is a guilty pleasure….. I’m laughing at this & enjoying… confession. The silliness of the lyrics is ear candy; but all that azz in this video. DEFINITELY Eye Candy!

“F#ckin Hater” (featuring Sen City) is available as part of the “1st Of The Month” box set download at iTunes.


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Jadakiss – “Two Curse Words”

Sure Just Blaze made this instrumental for somebody else (“The Roc” blessed by Cam’ron) but Jadakiss took that thing over and made it his own! Listen and download “Two Curse Words.”


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Cam’ron “Keeps It 100” On The Topic Of Snitching On ‘The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore’ (Video)

Larry Wilmore with a good point above: How can the cops expect us to ‘snitch’ on their neighbors; yet they won’t tell the truth on their peers doing dirt and hiding behind the badge. Wilmore has been doing a great job with topic AND guest selection. Interesting perspectives on snitching; and more interesting, the poster child for the ‘No Snitching’ movement – Killa Cam – is there to weigh in. Will there be weak tea passed across the table for this “Keep It 100” segment of The Nightly Show?

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Dipset – ‘Have My Money’ (Video)

It’s good to see the Dipset movement is back & running again with their new banger ‘Have My Money.’ We had the audio from the joint we posted a few weeks ago, but now we have the brand new black & white visuals directed by Clifton Bell.  For those of you not content with the small screen you can catch the Dipset Reunion on the road as Killa Cam, Capo, Freekey Zeeky, & Juelz Santana will be on tour with Funkmaster Flex as their DJ.  Promoters better have their money… Word To Ed O.G.


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Cam’ron x A-Trak – “Dipsh*ts” (Video)

If you’re like me then you’ve been kinda miss that Dipset sound & movement as of late, but this new video & single from Killa Cam & A-Trak’s upcoming collabo project, The Federal Reserve EP,  makes it feel like the Dips’ triumphant return. Even Dame Dash reintroduces himself as ‘Champagne Dame’ on the track & video letting everyone know the squad is back. This clip directed by Ricky Saiz has all the elements that define what a dope Dipset song & video should be all about. All the of the principal Dipset members appear united, the Harlem people in the neighborhoods, the Just Blaze co-production, the fashion-conscious yet gritty connection to the streets, & even the big booty chicks like Cam’s girl JuJu who makes a cameo. It’s not too Complex, but it’s a start. Hopefully we’ll get another Dipset Anthem for 2014. Check out the trailer for Cam’ron & A-Trak’s upcoming film ‘2 The Hard Way (Pause)’ after the jump….

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Cam’Ron – “Devil” featuring JuJu


Well damn, Cam. Why not just put your lady on a track or something. Done! New Cam’ron jawn off his forthcoming mixtape “1st of the Month” (due out May 1, 2014). Listen to the single, “Devil,” by Cam featuring his lady JuJu. Download for FREE, too.

(Shiiiiiid. You’d put her fine ### on a track if she was with you like that, too. Admit it.)


Cam’ron Hits The Breakfast Club With Some ‘Real Talk’ On Jay Z, Dipset, & His Business Dealings (Video)

Cam’ron chats it up with Power 105’s (NYC) morning show, The Breakfast Club, to talk about Jay Z, about his forthcoming mixtape, about Dipset and more (maybe a reality show). You can definitely see & hear the maturity in Cam’ron in this video. His honestly was key to it all.

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Wiz Khalifa – “The Bluff” feat. Cam’ron (Video)

This is pretty cool to see Wiz Khalifa finally link up with his favorite rapper Cam’ron for a song. In many interviews the Pittsburgh kid had mentioned he was influenced by Cam’ron & here’s the new video for “The Bluff” which is the latest single from the upcoming album “O.N.I.F.C.” due December 4th. Wiz Khalifa does a very good job in terms of bridging the gap from the elder cats in the game to the youngest after working with Snoop Dogg, Too Short, 50 Cent, Juicy J, & a host of others. Nothing ever seems forced too. Just quality joints right chea. So much indeed…

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Cam’ron – “Motivation” (Prod. By Araabmuzik)

Araabmuzik is a beast on them beats & Cam’ron’s laid back Harlem flow on this fits perfectly for this jawn right here. This is one of the featured joints off of Killa Cam’s ‘Boss Of All Bosses 3’ mixtape due to drop December 16th.


Dipset Speaks On How Their Issues With Jay-Z Began (Video)

I’ve said this plenty of times before that Jay-Z is talented, but he does a bunch of smoke & mirrors type of stuff behind the scenes that rubs people the wrong way. I’ve heard this story before, but in this recent interview Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, & Freeky Zeeky speak more in depth when asked about their past issues with Jay-Z. Cam’s imitation of Jay-Z is hilarious too!