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Family Feud: The Crowd Was ‘Behind’ Kim Kardashian, Cheering As She Played ‘Fast Money’ For Charity (Video)

And Kanye was there.

So yeah, Kim and Kanye were great on this Family Feud. Wonderful win for their charity of choice. But watch and it will become VERY clear what we are ‘here’ for. Steve knows, too. We’re here for Kim K and AAAALLLL… the RATINGS!!!

(Bet you thought I was gonna say that banging body and scrumptious rump! Now, why would I say that? You already know that. Hahaaaaa!)


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Kanye West feat. Paul McCartney – “Only One” (Video)

Kanye West is the greatest hip hop artist of this generation & he consistently proves it. A keen attention to detail, socially relevant commentary within his music, an a willingness to take risks. Check out this latest video called ‘Only One’ featuring Sir Paul McCartney which is dedicated to Kanye’s beautiful daughter ‘Nori’. I don’t usually get caught up into celebrity babies & crap like that, but Kanye & Kim Kardashian most definitely have the cutest kid amongst new celebrity parents. As a fan of Kanye West the artist, I’m definitely looking forward to what he hits us with next.

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She Broke The Internet: Kim Kardashian Speaking With ‘Sway In The Morning’ On Being A Divorcee, Relationships With Beyonce & Kanye And More (Video)

WHOA! Have you seen it? What broke the Internet? Check after the jump. Say what you want: Kim K got dat azz (or, nowadays, Kanye got dat azz… put a ring on it)! But she did a lot of chit chat with Sway on his morning show a while back, too. Above and after the jump.

Kim swung by ‘Sway in the Morning’ to state the facts.

Check it out.

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…Then Kim Kardashian Comes To Sit On The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Couch And Talk About It (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live! welcomes the Yeezus [Dime]Piece… Kim Kardashian (the Armenian formally known as Mrs. West). She and Jimmy discuss her and Kanye West’s recent wedding event. KimYe did it like no other. Everyone we know books a location months (up to more than a year) in advance of the wedding day; but the soon-to-be-Wests just went from France to Italy as a site like that. And guests still made it! And your folks probably get a photographer, but do you get photography from the likes of Steve McQueen? Outside of this being a press-worthy event, Kim and Kanye seemed to have done their best to make marital memories that will last them a lifetime.

Whatever you feel about how important it is to “Keep Up With…” any Kardashian, you should watch the interview clips (starting above; continuing after the jump). The chat is light and lively. Lady Kim is as demur and lovely as any blushing bride… You get a feel for Kim as a person rather than a paparazzi target; even amid the silliness that is Kimmel.

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Kanye West Opens Up About Being an Artist, Love For The Kardashians and Being A Father To His New Daughter ‘Nori’ (Video)

Not really into keeping up with the Kardashians, but mom Kris Jenner did a solid interview with Yeezus here. Check it out on what’s being billed as the ‘finale’ (series or season finale? not sure) episode of the Kris Jenner Show. Insight and exposed inner feelings of Kanye West are brought front and center during this sit-down.

Speaking on being able to turn his ‘star quality’ off and on, Kanye shares, “When I’m walking down the street… I’m a bit more shy and nervous.”

Kris responding with understanding, relates fans’ demanding expectation that stars be stars ALL THE TIME: “When people see you, they just expect you to break into a performance.”

Interesting… The two go on to talk about Kanye’s love affair with Kris’ daughter, Kim Kardashian, their brand new baby girl (North West), his relationship with the press and more.

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Kris Humphries Voted Most Hated Player In The NBA (Video)

Move over Lebron….a marginal NBA player has taken your spot as the most hated athlete in the NBA. Yeah I’m sure most dudes hate him because he was smashing Kim Kardashian. Most females hate him because more than likely he & Kim faked a wedding. Simple math…

Behind The Scenes: Kanye West x Kim Kardashian “Alligator Boots” Puppet Show (Video)

Check out this behind the scenes footage of the “Alligator Boots” puppet show executive produced by Kanye West & his Chi-town homie & emcee Rhymefest. It also features Kim Kardashian in the one of the early pilots among a cast of muppet-like characters. Damn man….Kim Kardashian looks good as hell in that Princess Leia outfit! Damn! Damn! Dayaam!