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Rhymefest Speaks On His New Film, “The Public” And On The Importance Of Us Building Family & Networks Instead Of Being Loners (Video)

I swear I was just going to watch long enough to see what beef he had with Kanye & Kim because I had not heard such. But Rhymefest has words, man! And we all need to hear them (not necessarily even agree with everything said, but appreciate the manner in which they are shared… much food for thought… and action)!

Rhymefest on Making Up With Kanye West & Kim Kardashian; Violence in Chicago + New Film, The Public
– Thisis50

Plus, Ashlee Ray is serious Eye Candy. But she makes it super-clear she is taken (sigh).


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DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Skaters Paradise” feat. Rhymefest x Dayne Jordan (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff is taking the steps to pick up speed for his “M3” album (out now). Visuals for “Skaters Paradise” is keeping it pushing.

(And is.. Is that The Fresh Prince cameo’ing in there?)


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The Trinity – “M3 … The Outro” (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff) [Video]

So dope! And great intro to this debut live performance of Jeff’s forthcoming album’s “Outro” by Rhymefest.

Creativity is the power to change reality. True creative freedom comes only when that power is realized. With M3, I’m finally free… I am proud to introduce The Trinity (Rhymefest, Dayne Jordan & Uhmeer) on “M3 … The Outro” Live from Koerner Hall in Toronto, the first release from my forthcoming album, M3.
DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Jeff N Fess – “Mr. Officer” feat. Eric Roberson (Prod. By The Playlist A-Team)

Serious music making happened at Jazzy Jeff’s Playlist Retreat 2016. Here’s one of the dopest outcomes of the gathering, Jeff N Fess (DJ Jazzy Jeff & Rhymefest) lacing a beat produced at the event – “Mr. Officer” (featuring crooner Eric Roberson).

After hearing a few bars of a particular arrangement, Eric Roberson was inspired to write. The first words uttered: Mr. Officer, can you spare some change? If they say art imitates life. Then Mr. Officer, by Jeff N Fess, feat. Eric Roberson, is art’s response to life. “Some people march, some people protest; we make music,” says DJ Jazzy Jeff of the motivation behind releasing Mr. Officer. Increasing reports of police brutality and deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of law enforcement led to this musical expression of hurt, anger and frustration. Mr. Officer is produced by The Playlist A-Team, comprised of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Stro Elliot, Daniel Crawford, Steve McKie, Kaidi Tatham and Eric Lau. This ensemble of gifted musicians worked together to create a sound that uncomplicated, yet moving. Lyricists Eric Roberson and Rhymefest shine light this complex and emotional issue with heartfelt simplicity.
– Playlist Retreat

You will cry hot tears by the end. Expect it. Powerful music with a powerful message powerfully delivered can overpower you like that.



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Sadat X – “Imagine” feat. Rhymefest x Jabar (Prod. By Will Tell)

Maaaan! “Imagine” is such the dopeness – from beat (by Will Tell) on down to the line-up (featuring Rhymefest and Jabar) and lyricism. Hip-Hop perfection! The “Agua” album is officially a proven banger. We posted that Pete Rock-produced jawn “Freeze” on here already. Now this. Yessir!


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In My Father’s House (Trailer)

Chicago’s Che Smith, widely known as Grammy-winning artist and songwriter Rhymefest, spent the majority of his childhood without his father. “In My Father’s House” documents Rhymefest’s search for his father. He found him, but as the trailer above more than hints, what happens from that point is no fairy tale. A boy who suffered through youth knowing that a father he never really knew simply walked out on his mother and him, finds that upon walking back into his father’s life, he may have to be the more ‘parental’ of the two. Looks to be a stirring film; currently playing at Tribeca Film Festival.

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Behind The Scenes: Kanye West x Kim Kardashian “Alligator Boots” Puppet Show (Video)

Check out this behind the scenes footage of the “Alligator Boots” puppet show executive produced by Kanye West & his Chi-town homie & emcee Rhymefest. It also features Kim Kardashian in the one of the early pilots among a cast of muppet-like characters. Damn man….Kim Kardashian looks good as hell in that Princess Leia outfit! Damn! Damn! Dayaam!

Rhymefest Hospitalized

Chicago MC Rhymefest was admitted to the hospital with high blood sugar levels and was at risk of entering a diabetic coma over the weekend.
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