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Intentional Act Of Kindness Earns Kids A New Friend, Clothes, Cash & A Special Visit (Video)

That is exactly how human beings are supposed to interact with one another… It’s not more complicated than that… Somebody’s having a hard time, and you help them.

Tearjerker alert. Mondays are Mondays. Watch this though. You WILL get hit in the feels. And you can blame Ellen and Will for ‘chopping them onions’ and ‘making your eyes rain’ as they celebrate these kids and their awesomeness!



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Kindness – “This Is Not About Us” (Video)

It’s… It’s like John Lennon meets Michael Jackson… That pop and beat of the street yet above it all groove. Something to dance to. And Kindness aka Adam Bainbridge (with Karla) shows you; in case you are in the dark about how.

Some of my favourite videos are simple choreographies – for the “This is Not About Us” video I wanted to try working with a choreographer and push myself to work on dance in a way that was less free-form and messy. I’m glad to have had the chance to work with Karla and to appreciate even more the role of the choreographer. It’s an ego-less thing to give yourself over to making someone else dance as well as possible, especially when they’re not nearly on your level. Thank you to the crew and Dan for capturing our day together.
Adam Bainbridge

Off Kindness’ LP entitled “Otherness” (due out October 14, 2014, available for pre-order below via link).


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