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Ludacris x Jermaine Dupri – “Welcome to Atlanta” (Falcons Remix) [Video]

For those wondering how the Falcons will help Atlanta find the energy to #RiseUp again this year… Wonder no more. Luda and JD got this. REEEEMIX!

Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris remix their famous Atlanta anthem to put the world, and the rest of the NFL, on notice: Here comes Atlanta.
#InBrotherhood #AtlantaFalcons #RiseUp #NFL

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Ludacris – “Vices” (Video)

Recognize that Eif Rivera is that go-to dude for A-List music videos nowadays. And remember we recognized before ‘they’ did (back when he was mainly 50 Cent’s guy). But he’s earning the rep, putting in work for folks like Luva-Luva Ludacris on this “Vices.” Banger!


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Ludacris Breaks Down Some ‘Gold Bars’ From His Favorite Lyricists (Video)

Quoting and breaking ’em down – from Bun B’s (RIP) trillest lines on down! And yes, Andre 3000 is a rapper’s rap that makes fans move their feet (of course, 3 Stacks made his list). Y’all gone learn today… about Luda’s fav bars in this biz!

The new host of MTV’s Fear Factor, Ludacris takes us through his ultimate bars in Hip-Hop. Ludacris shares his favorite rap lyrics of all time, including Pimp C of UGK, Eminem, André 3000, Notorious B.I.G., and Cam’ron.

And of course, of course, Ludacris quotes himself on this list. He’s his biggest fan, and this is Hip-Hop. He’s an emcee. Braggadocio and being the best spitter is built into his DNA.

(Good list though. Damn good list and breakdown.)

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Ludacris And Tyrese Speak On Recent Media Controversies, The Latest ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie And More (Video)

Ha! Pepsi AND Bill O’Reilly are both under fire, and they both dissed the sh!t out of Ludacris back in the day. Now Luda is doing pretty damn good… and they are NOT! Ohhhhh, success is the BEST revenge!

Tyrese & Ludacris keep it all the way 100 in The Breakfast Club studio, talk new music, “Fate of the Furious” & More.

And coming for Tyrese about weave, fake butts and such is not the best move. His rebuttal game is on point. Maybe don’t hate on a dude solely for expressing opinions and living life. He is not your boyfriend, nor is he feeding you or your fam.

(But they are gonna go all the way up to a 10th ‘Fast & Furious’ movie though? Whoa.)

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Ludacris – “Vitamin D” feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Video)

Oh! Yessir! Whoever came up with the casting concept for this vid is a GENIUS. Salute to “Dr.” Ludacris and director Eif Rivera for being dope at what they do already, but the choice Eye Candy in the Vitamin D” visual presentation is very, very ‘healthy’ (e.g. it’s good for us)! Luda, Ty Dolla $ign (and Eif), the floor is yours!


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Ludacris – “Vitamin D” feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Now see? Luda still do the rhyme work! And see, ladies, Luda just wants you to have the “Vitamin D” you need to stay ‘healthy’ out here. He AND Ty $ign are just looking out.

(Yup. That. And a FREE music download. Get it NOW though. Sure thing that ‘the powers’ will come yanking down these FREEbies soon enough.)


The Fate Of The Furious (Trailer)

Have you SEEN the new Fast & Furious sequel (“The Fate of the Furious”) trailer? More to the point, have you spent the requisite amount of time hollering at the screen as the trailer played like, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, SHEEEEEEIIIIIIT!!” yet? Because that is what this is. Looks like some mighty fine buttery popcorn watching. RIP to Paul Walker, but fans ought to wonder if Brian O’Connor (or his memory) will somehow ‘bring Dom back’ to the family.

DOPE trailer. Watch!

(New evil cute chick spotted! And don’t you wanna see a Jason Statham vs. Dwayne Johnson vs. Vin Diesel three-way scrap… or is that just us??)

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Ludacris – “Party Girls” feat. Wiz Khalifa x Jeremih (Jeftuz Remix) [Video]

Wait. Hold up! Try’na fool us over here. Should’ve moved this over to Eye Candy! Sure, if you are looking for music and visuals, this Jeftuz Remix of Ludacris’ jawn “Party Girls” (featuring Wiz Khalifa and Jeremih) has got that…BUT… Well, treat this like a HOT Honeyz visual (esp. if you are at work). YouTube put age restrictions on it. ‘Nuff said.

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Ludacris x Marshawn Lynch – “#BeastMode” (Video)

Banging! So much so you gotta believe NFL’er Marshawn Lynch (aka BeastMode) was down to clown in the video as soon as somebody asked. The resultant visuals are a damn good look for this “#BeastMode” single off “Ludaversal” (out now).


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Ludacris – “Lunch Money” (Freestyle)

Pusha T’s banger ‘Lunch Money’, produced by Kanye West,was one of my favorite joints in recent months that I would play frequently on my radio show. It looks like even Ludacris recognized this banger needed to be touched by him lyrically. Peep Chris Lova Lova’s freestyle over this ‘Lunch Money’ joint.


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Ludacris – “Lituation” (Freestyle)

Bars and bars and BARS! Luda decided to wait for it… wait for it… then jump the Fabolous “Lituation” track like a beast on safari. Yep, it’s another Ludaverses Freestyle for “Lituation” for y’all to enjoy.


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Ludacris – “Nutmeg Freestyle” (Word To Ghostface) [Video]

Tell you what. Not much better could anyone else have done that “Nutmeg Freestyle” submitted to Soundcloud (posted earlier here) by Ludacris. But what’s better… there’s a video for that thing. Check it! They call this one “Ludaverses Vol. 2” (hit the jump to see Vol. 1).


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Ludacris – “Nutmeg Freestyle” (Word To Ghostface)

Probably ‘cuz I f#ckin’ felt like it. That’s why!

Supa Luda done stepped in the booth and put his damn cape on. Hot damn! Dude went the f#ck in on this “Nutmeg Freestyle” – breaking a foot off in the azz of that Ghostface instrumental track.

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Ludacris – “Good Lovin'” feat. Miguel (Prod. By Da Internz)

Luda! Chalk up another dope one from Ludacris with his single, “Good Lovin” (featuring R&B crooner Miguel). Produced by Da Internz. This track is off Luda’s forthcoming “Burning Bridges” EP due out December 2014; to be followed by a full-length project “Ludaversal” (due out March 31, 2015).


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Ludacris – “Numbers On The Board” Freestyle

Waiting for everybody to get all those “Numbers On The Boards” freestyles and remixes out the way, Luda finally blessed with his for his #Ludaverses series. Y’all feel that? Click play and you will. Check out Ludacris’ “Numbers On The Board” (ThrowBack LudaVerses Mix).


Ludacris – “Party Girls” featuring Wiz Khalifa x Jeremih x Cashmere Cat (Video)

“I don’t say sh!t, and they be getting naked.”

Folks, if your “Party Girls” are like Luda’s… congratulations! Snazzy, Just short of “nazzty” video packed with eye candy and appearances from the features. Ludacris (with these Hype Williams visuals) does it again! His “Party Girls” (featuring Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih, and Cashmere Cat) is up on iTunes already (linked below).


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Nardwuar Catches Up To Ludacris At SXSW (Video)

Yeah, Ludacris starts in with the jokes on Nardwuar at SXSW… playing it too cool for school… until Nard starts in with the memorabilia. Catches Luda off guard with some items and factoids; then he gets into the conversation a bit. Local ATL eateries and legendary spots, Atlanta Hip-Hop history, and Luda history – taking 2 Chainz to the bank, beginnings with manager Shaka Zulu, the homie 4-IZE (damn right he’s still doing it… check out that “Ultra Beast United” with 6 Rings we posted).

But… did he mess with the “doot doola doot doo…” moment??? Hold up now, Luda!

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Ludacris Speaks On Being ‘Ludaversal’ In Entertainment, Life, Love, & Business (Video)

Luda! Ludacris makes his first drop-in on The Breakfast Club, Power 105’s morning show. In advance of his LP “Ludaversal,” the actor/rapper speaks on his music biz happenings past and present (including Chingy), 2 Chainz’s success, getting into restaurant business, and much more.

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Big Boi – “In The A” feat. Ludacris x T.I. (Video)

“Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors” still going strong with stuff like this. Dope music video for Big Boi’s single “In the A” (featuring T.I. and Ludacris). A Happy Place production, directed by Alexi Papalexopoulos (trying saying that three times fast). Props to DP Mark Sandhoff and editor Andre Jones. Love how they take images of the ‘real’ ATL – no frills – and deliver it raw over this raw cut. Watch!

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Big Boi – “In The A” feat. Ludacris x T.I.

When I first heard Big Boi’s new Atlanta anthem “In The A” featuring Ludacris & T.I. my first thought was they need to play this in Philips Arena during the Atlanta Hawks games. Seems like Big Boi’s plans for the record were even greater for that ‘stadium status’….