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A Look Into Rap Beef & What It’s Really Good For… NOTHING (Video)

Asked and answered: Does rap beef really help your career? Does it serve Hip-Hop? No, and HELL no. Battles? Okay. That real, that hands-on beef? Stop it. Recognize that there are Rules To This Sh!t… and consequences!

In episode 103 of RTTS we explore the beefs in Hip-Hop, the point when conflicts arise and egos trip.

From rap battles to straight physical violence, are certain ways of conducting beef good for Hip-Hop or is it helping destroy the culture?

Nore, Too $hort, Tokyo Jetz and others do a deep dive on this controversial topic in the music industry.

– BETNetworks


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Eminem – “KILLSHOT” (Machine Gun Kelly Diss Response)

Okay. It’s a response. Not sure how much longer this EminemMGK beef will go on. But I can say that both combatants fired shots and inflicted damage. Here’s the latest. Em calls it a “KILLSHOT.”

Could be. We’ll see…


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Trevor Noah Tells ‘The Daily Show’ Audience How Pusha T & Drake Are Beefing On A New Level (Video)

Trevor said Robert Mueller needs Pusha T’s investigators on his team for the White House probe, the way Push got after Drake in that last diss track. Daaaayum! Bwaaahaaa!


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Cam’ron Is Proud Of Moving His Mom Out Of The Ghetto, Negotiating The Business World, And Turning The Tables On This ‘Highly Questionable’ Interview (Video)

If it’s beef, Cam will speak on it (you know, having been in some scrapes of his own). Check him out being clear on ‘Highly Questionable’ right quick.

And they talk about sports. Cam insists on that!

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Cam’ron Says He Did Not Diss Ma$e. He’s Just Telling The Truth About Him (Video)

For all the folks out there thinking that Ma$e ‘won’ that beef with Cam… or that they even know the whole way it went or how it ought to go… Hold the phone! Watch and learn something; at least Cam’ron’s side of the story.

I’ve never dissed Ma$e. I’m telling you stories about real life situations… I’ve never made up [anything] like… “f*cked my sister”… the imaginary sister I don’t have…

So, let’s start there. Click play and watch Cam break it down.

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Nia Long Just Gave Kendrick Lamar The Permission (Video)

See? Nia had no shade for K.Dot. She just did not recognize the new Compton Don… yet. But see, now that she does, she gave him PERMISSION to use her name in that next dope rhyme.

Savage Savvy!

But let’s keep rewinding at the end where lovely Ms. Long stressed that that gold-beaded dress was on a mission: To ‘hold it in and push it OUT!’ Mercy!

(So… that’s why that red carpet clip is after the jump. Yes and more yes yes, indeed!)


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Lord Jamar Asks Why Is Funkmaster Flex Is Dissing 2Pac Now And Not Back Then When He Was Alive (Video)

Remembering… There was a BET interview – back, back in the day – where then Death Row CEO Suge Knight was getting out after a bid and was addressing people who had gotten brave and talked big talk about him while he was locked away. He coldly looked into the lens and said [pretty much], “Be bad enough to say it to my face when I’m in yours.” Well, on any ‘fly talk’ Funk Flex had to say about the late Tupac Shakur, Lord Jamar is making the same point; plainly, not cold but real talk. Right or wrong, why speak ill of 2Pac now that he is gone.

Funk Flex recently made waves in the hip-hop community with his comments about 2Pac, and Lord Jamar is in agreeance with T.I. and others that Flex shouldn’t be talking down on a dead person. Jamar went on to say that he doesn’t understand why Flex is coming out with this now and not when 2Pac was still alive, but he questions whether it had something to do with his money being messed up back in the day.

Later in the clip, Lord Jamar spoke about rumors he heard that 2Pac did shoot himself in Quad Studios the night that he was shot, but it was only because he kept his gun off of safety in case a situation arose. To hear more, watch the above clip.

DJ Vlad

And it is certainly fair if Flex rebuts that truth is truth, even after one has passed. And there is timing to consider… just watch. Lots to unpack.

(For perspective, check out the Flex and T.I. clips and snips regarding all this after the jump.)


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Remy Ma – “ShETHER” (Nicki Minaj Diss)

So, Hip-Hop Nation, how was the weekend? Anything interesting go down. Any beef get flame-broiled? Hear anything pop off.

Just kidding. Here’s that “ShEther” dissing Nicki HARD over that Nas “ShETHER” instrumental. with Remy Shots heard ’round the world. Hell no. Remy with the sh!ts heard ’round the Hip-Hop world!!! A little slick Twit talk and THIS is the response??? WHEW! Do they REALLY want it with Remy Ma? Wonder what we’ll hear from Nicki though. And any ‘counter diss’ will NEED to be DIRECT. Subliminal is OVER! Remy called Nicki by name and went IN on her, her family, her exes, dragged in some associates…scorched the earth!

What now from Nicki? Spit back? Or maybe ‘buys over bars’ will be the response. Nicki does have big sales numbers. Really don’t think that is the way to respond here (Rem went there in the track already). Say everything or say nothing… just an opinion/prediction.

(Hit the jump for some of what is believed to have brought this on.)


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Redman Speaks On Beef Being More Aggressive Back In The 90s, MC Hammer Confronting Him And More (Video)

Social media has changed music in general, including how rappers beef nowadays. Back in the 1990s, if beef was real, rap dudes came to SEE you and get it on strong! Redman comments on how social media gives artists a chance to start, then settle, beef before it gets physical. He quickly follows up that overall, it is a good thing that artists don’t have to get violent nowadays. BUT… he does recall how real beefing can get. MC Hammer let Red know back in the day.

Speaking [about] rap beef, Redman shared a story about the time MC Hammer confronted him at the taping of the last Yo! MTV Raps episode over his diss on his debut album. Redman pointed out that MC Hammer is very serious about beef, adding that he knew the “2 Legit 2 Quit” rapper wasn’t messing around when he stepped to him at the show.
DJ Vlad

Haha! Red is hilarious, but speaking realness. Great clip!

(Yes, sir! The 3-5-7, too. Baaahahaaa!)

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Masta Ace Speaks On The Current MC Shan Vs. KRS-ONE Beef (Video)

Wow. Check out Masta Ace’s adamant stance on the rehashing of decades-old beef between MC Shan and KRS-ONE. It may surprise you; perhaps not what he says, but how and why he feels that way.

Let it go.


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Fat Joe On Nas Making Peace With Jay Z (Video)

A casualty of war. Don Joey tells a real story of how what was seen as good for the Culture… but left Terror Squad out in the cold. The definition of what real studio gamesmanship, beef over beats, Jay Z vs. Nas, happened then ended amicably; for most all but Joe and his bros (that would include Remy, on the couch there with him).

Watch and let Fat Joe tell you how it was and is right quick.

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Monitor Lizards Face Off And Fight (Video)

This Reptilian Wrestling League smackdown clip has been making its way around web world. (Like that? RWL? Just made it up. Copyright. Don’t bite!)

Crazy! It’s like we just missed the part where these two beasts talked their way into major beef (some “What the f#ck you say to me? What? Alright then SCRAP!”). And now it’s ON! Lizards locked in leg-to-leg-to-leg-to-leg combat to settle… whatever it is that’s got ’em so heated they ignore the camera man, people and busy street.

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Nas – “Last N!gga Alive”

Yoooooooo! @Nas stays dropping HEEEEEAAT! I was flying the SoundCloud with no real mission other than listening to get that dope feeling. I’m a Hip-Hop fiend. And the “Last N!gga Alive” came through and left my fix right there! Dude! The beat is already relentless and the Prince Nassir rode it to def!

…rappers’ rapper. G-O-D-S-O-N. There’ll be none after.

Damn right, Nas. You’ve been the truth since youth. Listen to this PLEASE! DJ Absolut previously unreleased heat from his #MixtapeMonday series. Now available for download FREE! You now have my permission to lose your sh!t and wild out over this!

And are you hearing this “King Of New York” meets “Scarface” level of beef story that Nas is telling in this??? PLEASE LISTEN AGAIN AND AGAIN! This plays like a movie for real!



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Comedy: Mike Epps Gives Action Bronson ‘The Ghostface’ (Video)

Baaahahaaa! Okay, ‘Day-Day’ is stupid!

“…don’t ask for no more of my donuts…NONE OF THAT SH!T…You’re like a big red leprechaun…you ate my snacks, Action…you done f#cked up…”

Mike Epps lampooned the beef-with-Bronson video Ghostface Killah posted weeks ago (in response to off-handed remarks Action Bronson made during an ESPN guest appearance). That was awkward. This is hilarious!

(More silliness after the jump.)

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Yasiin Bey Versus… Any Emcee? (Video)

No doubt you’ve heard (and seen) the shots let off in the video of Yasiin Bey (the artist formerly known as Mos Def) declaring on camera that no one can test or best him, Black Thought or King Los in a rhyme fight… that anyone who thought different could meet and settle the beef for big charity dollars and bragging rights. You heard about that, right? Well if you didn’t, you can play the embedded video above.

Raw, right? Started thinking about who might step to? How about Lupe Fiasco?

Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.24
Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.10

Hells yes! Lupe threw down the gauntlet like, “Once again…It’s ON!”

BUT… hold up… wait…

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Meek Mill – “Wanna Know” Feat. Quentin Miller (Prod. By Jahlil Beats x Swizz Beatz) [Drake Diss]

Jabs tweeted by Meek. Shots fired by Drake. Meek Mill returns fire. Nowwww, we have a battle. Is it worthy though? Leave it to the people. Posted Mill’s response diss to Drizzy entitled “Wanna Know.” Battle tactics: Rapping over a twisted WWE’s Undertaker theme beat, ‘featuring’ Quentin Miller (who Mill alleged as Drake’s ghost writer; though Miller refuted such in a BET article).

(This just in… Drake has already Instagram’d his response (from @champagnepapi) to Mill’s response… More after the jump.)



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Drake – “Back To Back” (Meek Mill Diss)

Interesting… Beef in rap isn’t anything new. There have been the Jigga vs. Nas, Pac vs. Big, Moe D vs. Uncle L – legendary battles. However, this beef Drake and Meek Mill have cooking has taken a unique turn as of late. Drizzy has dropped “Back To Back” (see what we did there?) diss tracks with no response from Mills. Is this building to a one-sided whuppin’ or is Meek loading up for a video game fatality punch? Time will tell.

For those that missed the first diss – “Charged Up” – we got that for you after the jump.


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Take It Personal: Ghostface Killah Still Has Beef With Action Bronson (Video)

It has come to our attention that some of y’all may not be aware of the near-nuclear-launch tension between Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah. Here is what has come to pass, and why Ghostface put out the above visual getting in Bronson’s azz:

  1. Bronson goes on a show on ESPN, and near the end, kinda goes in on Ghost (see after the jump).
  2. Ghost hears about the shot Bronson took at him on TV, and the two talk it out via phone, AND Bronson apologizes via Twitter…AND deletes those Tweets (per the Ghost vid above).
  3. Ghost goes the f#ck off (the video above…daaayyyuuummmm)!
  4. Bronson apologizes on Twitter (and leaves the Tweet up, see below the video above).

This just in… Ghost does NOT accept Bronson’s apology. See?

NOW, in case you keep up with such things, you are up on things.

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Black Thought Of ‘The Roots’ Speaks On Meeting ‘Questlove’ & His Rumored ‘Beef’ With Nas (Video)

Black Thought Of The Roots stopped by Complex TV’s ‘Combat Jack Show’ to speaks on the early beginnings of his group upon first meeting Questlove & also provides details on the brief beef he had with Nas.
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Pete Rock Gives His Side Of Story Regarding The ‘Fiasco’ With Lupe (Video)

In case you’re not caught up on everything that happened between Pete Rock & Lupe Fiasco after watching this video just click on the link below to get a proper timeline of events…..