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Skillz – “All Night” feat. Regan (Prod. By Gavin Maestro) [Video]

Hey, Gav, this sh** is CRAZY!!!

There is only one thing wrong with this… NOTHING!

Little Regan is adorable. Skillz lyrical skills are still enviable. And that Gavin Maestro-produced track is undeniable. You might end up with this on loop “All Night”… or at least more than a few times. Dope!

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Skillz – “2019 Rap Up”

Yup. We all shook our heads at Jussie Smollett. But 2019 was about soooo much more. And Skillz was there for all of it. With his pen and pad apparently. But I know what we are all here for now. That “2019 Rap Up!”


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Mad Skillz – “2018 Rap Up”

The answer to that, “Where is that ‘2018 Rap Up’ from Skillz?” question… with a Lil Duval in there for the finish.

Here’s to everyone ‘living their best 2019’ starting now!


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Mad Skillz Speaks On Being Discovered By Q-Tip And The ‘Taboo’ Of Ghostwriting In Rap Then & Now (Video)

Ha! Writing is where the money is. Skillz peeped Missy Elliot’s pen game paying for fancy cars and was like, “I’m in!” Good check while chasing the dream on the mic… for real. Hear the Breakfast Club interview on that, Skillz’s early career, and much, much more!

Mad Skillz Talks Ghostwriting, New EP, Coming Up With Virginia Artists + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

(And yes, they talk about the ongoing Uncle Murder situation and year-end wrap-up game.)

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Mad Skillz – “In A Minute” (Video)

Skillz finding inspiration from The Whisper’s classic video & song “Keep On Loving Me”In A Minute.

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Mad Skillz Is Turning The Tables, And Kicking The Rhymes, At The Same Time! (Video)

Okay. Please excuse me in advance. Late pass like a mugg, but yoooo this throwback clip I had not seen before now is sooo DOPE! Skillz goes IN on this clip – emceeing AND deejaying!

Mad Skillz dropped by ‘Sway in the Morning’ two days in a row, and blessed us with two live freestyles. Watch above…
– Sway’s Universe


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Mad Skillz – “2017 Rap Up”

Now you already know the Hip-Hop Nation is not officially ready to let 2017 go until Skillz puts the Rap Up on it with a neat bow!

Hit on some of everything. Shouted out 50 Cent for the use of the “Big Rich Town” (“Power” HBO series beat) jawn. Sub-subliminal shot at Uncle Murda’s toes maybe? Uncle Lenny Grant’s Rap Up game has been major (and mad disrespectful, haaa) these past years.


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Uncle Murda – “2014 Rap Up”


Now Skillz was just mentioning that there were others doing wrap-ups that weren’t him. This one though. Well, you know what… you check it. We’ll say no more. This is “2014 Rap Up” by Uncle Murda; a redux for you. Spark that who did it better debate whenever you’re ready.


Skillz – ‘2014 Wrap Up’

I’m glad VA emcee Skillz is still doing his annual ‘Rap Up’. I’m even more excited that he had the ill producer BINK! on the track for this gem too! Enjoy…..and welcome to 2015!


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DJ Jazzy Jeff x Skillz – “The Jazz Cafe Experience” (Video)

Skillz, formerly known as Mad Skillz hosts this ride that DJ Jazzy Jeff takes us on – using music as a vehicle (Hip-Hop, Jazz). So dope! So instructive, too. Exploring modern Hip-Hop and the sources of its samples…with R.I.P. shouts to J Dilla, M.C.A. and other greats who have fallen…doing honor to them, those who remain, and to our art and artists. Hip-Hop LIVES! Jeff informs and provides commentary throughout the video. Like Skillz says in the video: “You gone LEARN today!” Skillz gives all the shine to Jeff, which is a rarity in today’s me-me-me emceeing. I love how Jeff gives the love right back in this piece, too – declaring, “Skillz is a legend!” Nice!
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BLITZ – 5/5/11: Gears & Grind

Time for this Thursdays BLITZ! Time to get the gears in motion with news & information from around the web. So Everybodyyyyy Move Ya Bodyyyyyyy & Crank it up under the hood…..

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