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Technology/Recreation: Computer Genius Bjorn Harms Converts His Corvette Into A Full-Sized Remote-Controlled Car (Video)

Dude. A full-sized remote control Corvette. Like FULL… you can in and drive, but why? Because it’s REMOTE-CONTROLLED… sized!


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Dutch Christmas Celebrations Still Include Blackface (Video)

With minor cultural considerations, Christmas is the same worldwide right? Well, that depends on what you call ‘minor’ (or translated… HELL NO)! Especially not in the Dutch tradition. Watch the Zox expose on Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) in the Netherlands. Blackface! They are still pushing the use of blackface and human caricature as a part of the Winter holidays; dissing Black people over there in the worst ways while totally oblivious (yeah, right). But the times, they are a-changing…slowly.

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Classic Clips: LL Cool J (1986) [Video]

LL stands for Ladies Love (and much more)… and he gets across that he LOVES the LADIES immediately to the interviewer! Great clip; more than just ‘playalistic’ stuff, LL Cool J is speaking on rap styling and life in general. The discussion really touches on the underpinnings of what Hip-Hop was meant to be. Too short. Well worth watching though.

Interview with LL Cool J in his old neighbourhood for Dutch Television (by Marcel Vanthilt). Old School Hip-Hop – Broadcast of 1986 by VPRO.

See what our big time celebs’ “Cribs” were back in the day? Granny’s house. Where they actually grew up and/or lived. Don’t have to holler ‘keep it 100’ all the time is you stay 100% real from the get go. MESSAGE!

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Deal Or Unreal: House For Sale Has Roller Coaster Running Through It (Video)

Is this real or not? Watch as NBC Today Show co-host Tamron Hall tries to bust the myth, but Al Roker counters with what has to be the best line of reasoning that allows full enjoyment of the video embedded above:


It’s in The Netherlands. Been on the market for over 6 months. And it’s pretty pricy, according to The Today Show. But looks kinda fun though, right?

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