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Freeway Speaks On Living With Kidney Failure And Shares Some Untold Rocafella Stories (Video)

Gotta give me a bit of a late pass, but this is good. Been watching Pvnch do a few of these episodes. Good interviewer and host. Good at getting guests to really relax and open up. And when I saw that he got Freeway to speak on Jay-Z, his dialysis, and more. Yeah, another must-watch.

@iampvnch sat down with @phillyfreeway and spoke on everything from his Kidney Failure making him go through dialysis treatment 4 hours a day. To Jay-Z’s loyalty always staying true to him and his career. Plus gives us a couple of never heard before Rocafella Stories.


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Rhymefest Speaks On His New Film, “The Public” And On The Importance Of Us Building Family & Networks Instead Of Being Loners (Video)

I swear I was just going to watch long enough to see what beef he had with Kanye & Kim because I had not heard such. But Rhymefest has words, man! And we all need to hear them (not necessarily even agree with everything said, but appreciate the manner in which they are shared… much food for thought… and action)!

Rhymefest on Making Up With Kanye West & Kim Kardashian; Violence in Chicago + New Film, The Public
– Thisis50

Plus, Ashlee Ray is serious Eye Candy. But she makes it super-clear she is taken (sigh).


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Fat Joe On Nas Making Peace With Jay Z (Video)

A casualty of war. Don Joey tells a real story of how what was seen as good for the Culture… but left Terror Squad out in the cold. The definition of what real studio gamesmanship, beef over beats, Jay Z vs. Nas, happened then ended amicably; for most all but Joe and his bros (that would include Remy, on the couch there with him).

Watch and let Fat Joe tell you how it was and is right quick.

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A Brooklyn Street Legend Reflects On His Violent Life Of Crime, Past Relationship With Jay Z And More In His New Book (Video)

Jack Thriller interviews Brooklyn street legend, hustler and stickup man Calvin Klein Bacote for Thisis50. What a roller coaster ride – speaking on getting his name from the real 50 Cent, robbing rappers back in the day, the time him and his man robbed the whole F train; about how Jay Z used to hustle for him, the nature of their relationship over the years, and where they stand today.

…and he’s got a book about it, revealing even more than this interview does. Wow. The game is to be SOLD!

Check out part 1 above and part 2 after the jump. Required!

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The-Dream Speaks On Losing Weight, Writing Songs For Women, & Being Underrated (Video)

I enjoy comedian Jack Thriller’s interviews over at ThisIs50 because he sometimes comes with off the wall questions or commentaries that make the interviews a little more enjoyable. In this particular interview he speaks with Atlanta based singer, songwriter, & producer The-Dream discussing everything from his dramatic weight loss, not wanting to be a star, writing songs for women, & being underrated….

DJ Whoo Kid Speaks on Possibly Being The Cause Of Kanye West’s Near Fatal Car Accident (Video)

DJ Whoo Kid speaks with ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller about the day that Kanye West got into his near fatal car accident in L.A. back in 2002 that inspired Yeezy’s hit song “Through The Wire.” Regrettably or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, DJ Whoo Kid says his actions towards Kanye may have caused the incident that set off a chain of events that marked the beginning of the rise of Kanye’s career.

DJ Whoo Kid Speaks on Being Chased By Suge Knight (Video)

While being interviewed for ThisIs50, DJ Whoo Kid spoke on a situation where he was chased out of an L.A. club where he was DJing by Suge Knight.