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Facebook Isn’t “Free” (Video)

If you’re not paying, you’re not the customer–you’re the product.

You gotta know this. Whether you know already, or not, you GOTTA know this. So, since College Humor put together a palatable way to tell you so, I’m gonna share and let you know…


Watch and see how you ‘pay’ for it, because you are not willing to pay for it otherwise. Hey, everything has it’s price. How do you think Zucks got so damned rich? And you could quit Facebook, but good luck escaping Google!


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Technology: Google Maps ‘Timeline’ Setting Tracks Your Every Move (Video)

“When turned on” huh… and you can just ‘turn it off’ huh? Yeah, right. THIS is why I am not cracking when y’all crack on my ‘dumb phone’ though. Mind your biz, Google, not mine! No ‘Timeline’ on me. Thiz shiz right here…

There’s a setting in your Google account, which — when turned on — creates a record of everywhere you go and when you went there. It’s intended to make your Google Maps experience more useful, like providing a faster commute to work or home. In 2015, the company also started rolling out another feature called “Timeline,” which lets you easily view this information on a private, customizable map of your every move. Here’s how to access it and turn it off in case it creeps you out.
– Tech Insider

Ha! ‘Private’ or not (read: not), Google can (read: is) generating a “customizable map of your every move.” Yeeeeaaah, um, I know where I’ve been. I’m cool, Google. But thanks for offering. File this under ‘just because you can do a thing does not mean you should.’


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Bill Maher: “Donald Sterling Isn’t Worth Defending, But The 4th Amendment Is.” (Video)

Bill Maher is right, to an extent, about protection of the 4th Amendment in his recent commentary regarding former NBA owner Donald Sterling’s case, but the point is everyone is still accountable for what they say. It doesn’t matter what was said in private because in America you can be convicted of crimes & incarcerated for things that were said in private. Even television news investigations secretly record & release evidence of people saying things that were meant to be in private. I agree with most of what Bill Maher is saying in his commentary but you can’t even get a job for saying outrageous things that some people would disagree with. So it’s best to keep things 100 all the time about how you feel. It’s America & you do have a right to say what you feel even in private, but in Donald Sterling’s case the NBA is a business & once those private feelings were out in the open no black players would be willing to play for a NOW known racist.

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