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Killer Mike & Colion Noir: The Controversial Gun Conversation (Video)

Interesting and compelling. Usually, the rhetoric on gun control gets dumped onto either side of a ‘wall’ – (1) take the guns or (2) don’t take my guns – and folks on either side of the wall call folks on the other side crazy (or worse).

Well, when we get someone that maybe both sides should LISTEN to, then decide on how ‘crazy’ or not their arguments are, maybe we can take some bricks out of that wall and see good points to consider on each side.

But who is such a ‘someone’ though? How about Killer Mike? Seriously. Watch.

Colion Noir sits down with rapper, actor and activist Killer Mike to have the gun culture conversation no media, politician, celebrity or anti-gun protestor has the courage to engage in.

Just remember: Mike will speak his mind in the clip. Just saying. Now get to playing…

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How To Get Gun Control Legislation Passed NOW (Video)

Okay, so you see Trevor Noah with Neal Brennan at The Daily Show desk on COMEDY Central. So, it is okay – even expected – for you to laugh. But dude’s idea is brilliant, and it actually worked… back in the ’60s. Score one for #BlackPanther for real #AmericanSymbolsMatter

The ‘solution’ to which Neal referred above is presented in the clip embedded after the jump. Scenes from that earlier ‘Panther’ movie. All Power To The People #Forever

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What Happens After A Bullet Is Fired Straight Up (Video)

Straight up. The question of whether or not firing bullets into the air is harmless is one worth answering, especially with the occasions we have for revelers to pop that kind of firework on holidays. Well, most of us did not actually need a video to tell us but… if you are or aren’t sure, watch.

By the way, on this whole gun rights and gun control discussion: RESPONSIBILITY is part of it. Obey our laws! Beyond that, discussion of what criminals may or may not do is noise. For those who have the guns lawfully, though, responsibility is a MUST! Buy and use fireworks properly (or go to a ‘show’) if you just want to hear loud pop-pop-pop. Better yet, take in a movie. Rent “Heat” and watch Deniro and Pacino ‘n’em let them thangs go! Nobody gets hurt. But if you point and shoot in the air, chances are someone could.

(That music though. Whyyyyy?)


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Spike Lee Speaks On The Basis Of His New Film ‘Chi-Raq’ & Elaborates on Chicago, Sex Strikes (Video)

Interesting. Spike Lee and Stephen Colbert discuss the dire straits of Chicago’s war-like violence and casualty rates, the foundations/inspirations for “Chi-Raq” (a spin off the Ancient Greek satire “Lysistrata,” in which Athenian women vow to withhold sex until their men end the The Peloponnesian War), and the possibility of sex strikes on campus in the coming semester after his movie drops.

“I think that a sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment and date rapes. Second semester it’s going to happen. Once people come back from Christmas, there’s going to be sex strikes at universities and college campuses across this country. I believe it.”
Spike Lee

Gun control. Police brutality. So much in a short clip to watch. And you must!


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Click, Print, Gun: The Inside Story Of The 3D-Printed Gun Movement (Video)

Cody R. Wilson is a 25-year-old University of Texas law student working to build semiautomatic weapons using 3D printers. VICE recently produced the above video profile of Wilson, his efforts to 3D-print guns, and his views on fighting gun control.

“Whatever your thoughts on gun control, it’s impossible to deny that the 3D-printed gun movement is something that doesn’t fit into the current legal framework. It’s either exciting or scary–or perhaps both–and that polarity is something Wilson recognizes, and which he knows how to bend to his advantage.”



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