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Dame Dash Speaks With Nick Cannon On His Relationship With Jay-Z & Being A Boss (Video)

Ever on the hustle and on the scene, Nick Cannon could do a ‘class’ on his own. But interviewing himself would… well, nah… it’s better if he has guests. Next up: Dame Dash talking sh!t with his friend and sharing some gems with us as we listen in.

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Damon Dash Speaks On Family Business, Relationships, And The R. Kelly Situation Then & Now (Video)

If you remember The Best of Both Worlds, you don’t see my name on that… I never wanted no part of that.
Damon Dash

Ohhhh, hold up… Aaliyah was Dame’s dolly baby back in the day. He’s gotta have something to say about the R. Kelly what-they-say out there now. On Dame and Aaliyah, death did them part. But Jay-Z and Dame… looks like the R. Kelly move moved them apart.

Kenyatta “The Hip Hop Motivator” ask Dame Dash about his feelings towards Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, and why he was never a part of the Jay Z and R. Kelly collaboration.
– Hip Hop Motivation

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“The Reason Dame Smacked Harvey Weinstein”… Dash Backs Up That Cam’ron Verse, Saying He Did Slap Weinstein (Video)

Okay, it kinda looks like Damon Dash got the ladies’ and folks like Terry Crews’ back way back when. Doing what they could not. Dash was apparently pressing with aggression over the release of “Paid in Full” (believable) and ended up smacking fire out of Harvey Weinstein, huh? Whoa.

Kenyatta of Hip Hop Motivation talks to Dame Dash about his personal issue with Harvey Weinstein as well as the recent allegations he’s faced with, and he also gives advice to women in the industry.

This is crazy. All of it! But sometimes you gotta have that Gotti boss that will go check another boss for the team. Wow!

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Damon Dash Speaks On His Cousin Stacey Dash ‘Cooning’ For Cash On Fox News (Video)

That’s her job right now: To evoke emotion on that platform… Either way, she’s my cousin.

What Dame is on: Yes, associate the name Dash with cash, but NOT with ‘coonery’… and NOT with Republicans! Well, say what you want about Damon Dash; but he is going to say what he is going to say and mean it. Family or not.

Above he goes straight ahead on the hot topic of the minute – the craziness his cousin Stacey is spitting on Fox News (especially against BET) for the entertainment of White people. But the balance and majority of the interview is about his business and movie moves on deck. Good watch!

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Damon Dash x Kanye West Presents “Too Honorable” (Trailer)

Executive producers Dame Dash and Kanye West present a mixtape movie starring Damon, Stacey Dash, Murda Mook, and Cam’ron, as part of an ensemble cast – “Too Honorable” – due out May 25, 2015, on

Check out the 2-minute trailer above.

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Damon Dash Shares How He fights Custody Battle Without Lawyer (Video)

In interviews Damon Dash has been making the headlines for the topics he discusses.  Some agree some don’t but most of the Blogs and Gossip sites love to use his words to stir traffic not really investigating his true talking points.  Well Dr. Boyce Watkins has reached out to Dame Dash allowing him to discuss issues on his platform.  This is not a pair of people you would expect to partner up but I am happy to see it.  In this video Damon Dash explains how he is fighting for custody of his daughters without a lawyer.  He gives some detailed facts on what fathers can and must do to see their children in custody battles.  He is upfront with the fact that the courts will frustrate you but you must have patience and remember that your child is the ultimate prize.  I am not saying that Damon Dash is who you should pattern your legal battles after but if you took the time to watch interviews with him yelling at someone how about watching a video where he is imploring men to fight to see their children legally!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Dr. Boyce Watkins talks Finance, Black Masculinity, Racism & More on The Breakfast Club (Video)

There has been a lot of talk about Black ownership and financial freedom sparked from the Damon Dash interview he did on The Breakfast Club.  It set off a firestorm on social media some people being inspired and some comical moments with the hashtag #TweetLikeDameDash.  With all of that said Dame brought up some good topics and Dr Boyce Watkins helped to bring some perspective to the conversation.  He has a PhD in finance and owns his own business Financial Juneteenth.  Dr Boyce discussed obstacles like Racism & White Supremacy that play a part in blacks becoming financially independent.  He does not make excuses though and agrees with Dame Dash in regards to Black Men & Women having the be their own Boss mindset.  Overall it is a great discussion between Angela Yee, Envy, Charlagmagne & Dr Boyce Watkins a breath of fresh air rather than mindless gossip talk.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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