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You Must Learn: What Is Democratic Socialism? (Video)

KRS said it: YOU MUST LEARN. At least for yourself, and not fall victim to others’ spin on taboo words like ‘socialism’ (because propaganda). ‘To stay on course means to ROLL WITH FORCE!’ So. Don’t come for Ana. At least not on Democratic Socialism. You will get schooled, which is good; but that slick dissing they try will fail.

Ana went on HLN and schooled a Conservative pundit on what Democratic Socialism really is.
– The Young Turks

Ana Kasparian is DONE with being Ms. Nice Woman #MicDrop


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Cenk Uygur Speaks On How Muhammad Ali Should Truly Be Remembered (Video)

Muhammad Ali… He was a strong, proud Black man and he didn’t mind telling you…
Cenk Uygur

Powerful! Cenk Uygur gives us 5 minutes of RAW commentary to set (or keep) perspectives straight on the legacy of Ali. Don’t let all the soft, lofty words now being spoken about The Greatest in this time of mourning make you think Ali was whitewashed or weak (or even worried about being ‘liked’) in any way at any time in his life.

Muhammad Ali has been described as transcending race, but that takes away from his powerful stance on being a Black man. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, delivers his Final Judgment on Muhammad Ali’s legacy.

It is important that for all the ways that Ali should be remembered – winning fighter, charismatic public figure, ambassador for peace and justice – we must NEVER forget that Ali was NOT living to win approval from the majority. As much a warrior out of the ring as in, he spoke harshly on injustices perpetuated by America and the White majority in the U.S. and abroad; refusing to be part of or tacitly endorse it in any way.

Good to keep that straight.

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Speaks On the Problems With Politics As Usual: Major Money, Major Media And More (Video)

Raw, uncut, fresh. #FeelTheBern with fresh perspectives; straight from the man himself. Full TYT interview on the REAL ISSUES.

Cenk Uygur interviews Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.
– The Young Turks

Woooo… Right in the first five minutes, Senator Sanders gives a respect nod TYT while gut-punching major media (damn ABC, Time Warner, NBC, Comcast). You gotta watch AND share with your people!

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Ashley Williams Feels Hilary Clinton Owes Us An Apology. She Wrote A Sign About It. Wanna See It? (Video)

Ashley Williams. Pretty bold. Plus, the topic (the framing of young Black people as ‘super-predators’ as then President Bill Clinton, ultimately signed a ‘Three Strikes” crime bill that locked thousands of them up) deserves national attention that it was not getting until this fundraiser protest move.

Hillary Clinton was at a fundraiser in South Carolina when a Black Lives Matter protester interrupted her speech. She held up a banner that had a pretty devastating quote from the candidate.

Cenk Uygur does make a good strategy point in his critique: If only Ashley could have gotten an answer from Former Secretary Clinton #WhichHilary #BlackLivesMatter

So…why’d she do it? Cenk talked about it. Watch the video straight from Ashley after the jump.

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Muslim Counter-Protest Strategy: Kindness Conquers Hate And Fear (Video)

So, another dope clip from AJ+ shows up in my Facebook feed: This time about a one-woman Anti-Muslim protest outside a mosque in Ohio. Police were on hand, and it could have gone badly but… well, I won’t spoil the clip. However, what I will do is embed The Young Turks commentary on the clip above. Sure, they have a boldly liberal slant on almost all things; but I always admire the way they come with a combination level-headed delivery and passion in their interpretation. Same here. The original clip, which I’m betting you will love, appears after the jump. But TYT head honcho Cenk and analyst Ana above… They will make you think. Good stuff!

One of the anti-Muslim rallies that happened in the country didn’t have the best turnout. A protest in Ohio only attracted one demonstrator. She was greeted by Muslim protestors who wanted to educate her on their religion. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

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Current TV: Jon Stewart Crushes Bill O’Reilly In Political Debate (Video)

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks on Current TV) covers the Bill O’Reilly – Jon Stewart face-off last Saturday night. The “Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium” was not the first time the two men have debated, but this time discussion was long enough to be called a debate. With lots of humor woven in, the two made points in their signature spirited (but not mean-spirited) manner. Cenk, in the video above, recaps the event held at a university in Washington, DC.

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