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Let’s See If Westside Gunn Passes The “Car Test” (Video)

Don’t get things twisted… AT ALL! Gunn definitely knows how to rap for real. Even though we know so, he says so while he’s riding out in the nice whip. Speaking on all things Griselda and more on the short rolling ‘tour’ of his gritty city.

Grieslda Records very own Westside Gunn brings Elliott Wilson to his hometown of Buffalo, New York as he goes through the latest installment of his mixtape series “Hitler Wears Hermes 7.”



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J.I.D Speaks On His Name, On Hip-Hop & The Culture (Video)

Ohhhh, so Joey is holding the mic as an interviewer this go ’round. Got it. Keeping his name out there, keeping Pro Era out there, and providing a platform for exposure on Tidal for artists: J.I.D in this episode.

Joey Bada$$ and NasteeLuvzYou, in association with Tidal, present to you the first episode of the “47 Minutes” podcast with J.I.D!


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Killer Mike Puts His Show “Trigger Warning” On The ‘Radar’ (Video)

Talking about Crip-A-Cola and B-Pop and more. Good sit down from Mike as he continues to make the rounds promoting his Netflix show.

Killer Mike bites his tongue for no one. But this time, the Grammy Award-winning rapper has everyone talking with his new Netflix series, Trigger Warning. But don’t expect music to take a backseat. Mike and Run The Jewels partner El-P, are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, RJ4. Here, Mike talks about the show, politics, religion, music, and more!


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Nipsey Hussle Speaks On His ‘Side Hustle’ (Video)

Nipsey is the hustle! All sides. But that’s what we are here for; learning about the ‘Side Hustle’ of Neighborhood Nip. And we’re here for everything the homie has to share/teach.

Considering his name, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nipsey Hussle is always on the grind. Raised in the streets of Crenshaw, Los Angeles, the independent rapper has quickly built his own empire to last: In addition to his All Money In record label, Marathon Clothing line and retail store, Nipsey has invested in the business incubator, Vector.90, as a way to connect with next-gen geniuses. In the West Coast edition of Side Hustle, Hussle breaks down his money moves, a major business loss that turned into a lesson and why he’ll never stop betting on himself.
– Tidal


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E-40 Speaks On His ‘Side Hustle’ (Video)

Nice, Tidal. Very nice. Sharing insights on a true rapper / ENTREPRENEUR (yes, all caps on purpose because ‘shouting’ for emphasis) like the Fawty Water.

E-40 has been a West Coast rap ambassador for over three decades but his empire extends beyond his witty slang and hyphy catalog. In this episode of Side Hustle, the Vallejo native details the profitable and sometimes painful lessons he learned while building his business portfolio of wine, cognac, a meats company and other investments.


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Streaming Battle Royal: Apple, Spotify, & Tidal Test For Sound Quality (Video)

You’ve heard the bickering on and offline, surely: Apple is the best because they are the OGs in the stream game. Nah, but Spotify improved on the i-streamers. But hold on, Tidal put the tech and bandwith work in to crush competitors…but ‘politics as usual’ hold ’em back (as Jigga might say).

Alright STOP!

Somebody get the results and let’s settle this like Maury would. The sound quality tests determined…

(Come on now. Click play and find out.)

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Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks on Jay-Z issues with Spotify & YouTube (Video)

There has been a lot of talk recently about music streaming and artists getting what they deserve regarding royalties.  One of the main discussions has been over Jay-Z and his new company Tidal that is marketed as a platform created by the artists for the artists.  There has been some push back from people stating that Tidal is a corporation out here to get rich just like all of the others.  When it comes to Jay-Z recently he has implied that people have no problem supporting the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but not supporting him because he is black.  Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks on this and questions some of the things Jay-Z speaks on while opening up the discussion on true Black independence.

“Jay-Z can state he has 99 problems but the struggles of the Black Community is not one”Dr Boyce Watkins

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud
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