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College Student Opens Her Own Restaurant In NYC Serving Scrumptious Vegan Cuisine (Video)

Man. Why am I drooling over VEGAN chicken & waffles though. These in the video at least…

Francesca Chaney is a 22-year-old college kid with her own vegan restaurant. She swears by plant-based meals and wants to normalize them for underprivileged neighborhoods. Her restaurant, Sol Sips, is in Brooklyn, NY, and its menu is comprised of delicious, healthy eats.

Because Francesca is all about accessibility, she offers a sliding-scale brunch where customers can pay anywhere from $7 to $15 for their full meal. She hopes her mission of educating people about healthy eating grows into more Sol Sips locations and a healthier mindset for underserved communities.

– Food Insider

And she is getting her Styles P juice bar on with her approach to bringing healthy eats to the otherwise overlooked. Nice!


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Food: This Vegan Restaurant Insists It Serves ‘Cheese’… Even If It Is Non-Dairy (Video)

Crazy how I keep coming across more and more vegan stuff that I would scarf down, like, IMMEDIATELY! Like this stuff… making me an ‘Eat Seeking’ missile over here!

Chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz wants people to rethink the language they use when it comes to vegan food. The owner of Modern Love in Brooklyn, New York, believes people need to say the word “cheese,” even if they are referring to the non-dairy-based alternative. This is apparent on her menu, offering dishes like the modern cheese plate, an assortment of various vegan cheeses that imitate the flavors and textures of dill Havarti and chevre.
– Thrillist

Cheese glorious cheese (remember that commercial?); even this vegan variety gets me singing. And I haven’t even tried it yet #BucketList #FillMyBucketWithThis


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John Lewis: Bad Ass Vegan (Exclusive Interview)


Photo Credit: Eye Recap Photography

A favorite phrase that I love is Health is Wealth something I state quite regularly. Sometimes when the conversation starts to get organic people start to check out. Alkaline water, Vegan food, juicing that’s not Hip Hop or is it? Rappers and liquor companies have partnered for decades Sprite and Taco Bell have used Hip Hop in campaigns also. Times are changing, some artists are promoting exercise and nutrition rather than beers & popping pills. I had the pleasure of speaking with John Lewis better known as BadAss Vegan about Nutrition and business. We also discuss his new partnership with Styles P of the Lox regarding his Vegan Smart product. John is not your typical Vegan so this is not your typical interview. He provides tips on how you can transition into the Vegan lifestyle. Before you ask trust me John knows your struggle he is not some hippie that grew up on nuts and berries. Rather someone who grew up in Ferguson/St. Louis an area known for their Beer & BBQ. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi so he knows about college campus eating habits as well. We cover it all and he also provides encouragement about taking that entrepreneurial leap. So now get ready to learn what it takes to be a BadAss Vegan!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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FullyRawKristina: “Eating Healthy During the Holidays” [Video]

The Holidays are upon us and a big component of most holidays is the feasting that takes place.  Big meals second plates, leftovers that get snacked on throughout the day.  With Black Friday going into Christmas a lot of shopping will take place people purchasing high end items.  The fact is your health is something that is priceless and should be taken very serious.  FullyRawKristina is a vegan who promotes health, fitness, and eating real foods.  I enjoy her videos and social media where she gives healthy alternatives.  Now I am not expecting everyone to turn full vegan for the holidays but you can take some tips to help you eat better.  The fact is in the U.S. there are many more unhealthy choices than healthy ones.  So Kristina is challenging you to just eat one fully raw meal a day.  Worth giving a try recently I started juicing and eating one raw meal a day.  I can feel the difference so watch her fun video and hopefully it helps inspire you to make some healthy choices this Hoilday season.  Visit her site for more tips, recipes, and details!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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From Gangs To Gardens (Documentary)

We do this in Hip-Hop! For the community’s health, no beef with peeps and no beef going into your peoples – that’d sum up where Ietef Vita aka DJ CAVEM stands on things. Refreshing points of view like this and more put forth in the “From Gangs To Gardens” documentary on the ex-gang member (co-produced by M1 of Dead Prez) – trailer above, full film linked below – and in Vita’s “Wheat Grass” music video presented after the jump.

Better living, that’s the real bling according to the B-Boy, O.G. (Organic Gardener), vegan emcee and youth advocate Vita. Respect.


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