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Black Men Trace Their Roots… Of Their Native American Heritage (Video)

You could get in a lot of trouble if you were caught ‘out of place’ or ‘talking out of turn’… Sound familiar, like familia? It should, especially for these gentlemen who have proven that they have ‘Indian in their blood’ (as my elders used to say). But this video is more about similarities in Native American and African American heritages. This is about linkages, bonds, relationships between our peoples. Set aside about a half-hour and get this knowledge!

On the next Another View, a history lesson on the Cheroenhaka-Nottoway Indian Tribe of Southampton County, Virginia – and how a man named Walter Ashby Plecker forever changed the relationship between Native Americans and African Americans in this part of Virginia.

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Michael Moore Calls A Racist A Racist, All Of Them… And Those Who Will Not Denounce Them (Video)

Anybody who enables, anybody who votes for and supports a racist, is a racist.
Michael Moore

The controversial filmmaker Moore has never had a problem calling it how he sees it. And in keeping with the lifted quote above, Moore is holding those who support the racist ralliers and those of their ilk – whether gathered at the Take ‘Murica Back rally in Charlottesville or not – just as guilty. Because #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter or whatever matters to you aside, the venomous speech, vitriolic tone and victimization of those hurt by Neo-Nazi words and a wildly driven car… well, that all happened. And if you are not denouncing that, you are tacitly supporting it.

#LookingAtYouMrPresident #BothSidesHuh #AndThatTheStoryOfOJ #OK

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Pusha T Speaks On His Native Virginia, His Path To Success, And More While In Jamaica (Video)

Mr. Numbers on the Boards chit-chats with Noah Callahan-Bever (of Complex Magazine) on the Mass Appeal Media channel. Pusha T was in Jamaica to do the video shoot for his single “Blocka.” Talking about keeping roots in Virginia but going beyond Virginia (like to Jamaica) in his music… about how he might crossover if he was ever to crossover… his relationship with producer, fellow Virginian and friend Pharrell Williams… and more. UPDATE: Part 2 of this video below…


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Cover Story: ‘I Robbed Banks for the CIA!’


This is an INCREDIBLE read! I am so glad I have a subscription to Businessweek. I admit though: I almost missed this article (shout out to JayForce for suggesting I take a second look at the issue for it).


‘In a white-walled interrogation room in a small Virginia police station last June, two detectives were trying to get Herson Torres to crack. Surveillance video tied him to two attempted bank robberies in the area during the past week. The skinny 21-year-old didn’t have a criminal record and seemed nervous, but he wasn’t talking. The detectives showed him pictures of his brother and father. They told Torres he could be sent to prison for as many as 25 years.’

“If I tell you, you’re not going to believe me,” Torres said. He was crying as he told them an incredible story about being recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency to participate in a secret operation testing the security of Washington-area banks.

The article goes on… The DIA/CIA ‘contact’ who ran the operation, recruited Torres and his cohorts, ultimately arranged for his legal defense and more would only identify himself as ‘Theo.’ Several in-the-know officials noted in the story – including a veteran cop with decades of experience, high-caliber attorneys-at-law with experience at the CIA, one a retired U.S. Marine said to have worked in intelligence – were admittedly suspicious of Theo but still ‘felt’ his story true enough to believe. Theo’s op (that’s short for ‘operation’) – eventually referenced as ‘Operation Downstrike’ – was substantiated by documents that appeared real enough; like the redacted (that’s spy talk for ‘mostly blacked out’… I LOVE THIS SH!T) one that appears above. ‘The purpose of Operation Downstrike, he said, was to train Torres for clandestine work’ (according to Theo) outside the U.S.

Now, before you holler ‘bullsh!t’ and declare how you would have never been sucked in by any of this… or how Downstrike was obviously never official… Get this:

Brady [that’s right, “Theo” was a cover name] could have faced up to five years in prison for forgery, but the government is recommending he be sentenced instead to three years of [of ‘modified’ punishment]. He may even get his seized computers and the encrypted Operation Downstrike documents back.’

THE GOVERNMENT IS GETTING THIS DUDE OUT – NO JAIL TIME!! Talk that talk now. Maaannn, go read the article. Please!


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B. Eure – “Summaday”

Bernard Eure a.k.a. B. Eure is Norfolk, Virginia’s triple threat. The soul singer, songwriter, and emcee gives you an ample sample of his talent in this soon-to-be hit he calls “Summaday.” You can listen and download it today…now…here!

- ojones1


B.Eure – Summaday Prod. Sum Comfort Food by BamaLoveSoul

Lakim – #StuckInThe90s (Instrumentals)

VA producer Lakim presents this instrumental project full of flips of songs from the 90s. Lots of R&B and drums on swing. Dope Stuff!!
A collection of new and old jams I did flipping some of my favorite songs from the 90’s. I didn’t ever plan on releasing these until my brethren Luigi-Bo 87 suggested I do it so either thank or blame him for this. HAHA. Anyway, download zee jams and vibe out. SAFEness.

Quan – ‘Feels So Good’ (Prod. By Jake One)

VA rapper Quan has a new album coming called The Glorious Struggle.

R&B/Soul: Bobby Blunt & Iman Williams – ‘Before’

Now this is some quality soulful ish right here…..I guess this is what it sounds like when you mix Atlanta, Virginia, Alabama, & Pittsburgh influences into one nice soulful meal. Bobby Blunt links up with Iman Williams for this nice joint produced by BusCrates who all rep from the various cities mentioned. This is supposedly an appetizer to what is yet to come from a full length collaborative project from Bobby Blunt & Iman Williams. Niiiiice… [source]


Dez – Back It Up (Video)

I ran across this song on the web & thought it sounded kinda cool on the R&B side of things. At first I thought it could have been something Chris Brown recorded but was surprised to find out the person singing is a 19 year old kid from Richmond Virginia named ‘Dez’. Come to find out he also shot a viral video for this song “Back It Up” too so I decided to post it. Chris Brown, Trey Songz, & now I guess this new kid ‘Dez’ is on the way & next up for his shot at stardom. Seems like V.A. is for lovers new young singers these days huh? Check him out on this Facebook Page