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BET Hip-Hop Awards 2019 Cyphers (Video)

So they got the Cyphers up already? And I’m sharing the funny one first. Why? Because DOPE!

Just watch it, get your chuckles in, then hit the jump for more!

#BET #HipHopAwards2019


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Affion Crockett Bodies The ‘5 Fingers Of Death’ Freestyle Challenge (Video)

Okay, Affion Crockett is hella funny. We all knew that, right? But who knew dude had BARZ legit like this? I did not… until now!


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Ras Kass – “Kanye Moments” (Prod. By C-Dash) [Video]

Verrry interesting. And dope! Prince of Parody, Sultan of Spoof, and all-around funny dude Affion Crockett brought his talents to bear for Ras Kass’ cause… of poking fun at Kanye West… while turning out good, music on “Kanye Moments” to which we can all relate. Ras is just speaking on the frustrations he/we have (with the industry or what have you) when trying to do what he/we do but still cannot really break through despite our best efforts.

We all have those moments where we spazz out, go on a tirade, and speak our #facts. Ras uses a trap beat to vent about the current issues in Rap while parodying some (in)famous Kanye West incidents. produced by C-Dash, hook by Atlanta’s Chiccen. Videography by @BZfilmz (Numskull of the Luniz starring as Kanye, and more…).

Warning (imagine sarcastic air quotes around that): This vid contains actual “Kanye Moments” (haaa, you don’t got the answers)!

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Comedy: Affion Crockett – “WTF” (Jay-Z x Lil Wayne Spoof) [Video]

Affion Crockett is a FOOL y’all! Don’t know if he’s serious, but Affion announces a forthcoming “Watch the Clone” album at the YouTube page for this “WTF” comedy video. Don’t sleep on he talent though: He spoofed Jay-Z AND Lil Wayne in the same clip. Oh…Catch Donnell Rawlings running about four or five cracks on Weezy at the beginning, too. Man-dex!!!! I can’t stop laughing! Haahahaaaaaaaaa!

Comedy: Affion Crockett Parodies Drake’s “Headlines” (Video)

Affion Crockett parodies Drake’s hit record “Headlines” with “HeadVines”…awww mannn! HILARIOUS!!!
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Comedy: Affion Crockett Answers Lil Wayne Diss as Jay-Z (Video)

This is pretty funny! “Yo Jigga this is Hov. You got that new Jordan plane?”

Jamie Foxx On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video)

Jamie Foxx is a fool! Hahaaa! Hilarious! I also didn’t know Jamie Foxx is the producer of Affion Crockett’s new show “In The Flow” on Fox too! That’s wasup! More video under the hood….

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Affion Crockett – “In The Flow” (Video)

Affion Crockett’s promo for his new show just hit the web & he’s parodying everyone from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Cory Gunz & more in the setup for his new show that debuts on Fox Sunday night at 9pm EST…

Affion Crockett On Lopez Tonight (Video)

Affion Crockett’s new show starts next Sunday August 14th on Fox. This brotha is hella funny & we’ve had him on our radio show before not only to discuss comedy, but he’s also a serious hip hop head too. Affion stopped by George Lopez’s late night hotspot to promote but not before giving a few comedic impressions of President Barack Obama, Chris Rock, & Jay-Z. Great to see he’ll be starting his own television show on Fox next Sunday August 14th at 9pm EST so everybody make sure you watch it or set your DVR.