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Rapsody – “Don’t Need It” feat. Joey Bada$$ x Merna (Prod. By Young Guru) [Remix]

Imagine that dope Hip-Hop collab you’ve been wanting to hear… Quick, hit play above and close your eyes. Was it Rapsody & Joey Bada$$? Was it over one of those Young Guru beats with Merna spicing up them veges just right? Welp, that’s what’s on the menu; a tasty remix of Rapsody’s “Don’t Need It.”


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Rapsody – “Don’t Need It” feat. Merna (Prod. By Young Guru)


Fresh off the re-up’d EP from Jamla’s leading lady emcee Rapsody“Beauty and the Beast” (Deluxe Edition). Here is the bonus cut “Don’t Need It” (featuring Merna). Young Guru on the track. Yeah, now you can’t help but take a listen, right?


Technology: Young Guru Test Drives Google Glass (Video)

Maybe you’ve heard of the Google Glass[es] that are coming out. If you are a frequent reader of this blog site, you KNOW producer/engineer/DJ Young Guru is on it as far as tech goes. So, you might guess that Google Glasses is some cool tech if Young Guru is rocking with them. You’d guess right…

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9th Wonder & Young Guru Debate Kendrick’s “Control” Verse (Video)

Wooo! 9th Wonder said Kendrick Hall-of-Famed’ them in his verse on Big Sean’s joint we posted, “Control.” Later in their discourse, Young Guru declared that the rhyme will make emcees go to their people and ask, ‘Is this tight enough?’ BEFORE putting rhymes out …like they should always be doing anyway! Watch the clip above. Engaging conversation between two of today’s Hip-Hop heavyweights.

When answering the question, ‘How historical is an emcee’s verse?’ …the way to answer is plain and simple: Who does it get talking?

9th Wonder and Young Guru speaking on it… Score for Kendrick Lamar!

‘…came at y’all n!ggas on the sh!t that y’all complaining hasn’t been in the game… This is LYRICS! What he shot at you was LYRICS!’

Young Guru

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Jay-Z – “Dead Presidents 3” (Prod. By Young Guru)


So Jigga got the word that fans wanted that “Dead Presidents 3” (DP3) out… now! Apparently, on this occasion, what the fans want … the fans get. Word got to Jay-Z. He got word to producer Young Guru. And the world got ‘Christmas in July.’





Young Guru and Just Blaze Interview Each Other (Video)

Young Guru and Just Blaze had a sit-down talk on Hardknock TV … technically, an interview but more like a conversation. Interesting. Here’s a tease that’ll make you watch: Blaze reveals that “Girls Girls Girls” was originally intended for Ghostface Killah … NOT Jay-Z! There’s more so check out part 2 of this interview below….

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Era of the Engineer: Young Guru (Video)

Young Guru is staking out his lane as a subject matter expert (more like a technical engineer than a music/sound engineer) in an impressive way. Here is video of Hip-Hop DJ/Producer/Engineer Young Guru on his weekend in San Francisco. Lectures at Pandora headquarters, AES Producer Panels, conversations with the creator of BitTorrentYoung Guru touches many points along the modern music productions and distribution spectrum, keeping in touch with those who continue to shape it. Great vid.

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Young Guru Speaks On Piracy vs. Invention in Hip-Hop (Video)

Young Guru has mixed most of Jay-Z’s albums over the years. He has been Jay-Z’s tour D.J. for years. Safe to say he knows a thing or two about Hip-Hop. Well, the NY Hip-Hop aficionado goes in-depth on the thin line between piracy and invention in the genre.

“When we study hip-hop we are actually studying the history of piracy. If we go back and study all piracy, we see that most things that were created in the world are a remix of something else.”

– Young Guru

Now, don’t let that quote make you defensive Hip-Hop heads. Watch as Young Guru takes us on a journey of modern human history referencing the history of Hip-Hop to show how our ‘remixing’ things in industry over time is good for all overall… we just have to address some tough questions of who owns what, who should should get paid, what we consider ‘piracy’ (versus ‘new creation’) and more. Very interesting.

It has been said that ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ Play the video clip above, and watch more after the jump, to get Young Guru’s application of that in the study of Hip-Hop.

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Behind the Rhymes with Young Guru – Hottest Producers (Video)

Young Guru talks about his favorite producers and drops some names like Just Blaze, Statik Selektah, and DOOM. Check under the hood for Guru talking more about DOOM Read the rest of this entry »

Young Guru Lecture at Red Bull Academy in Madrid, Spain (Video)

Young Guru is another one of the great guest lecturers at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. In this video he talks about the importance of doing what you love and gave away some tricks of the trade.

Young Guru Breaks Down the Role of an Engineer at RBMA Madrid 2011 (Video)

Engineering is all about problem-solving, says Young Guru, and you do whatever it takes to get the job done. See more at REDBULLMUSICACADEMY.COM

Stalley – ‘Lincoln Way Nights (Remix)’ feat. Rick Ross (Video)

YUCK! this joint is kinda filthy, remix from Stalley’s Lincoln Way Nights which is being remastered by Young Guru and then re-released on iTunes November 8th.

It’s In The Name with Young Guru (Video)

In part 1 of our interview with Young Guru we talk Roc Nation. First we talk about the creation of Watch The Throne and the part he played, what he worked on with J. Cole, and if Jay Electronica missed his moment.

Young Guru Visits SAE New York (Video)

SAE Institute New York welcomed engineer, producer and D.J., Gimel “Young Guru” Keaton, into its doors to speak to the next generation of musicians, producers and sound engineers.

Young Guru Speaks On ‘Otis’ Video, Watch The Throne, 9th Wonder & Battling Just Blaze (Video)

Young Guru is in London talking about his early career working with 90’s R&B act NonChalant and Bad Boy Records in his pre- Roc a Fella career. They touch on a number of subjects in this interview.

Young Guru Compares Dilla to Michael Jordan (Video)

Young Guru is one of few people that I check out all the time when he is interviewed. He is always dropping some knowledge, history, and always is humble and positive. Check him talking about Dilla among other topics.

Young Guru Speaks On The Rap Game (Video)

Young Guru Speaks On How International Artists Can Break Into The American Market (Video)

Young Guru’s comments about how International artists can win in the American market are very interesting because he’s exactly right. Have your own style, but make sure you’re good at your craft is what I always say….

Young Guru Talks About The Significance Of Jay Electronica (Video)

I respect alot of the things Young Guru has to say about the inner workings of the music industry. In this particular interview he speaks heavily on the significance of Jay Electronica. Check out this recent interview with him speaking on why Jay Electronica should become one of the greatest eventually.

Young Guru Interview During The SXSW Festival (Video)

Talks about the Roc and even mentions Atlanta’s own Stanza!!!! He talks about the Kanye and Jay-Z projects coming also