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One Vibe Africa Presents: Year Of Return (Trailer)

From the U.S. back to Kenya. Yes indeed.

You KNOW we are about travel abroad (e.g. from The States to overseas destinations). But this one hits home. As in Mother Africa, being home to ALL humanity and civilization. And this… this is epic. Of course, you know plenty of Sisters and Brothers who have declared that ‘one day’ they are going to make that pilgrimage back Home. Making it a big deal; maybe ‘too big’ a deal. But what if that ‘pilgrimage’ was less of a ‘trip’ to take. Like, let’s just say the family, the homies, the homegirls… are going to make it to an awesome event… and take in some of The Motherland while over that way. We could do that, right? We already do it for other festivals.

And like those other festivals, maybe we make it a yearly thing; or trips more often if we find things over there that draw us back.

Moving Madaraka Festival from Seattle back to Kenya signified the importance of not only arranging for individuals to travel back to Africa as it was with the case of Ghana’s year of return initiative, but getting significant events back to Africa and keeping them in Africa as a way to build a sustainable bridge allowing people of all backgrounds to travel to Africa to enjoy a festival of a lifetime, immerse themselves in the African culture, and inspire global change and collaboration towards mitigating climate change, which does not only threaten the climate but is an existential threat to our music, culture, and livelihood.
– One Vibe TV

Dope music and culture do it again. Let’s get together; for the community and the cause. It’s a Vibe. One Vibe Africa! Matter of fact, why not show love and SUPPORT right now: Cop the EP (linked below) #ForTheYouth #ForKisumu #ForKenya #ForOurWorld

Hit the jump for more on that. The fam Mazzi really blessed with the knowledge on this one. Knowledge and blessing right to mobile #Mobilize


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Gifted Gab Performs “No Days Off” in Convenience Store for Swisher Sweets Artist Project (Video)

Three years ago I traveled to Seattle to cover the annual Bumbershoot Music festival. That trip turned out to be as much of a networking and new artist discovery as it was for festival coverage.  I was introduced to a multitude of artists and Gifted Gab is one that I told people about after seeing her perform live.  She has continued to work hard, releasing new music along with performing at shows up and down the west coast.  She even rocked out here in Atlanta for A3C 2016.  Well she has caught the eye of Swisher Sweets who have made her part of their convenience store sessions.  Yes the title explains exactly what it is Gifted Gab performing live inside a convenience store unannounced, unrehearsed, with real customers.  Gab definitely has the personality to pull this off.  So check out this cool footage where the Seattle emcee controls the crowd while they are grabbing a six pack and some swishers!



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Business/Technology: Amazon ‘Just Walk Out’ Shopping (Video)

We stay on the trends that matter to us and, in so doing, we watch history being made. Case in point: Check out the in-store mapping (IndoorAtlas) article we posted on here a few years back. And wait for it…

Told you so! WHAT?!! Not only is Amazon coming out with a store that can track you, you likely desires, and product selection decision (indecision) choices… but you don’t even have to wait in line or do the computerized check-out. You ‘Just Walk Out’ maaaan. Amazon knows who you are, what you finally decide to buy; and charges you for the total when you walk out the store!

And this is not still ‘conceptual’ either. AmazonGo store #1 is coming to Seattle (Washington, USA) early 2017.


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Bumbershoot Festival 2016 Lineup Announced

Festival season is in full swing right now. The Shaky Knees & Shaky Beats festivals have already happened here in Atlanta.  SXSW went down in Austin, Broccoli City in DC and these are just a few of the many nationwide.  Well in the Pacific Northwest the Bumbershoot festival goes down Labor Day weekend September 2-4 in Seattle, Washington.  This is the 46th year of the festival ArtByOdell has flown out to Seattle the last two years to cover this historic festival. Music, Art, Literature, Comedy all happen at Bumbershoot but the music takes center stage.  The lineup was recently announced.  With a lineup that could possibly be one of the most diverse of all festivals.  From Logic, to DeathCab for Cutie, to Anderson.Paak, to Run The Jewels, Billy Idol, to Fetty Wap.  Bryson Tiller, Zhu, Flatbush Zombies to Seattle’s own beloved Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  After all the artists I named that’s not even a quarter of the full lineup of acts.  Once again we will make the trip from Atlanta to Seattle for a fun filled Labor Day weekend!  Passes on sale now if you have never visited Seattle this is a good reason to check it out.  Meet us at the Space Needle and dance to the music being performed.


ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Gifted Gab – “4/20 (Gettin’ Smokay)” feat. Jarv Dee (Video)

Picture a sunny day in Seattle, with your friends, good music and plenty of that medicinal green! Well that describes Gifted Gab’s new video 4/20 Gettin Smokay featuring Jarv Dee.  The first lady of the Moor Gang spits lyrics over this Syko produced beat.  This is definitely a smokers anthem to rock with.  I look forward to getting back out to Seattle and maybe getting some of that green, for medicinal purposes of course LOL.


-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Dave B “Got It From” Prod. By Sango (New Music)

I feel like you should always aspire to go global but nothing wrong with keeping it local at times.  Dave B did just that with his new track Got it From produced by Sango.  Dave B and Sango are making waves all over but they are both proudly representing Seattle so cool to see them working together on this track.  One thing about Dave B he is consistently putting out new music.  He just released his Punch Drunk EP but that has not slowed him down.

If we fall, we gonna fall for a reason, got me on call all weekend

Only here for me when you’re gone, Know I cant really stand to be alone

And it feels so good no matter why why, Baby Girl jump on me like the wi-fi

Said I’m not so bad for a good guy

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Seattle Cultural Ambassador & Radio Show Host “J Moore” Needs Your Help In Fight For His Life

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.46.14 PM
Two years ago I visited the city of Seattle, WA to cover the Bumbershoot music festival.  I knew some friends that moved from Atlanta to Seattle but no Radio/Media people.  I only knew DJ Hyphen from interacting online and listening to Hyphen & J Moore on the Sunday Night Sound Session show. Well not only did I meet these good brothers they invited me on the show and connected me with great people in the Seattle scene.  With J Moore’s help I met DJ DV One and Seattle artists, promoters, and more.  If you know J Moore then you know that he is a stand up man who loves his Family, promotes great Music and always pushes the culture forward.  He is battling some serious health issues at the current time and his family has started a GoFundMe page to assist with medical bills.


As many of you know, Jon underwent a kidney transplant a few years ago that helped save his life, Caitlin was his donor.
Over the last few years he has been taking medication and is being followed closely by his doctors to ensure that his body accepts the new organ.
Over the last few months, Jon’s health has begun deteriorating, and he has suffered a kidney rejection.  This week Jon took a turn for the worst, and he ended up in the ICU wth a lung infection that has also become systemic and was in his blood stream.  He is now hospitalized and recieving several antibiotics, IV fluids, oxygen therapy, and more diagnostic tests to help understand the nature of his illness.

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Seattle Hip Hop Artist “Dave B” Gets ‘Punch Drunk’ In Interview & Performance @ Bumbershoot 2015

Here at we love putting people on to dope artists that you might not be familiar with.  We are happy to say that we have a direct connection with the Seattle Hip Hop scene thanks to good folks like DJ DV One, DJ Hyphen, and J Moore.  One artist out of the Pacific Northwest that we have posted about quite regularly is Dave B. On my recent trip to Seattle for Bumbershoot 2015 I finally got the chance to meet Dave B in person and hear more about his upcoming album Punch Drunk that will feature production from well known Seattle producer Jake One.  Check out some exclusive content I captured while Dave B was being interviewed on Sunday Night Sound Session with J Moore & also concert footage of his Bumbershoot performance.

Click Here for Previous Post: Dave B The Way



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The Reign Supreme B-Boy Battle @ Bumbershoot 2015 In Seattle

Once again I was back in Seattle Labor Day Weekend to cover the Bumbershoot Festival.  If you are not familiar with Bumbershoot it is a 3 day festival focused on Music, Art, Comedy and celebrating the city of Seattle, WA.  This year the festival brought back the BBoy battle competition.  I was able to get exclusive access to the behind the scenes of this competition thanks to my friend DV One who along with DJ Lean Rock provided the sounds for this event.  This was organized by the Reign Supreme collective out in Seattle.  I have footage of dancers from Seattle to Poland to Taiwan in the video clips above and after the jump.  Enjoy and once again you can catch us in Seattle next year covering this great music festival once again!

-ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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Dave B – “The Way” (Prod. By Jake One)

So how does this recipe sound?  Take a veteran Producer who has created bangers for everyone from Freeway to Mayer Hawthorne & then add a young, creative emcee in his own zone.  Well if the producer is Jake One and the emcee Dave B what you get is quality head nod music.  I have been on Dave B for a minute now and I am just waiting for that full project from him and Jake One but until then rock out with this new heat called “The Way.”  Also featured on the track is Shelby Poole who provides some sultry vocals to complete the track.  I keep telling you all Seattle is producing some heat right now pay attention!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Seattle’s “Gifted Gab” Pulls A Lyrical “187” For The Moor Gang (Video)

There is a lot of quality Hip Hop coming out of the Pacific North West these days.  With artists like Dave B, Raz Simone also part of that Seattle wave is the “Moor Gang.  The Moor Gang is a collective of emcees repping Seattle and their first lady is “Gifted Gab.”  She lets loose some fire with her video for the track “187” .  The visuals are nicely done as she & the directors creatively borrow from the 1979 cult classic film “The Warriors.”   This is more of a mini-movie than a video directed by Andrew Imanaka, Devlin Dinish and Gabrielle Kadushin .  I had the pleasure of seeing Gifted Gab perform live last year at Bumbershoot Festival & I can say this sister is on her way so stay tuned!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Sunday Night Sound Session: Legendary Seattle Radio Show Host ‘J. Moore’ Embraces His Dome (Video)

When it comes to Hip Hop there has always been an emphasis on style whether it is clothing, footwear, and also Hair Styles.  The Gumbo cut, the High Top Fade, the Low Cut Ceaser are all trademark hairstyles worn by many artists.  One that has also been around since the beginning and is always in style is the Bald look.  Helping to keep the bald look on point Dome Care Solutions (Seattle Based Company) has partnered up with J Moore of “Sunday Night Sound Session” to make a great video detailing a day in the life of the radio host.  J Moore & DJ Hyphen, hosts of the SNSS show,  are friends to the Beatz & Lyrics Show and showed love to ArtByOdell on his trip to Seattle to cover Bumbershoot for  It’s also great to see a video detailing the highlights of a person grown in Hip Hop where J Moore is playing with his son, at work on his Sunday night radio show, or running his art gallery aptly called “2312 Gallery.” Props to Dome Care & J. Moore for putting a little focus the ‘smoother’ side of style that goes beyond hip hop….

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Jarv Dee – “Water” (Video)

The Seattle Hip Hop scene is one that is on the rise.  Jarv Dee reps for his city as a solo artist also a member of The Moor Gang group.  His new video titled “Water” has gritty visuals to match his rhymes.  Many images of police brutality and protests.  This is timely with all that is going on with the police in this country right now.  So if you think all that people do in Seattle is smoke weed and drink coffee then think again.  Although Starbucks is from Seattle and Weed is legal there too but you get my point!

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Behind The Beat: Jake One On The Making Of 50 Cent’s “The Funeral” (Video)

Seattle producer Jake One aka ‘Snare Jordan’ is a beast with the beatmaking. We’ve posted on him before. Did you know his work was on one of those monster singles from 50’s “Animal Ambition” LP? Well, here’s visuals on his making of the “The Funeral” beat. Daughter with him, at the house, kind of like a take your kid to work day.

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Teaching Old Drug Dogs A New Way To Sniff? Washington ‘Weed Heads’ Beware (Video)

In Washington state, changes in law enforcement procedures – especially allowing for legal marijuana possession and use – has come with unique challenges. Unique for now… I’m sure other states will eventually have to go through challenges like this: How do you get a dog to respond differently when sniffing for weed in Washington – to let “personal use” ride but still alert handlers to “intent to sell” situations? Some of Washington’s law enforcement agencies have an answer: Stop training drug-sniffing dogs to alert for marijuana.

“Moving forward, it makes most sense not to train dogs to alert to marijuana as that would likely lead to unwarranted investigatory detentions of people who are not breaking any law.”

Alison Holcomb, author of Washington’s I-502 Law and Drug Policy Director for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

WHAT??!! Is that a round of applause I hear? Wait. You know I have to posit the downside on stuff like this. But I am not alone this time: My worry is ACLU’s worry. Not all law-enforcement agencies are changing procedures for training or using narcotics dogs, as the possession of marijuana is still illegal under FEDERAL law. That’s one thing, but not the MAIN thing. Holcomb has a concern that

“…narcotics dogs trained to alert for legal marijuana could extend detention and questioning beyond the scope of reasonable suspicion of a crime. This is especially worrisome because marijuana residue and odor are much more likely to be present on the state’s residents than any of the other substances dogs are trained to detect.”

Hate stop and frisk? Try stop, SNIFF, frisk, and DETAIN UNTIL COPS FIND SOMETHING TO ARREST YOU FOR.



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DJ Jazzy Jeff Speaks With More Than His Hands On Seattle’s Sunday Sound Session (Video)

“While in Seattle to judge the Red Bull Thre3style Regional Finals, the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff sat down with DJ Hyphen and J. Moore from KUBE 93.3 FM’s Sunday Night Sound Session on 2/25/13. The trio discussed all things related to DJ’ing, from Jeff’s background to how he became one of the most in-demand DJ’s in the world, including his philosophy on a DJ’s responsibility, the rise of DJ’s in popular music (while it seems to wither within hip-hop), and whether or not “real DJ’s” should take requests. He also told stories about the early days of his work with Will Smith, transitioning from rocking parties in Philly with the Fresh Prince to selling millions of albums and touring worldwide.”KUBE Sound Session
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