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Eye Candy: Amber Rose With A Swing-And-A-Miss Is Still A Hit (Video)

Holy sheeeeeit!! Say what you will, and holler all about my late pass all you want, but I am posting this Amber Rose vid. Them genes in them jeans though… Take me out to the ball game like a motherf**ker (and she is a MILF for real, so I guess that makes me a motherf**ker, too)!



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Amber Rose Speaks On Her Life Journey From Poor Girl From Philly To Being Famous (Video)

People would be on the Internet were like, “You’re famous for no reason!” And I’m like yeah, I don’t f*cking know why. Blame yourselves.
Amber Rose

You know her for the music videos and racy photos, being with Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West, the Slutwalk, and all that. And hate it or love it, Amber’s look… all that (platinum blonde ‘buzzcut’ down to that triple platinum Triple X butt)! And Amber talks about all that with the Drink Champs (N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN).

I know everybody may not be a fan of Rose. Some may even question why the Hip-Hop nation puts so much ‘shine’ on what she has to say (on some ‘your job is to just look sexy’ ish). Buuuut she is a prominent figure (pause, reflect, give thanks) on the Hip-Hop landscape. And buuuut that BUTTTT (even though it is not ‘featured’ above)!

Hahaaaa! Nah, but I do like to hear from the Honeyz and learn a bit about them, too. I do. Gives some insight on them. Watch this talk with Amber Rose. It won’t change your life. Not promising that. But it might just make you more thoughtful of Amber as a person if you thought ‘less’ of her some way.

(I like her voice, too. It’s cute.)


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Comedy: Dax Shepard And Conan O’Brien Are Open To A Wife-Swapping Orgy. What Does Amber Rose Think?

Whoa. Dax Shepard with a lot of pauseworthy moments in this Conan segment. Haha! But you know Conan will get right in there and keep the funny going. But hey, wait, Amber Rose is there. So, if they want this convo to get next level freaky, all they have to do is ask.

And they do.


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N.O.R.E. – “Outta My Mind” feat. PnB Rock (Prod. By SPKilla x Nel E Nel)

That hardbody real n!gga talk – man to woman – I can’t get you “Outta My Mind.” That’s what the SuperThug himself is trying to tell her. Wait, Amber Rose is on this? Is that her on the cover? Matters not…but if so, you can certainly understand the title. Yep, ANOTHER track from N.O.R.E. with that “Drunk Uncle” LP on the way.

(N.O.R.E. is just gonna keep coming back with it… consistently persistent, like a real relative on that sauce right? Hahaaaaa!)


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Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Discuss Going Natural With Their Baby (Video)

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are having a baby. You knew that. But did you know how? Natural child birth…at home…in the pool…NO DRUGS! Of all the times to go ‘drug-free’. But…Try as I might, I can find nothing to hate on these two about. Terrance J is right, and I agree. I love these guys love. So, here’s to hoping for a healthy, sure-to-be-artistic-and-eclectic baby for the happy couple.

(You know… all this would make for compelling reality TV. But they wouldn’t do that…would they? Heh heh, just watch the clip above.)


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Amber Rose Covers KING Magazine (Video)

Amber Rose is the cover feature on the latest issue of KING Magazine. We left a few pictures under the hood & you can check out the full interview at KING.

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Amber Rose KING Magazine Cover (Preview)

She’s cute in the face. She’s from Philly (My hometown). But Amber Rose just doesn’t do it for me personally. Maybe I’m just tired of her in every magazine or website rocking the very short haircut. Or maybe she should switch up her style every now & then. Maybe its’ just me….. (Shoulder Shrug)