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Sports: Magic Johnson Explains Why He Left The Los Angeles Lakers (Video)

Soooo, Lebron and Lonzo had their say on here. Now let’s hear from the man (and about the departure) they were talking about, shall we?

Magic Johnson explains that he wanted to fire Luke Walton, but Los Angeles Lakers executive Tim Harris wanted to retain him and identifies Lakers GM Rob Pelinka as the “backstabber.”


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Conan Plays ‘Horse’ With Magic Johnson (Video)

Soooo, Conan would be a ‘problem’ in the NBA! Magic said so… you heard it… sort of… Bwaaaahahaa!

Conan O’Brien and NBA legend Magic Johnson work up an appetite playing a very competitive game of Horse.
– Team Coco


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Sports: NBA Legend Earvin Johnson Shows He Still Has The ‘Magic’ Touch (Video)

Hahaaaa! Look at that! Knocking down them j’s in ya faaaace! Lakers great Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson still clutch with the mid-range jumper though. Nice!

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Lakers Vs. Celtics (ESPN 30-For-30 Trailer)

We had no respect for ’em… none… zero!

“Lakers Vs. Celtics.” Bird vs. Johnson. Respect earned, but NO LOVE LOST! NOWWWW we go to school… Old school!!

Back in the day, in the ’80s, there were no damned exclusive ‘banana boat’ excursions or summer b-ball buddy camps with NBA rivals getting together. F**k no! There was PRIDE. There was WINNING. There was HATE – for the other team, and worse, for losing to them!

Purely rhetorical: How do you feel about today’s basketball? Are the rivalries fiery? Is it easy to get out of bed the next morning when your team loses? Do you think it really hurts your team’s players to their hearts when they lose?

Yeah. Bet money today’s game is nowhere near as raw as it was back then. And this ESPN 30-For-30 will show you real rivalry was lived by two of the NBA’s elite franchises.

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Magic Johnson Explains Why You Should Never Talk Trash To Michael Jordan (Video)

Magic Johnson tells Jimmy Kimmel about the one time he chose to trash talk, playing against Michael Jordan, and how the great ‘other’ MJ made him and those on his team PAY!

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Magic Johnson Discusses The L.A. Lakers Woes On ‘Jay Leno’ (Video)

Ervin “Magic” Johnson on the couch of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Magic is not ready for Jay to go (Jay’s final episode airs next week). And that just makes him a bit ‘sad’… but the Lakers’ lackluster team performance this season has Magic upset! Of course, he is taking it all in stride. Watch part 1 above and part 2 after the jump as Magic also discusses attending First Lady Michelle Obama’s birthday party and Dennis Rodman’s North Korea visit.

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