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Family Feud: Can Charles Barkley & Shaquille O’Neal Make One More ‘Fast Break’ For Some ‘Fast Money’? (Video)

I’ve often seen posts go viral with Sir Charles and Shaq Diesel taking shots at each other. They’re really on the same team. Watch how much so (above), as they have fun going for some ‘Fast Money’ for charity on the Family Feud.

(You can tell when bros get rich… listen to BOTH their “Fortune ___” answers. Ha!)


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Comedy: Live From New York… It’s ‘The Grabbies’ (Video)

Bwaaaaahahaaa! So they finally got an award for all the real weenies winners out there; the ones with a firm grip on the Hollywood scene… only it seems the dudes are not as happy as one might think to be ‘recognized’ for what they’ve done in Tinsel Town. Go figure. And don’t worry, “The Grabbies” is an equal opportunity award event. Got women getting props “peeping peepees and squeezing sausages,” too.

But hold up: Is that Charles Barkley in there? Guy looks just like him. Turribul. Just turribul (as in terribly funny)!

Grabbie nominees Tom Sturgeson (Alex Moffat), Lenny Martin (Pete Davidson), Ronald Kellogg (Kenan Thompson), Tim Franklin (Charles Barkley) and Catherine LeBourge (Aidy Bryant) are interviewed on the red carpet.
– Saturday Night Live

SNL scored with this skit. Shots at ABC and the ‘Film City’… feel the burn!

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Shaq And Charles ‘Beef’ Over Chicken Wings On Set (Video)

Alright, by now we know Charles Barkley is a Hall Of Famer… at chicken wings AND at chastizing co-color commentator Shaquille O’Neal. Oh, and at basketball. Haaa! Barkley has NO chill going at The Diesel! But Shaq pulls NO punches either in this [sort of uncomfortable] on-set ‘disagreement.’

This Inside The NBA segment goes off the rails when Shaq and Charles Barkley threaten to punch and throw chicken wings at each other while trading barbs.

Okay, okay. They both pull ‘punches’ (meaning nobody got punched). But it got tense. Watch.

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Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley Discuss Their Ferguson Disagreements on Inside The NBA (Video)

Easy to say; but hard to do. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Be able to say it face-to-face. Explain yourself when merited. Agree or disagree on what is being said above by Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley (and Shaquille O’neal) , this is some honest talk…

(Yeah. Honest talk. If ya say “real talk” I probably can’t trust ya…)

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Shaq & Barkley Cookie Challenge (Video)

Former pro ballers DO play with their food… but they play to WIN! Hilarious clip above of Shaq going all out trying to get that cookie in his mouth #CookieChallenge

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Shaquille O’Neal And Charles Barkley Audition For ‘True Detective’ (Video)

Here’s a good idea… or good idea for a laugh. “True Detective” casting reboot for Season 3 with Shaq and Sir Charles playing co-leads. What do you think?

Since “True Detective” Season 2 have already cast their new pairing, we decided to get ahead of the game for Season 3. We auditioned the legendary duo of Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. Watch to see their auditions and the trailer of “True Detective” Season 3.

Bleacher Report

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Sports/Opinion: Charles Barkley Speaks On The Use Of The N-Word (Video)

Interesting. I agree with Charles Barkley (above) & I agree with Michael Wilbon (after the jump). What came up around recent discussion/debate regarding the NFL’s Richie Incognito’s alleged bullying of Miami Dolphin Jonathan Martin has jumped the fence… from the National Football League to commentary from one of the greats of the National Basketball Association… to [once again] a national conversation. Ernie had Shaq chiming in near the end of the clip, too. Watch.

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NBA Great Charles Barkley Appears on ‘The Price Is Right’ (Video)

I can’t stop laughing! Charles Barkley… Come On Down! You’re the next contestant on ‘The Price Is Right!’ Relax, relax. Big Slim Chuckie (aka Sir Charles) is doing alright. He just went on the show to win some money for a lucky fan in the audience… and have some fun!

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Charles Barkley Speaks On The Time When He Tried To Recruit Dirk Nowitzki To Auburn (Video)

Whenever Charles Barkley tells a story you can rest assured it’s gonna be something hilarious! In the video above Charles Barkley speaks on the time an 18-year old Dirk Nowitzki was shutting down Scottie Pippen & how he became so impressed with Dirk’s skills he tried to recruit him to him to attend his alma mater Auburn University.

Charles Barkley Speaks on Weight Watchers & The Atlanta Hawks (Video)

During a commercial break Charles Barkley was speaking on his endorsement deal with Weight Watchers & called it one of the biggest scams ever. I think I understood where Charles was coming from because he was simply alluding to how it easy it was to get paid for something you don’t mind doing just like him working as an NBA sports analyst. In other words, it’s easy money. I’m sure the media will run wild with his comments that weren’t meant to be on air in the first place. The second eye opening comment from Charles Barkley I also agree with. I attended the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat game at Philips arena with my nephew last night & I even said on twitter that the Hawks as a franchise just doesn’t have enough “Attitude” as a franchise to win. The Hawks should have won this game easily with Lebron James & D-Wade out, but they just played too nice & uninspired. The Hawks eventually lost to the Heat 116-109 in Triple Overtime.
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Charles Barkley Stands Up For The Seattle Supersonics’ NBA History (Video)

It’s a pet peeve of mine whenever sports reporters use stats from teams that don’t exist anymore following a name change & relocation to an entirely different city. The Tennessee Titans are no longer the Houston Oilers. The Miami Seahawks are NOT the Seattle Seahawks nor the Indianapolis Colts. Most importantly the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder franchise are NOT the Seattle Supersonics. You get what I’m saying here? It annoys the hell out me when sports analysts don’t fully realize that when a franchise changes their name AND city it becomes an entirely new franchise. You have to keep it in that proper perspective & report it accurately. Charles Barkley isn’t the only one that feels that way & I have to agree with him.

Charles Barkley – ‘I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It) (Video)

Sounds like Sir Charles is about to do a collaboration with that Antoine Dodson cat……This joint was produced by Cool & Dre obviously having a little fun with Barkleys sound clips. Now they got Charles on a video to it.

Tracy Morgan Believes Sarah Palin Can Get It (Video)

Tracy Morgan is a damn Fooo!!!! Hahahaa! Tracy Morgan doesn’t mince words while talking to Charles Barkley & crew on TNT about Sarah Palin.