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Dave Chappelle Speaks On Ethics And The Relevance Of What He Did NOT Do (Video)

What was that? You wish there was more Dave Chappelle content posted on here? Well, what a coincidence 😉

In a rare interview, comedian Dave Chappelle tells “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King about why he is connecting with a part of his family history at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina. His great-grandfather, Bishop William David Chappelle, was a former President at the University.
– CBS This Morning


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Sorry, Sir, You Don’t Look Like Someone We’d Serve At This Restaurant…Oh You Have A Ferrari?? (Video)

Boom! Josh Paler Lin got ’em stuck off the… FAKENESS! And if you are brave enough to put yourself in the position of some of the folks on video here, you might feel convicted. Maybe we can all learn how to apply the lesson of this video somehow.

Lin is right. We should all be treated equally in this society; especially when stepping to a restaurant business that should be into making money more than making snap judgments. Dude was denied service because of his homeless look, but when he came back Ferrari fresh and Cosmo dressed the restaurant staff members were all but begging for him to eat there.

And when a restaurant showed itself to be that thirsty – after being so dismissive and judgmental to him before – all of a sudden, he wasn’t that hungry.

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