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Wait… GaryVee’s Is Calling It Quits For “DailyVee”… For Real? (Video)

Okay, so not necessarily the ‘end’… just the end of promising a ‘Daily’ vlog… It’s gonna be #WeeklyVee for 2020. But before that, Gary wrapped the daily series with an epic four-hour episode!

For the final episode of DailyVee, Gary goes back to his roots at Wine Library for a meet and greet and answers an insane amount of questions… 105 to be exact! Gary felt that going back to the stomping grounds where his career as a professional entrepreneur began is a poetic and perfect way to close this incredible chapter of his journey. We couldn’t fit all 105 questions here so we made a separate blog post where you can see the full list of the timestamped questions. Be sure to check it out the link and find the questions that interest you most! Thank you all for the amazing support with the DailyVee and can’t wait to continue on to the next chapter with all everyone ❤️… Enjoy!

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Advice: Gary Vaynerchuk Says If Your Social Media Is Not Popping… It Is YOUR Fault (Video)

Shout to #ThisChrisEdits over on YouTube. I’ve been looking for this, at least clips of GaryVee at A3C last month. But check it out: Above, you can see the whole talk!

Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk knows his stuff about following attention. When he came to the A3C conference in Atlanta, he spoke about CONTENT, CONTEXT, and HUMILITY.

Now living in the era where content is KING , and context is QUEEN, Gary Vaynerchuk knows where the under-priced attention is of the people that you could potentially sell to in the future.

He’s been proven to be right over the past decade, so why not execute?

Listen closely, for he has some great information that he doesn’t mind giving away for free. All that we have to do is EXECUTE!!

Music in the intro was made by myself, and I was also the editor and videographer of this video.

ThisChrisEdits In Atlanta

Note to self: Get my LinkedIn and TikTok game up… STRONG… NOW! SO much WISDOM in this clip!


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Chainz & Gary Vee Talk About What It Takes To Make It While They Take Shots At A Crate (Video)

When you’re fed, it’s hard to be hungry.

Yes yes! #CrateTalk is real talk with 2 Chainz and Gary Vee, two of the preeminent hustlers of time. The construct for their convo on business hustle is the court, where athletes hustle. Appropriate.

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Gary Vaynerchuk & Jim Jones Come To The Table With Some Boss Talk (Video)

I know when you start this video and see Capo talking to Gary it will seem like there is a disconnect. But hang in there. Separately, we’d listen to either of these guys, right? Trust that the energy will change for the better, for the real, quickly!

(Of course, Gary does most of the talking… with a few folks, including Jones, jumping in with questions and comments.)

If you asked me whether I’m more scared for kids growing up in the projects or trust fund babes?

I’d say trust fund babies. Hands down.

Kids growing up with struggle know how to grind and deal with adversity.

But when you’ve had everything handed to you your whole life, you get soft … and it’s harder to deal with things like economic meltdowns or the problems that come with entrepreneurship.

Wish more people understood that the biggest privilege you could have is mental privilege … people with money don’t always have it made!!



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Charlamagne Tha God Speaks On Mental Health, Anxiety In Business & Relationships (Video)

Very conversational. Grounds for real talk, and a lot of ground gets covered as Gary Vee and C Tha God get to the real tea. Whether or not you follow them, they have a lot of things in life to juggle. How do they do it without going crazy (really)? Watch and see how they deal.



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Advice: GaryVee Speaks On ‘Real Wealth’ (Video)

Win for yourself, and help others win, too. Be a badazz biz person AND help others along the way. Gary Vaynerchuk declares that we can be and do both; that, in fact, the world would be a better place if we moved in that manner… for us and everyone!

Every day I remind myself that I am incredibly lucky to be a healthy human being. Once you have your gratitude and perspective, there really are very few things that can damage your mindset and the overall wealth of your life.


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Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks On Happiness (Video)

Of course Gary Vee is gonna talk about way more than ‘happiness’ in this vlog ep, but you can tell that dude is happy on the grind. Flossing a bit about having the office in London, as he should. Happy about that and other things…

Becoming happy is, in my opinion, a factor of whether or not you are valuing someone else’s opinion more than your own…

Super happy that I got to spend some time at the new VaynerMedia office in London over the past few days. Even though I didn’t get the chance to share a ton of the content with you guys, I think you’ll enjoy this episode 😉


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Gary Vaynerchuk Talks To John Legend About Making Big Songs, Staying Humble And More (Video)

Gary Vaynerchuk, the serial entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of VaynerMedia, talks to the world-renown “All Of Me” singer (and lucky hubby to the HOTTIE Chrissy Teigen – see how HOT here). They speak on the paradigm shift in the music industry – from physical to digital, from middlemen-driven to artist-driven – John’s career-before-music job at Boston Consulting Group. In fact, they mention that they taped this interview in the building where BCG is currently headquartered!

Hear the story John about how John left the corporate world; choosing crooning over consulting. That feels RISKY, but freeing right?

(Had to break those ‘gold handcuffs’… Wow, that’s a powerful term!)

So much other good stuff in this episode of #AskGaryVee too. Watch!


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Gary Vaynerchuk Talks Entrepreneurship, His Passion For Start-Ups And More (Video)

The man Gary Vee! On with The Breakfast Club… Kinda threw Bernie under the bus at the beginning, but we don’t have to agree on everything. You know, because America.

Wise words well spoken by Charlemagne’s favorite ‘corporate thug motivator’ on the effect of the recent election on entrepreneurship, the lonely life of entrepreneurs, realistic ideas to make money, his dream to buy the NY Jets, his admiration of rappers’ grind and more.


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