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Joe Biden And Colin Powell Race Their Cars. Who You Got? (Video)

Well, would you look at that! Joe Biden and Colin Powell have found a way to settle things… on the road with the engine wide open! Who knew General Powell was such a speed demon; that Vice President Biden was such a classic car buff. Jay Leno gets props for pulling this together and pulling it off. Okay, I mean Jay AND the U.S. Secret Service.

(Their track, their rules right? NOT! Gun it, Mr. Vice President. Pedal to the metal!)


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Comedian Louis CK Puts White Privilege In Perspective (Video)


This is dope. Okay, if you are not already, get into the comedy of Louis CK. He goes HARD with his brand of social commentary; not so serious that you will not get in a gut-busting chuckle, but you definitely get the point. And he does not just save it for the stage. Here he is giving it to Jay Leno and his audience a while back. White privilege is real; too real.

And anyone who says America’s history of slavery is way in the country’s rearview, f#ck you! See? Too strong, Gotta mix that sh!t in with some comedy, like Louis does. Watch.

(Shout out to Shaun King for the Twitter chatter that matters.)

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Magic Johnson Discusses The L.A. Lakers Woes On ‘Jay Leno’ (Video)

Ervin “Magic” Johnson on the couch of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Magic is not ready for Jay to go (Jay’s final episode airs next week). And that just makes him a bit ‘sad’… but the Lakers’ lackluster team performance this season has Magic upset! Of course, he is taking it all in stride. Watch part 1 above and part 2 after the jump as Magic also discusses attending First Lady Michelle Obama’s birthday party and Dennis Rodman’s North Korea visit.

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Jay Leno’s Gran Turismo 6 Driving Experience (Video)

Straight out of Jay Leno’s garage… The Gran Turismo driving experience. Chances are, most of us have not had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the souped up classic whip’s that Leno pushes. So, GT 6 could model any car driving experience and tell us how “real” the game feels. But convincing Jay of how real a virtual rendition of his car’s control feels… Now, that’s something. Watch.

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Phil Jackson Makes Controversial Comparisons On The Skills Of Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant (Video)

Legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson has coached 2 of the greatest NBA players to have ever played the game. For years he’s dodged the primary question most sports fans & reporters have desperately wanted him to answer. Now that he’s making the media rounds promoting his new book, Phil Jackson is finally speaking out. Phil Jackson compares Air Jordan to the Black Mamba in the above video of his interview with Jay Leno. Jay referenced Jackson’s book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success (due out May 21, 2013; available for pre-order at Amazon) in guiding their talk in this direction. In it, and in the above clip, Coach Jackson declares that both Jordan and Bryant are world class competitors; matched up in several aspects, but there are key differences, according to one of the few men in the world who can really say so. Coach ‘Zen Master’ also talks about how he set up a meeting between the two and his near-return to the Los Angeles Lakers’ bench. Kobe recently took to twitter & didn’t exactly seem too pleased with his former coach’s comparisons.  I’d have to agree with Phil though….

More video after the jump below…..

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Cee Lo Green On Jay Leno (Video)

Denzel Washington Speaks ‘Safe House’ with Jay Leno (Video)

Denzel Washington makes the promo rounds stopping by Jay Leno’s late night digs to speak on all his children now being involved with film in some capacity, tells a few behind the scenes red carpet stories, & speaks on his new movie ‘Safe House’ that was filmed in South Africa & is in theaters now. Denzel says a book he read gave him some insight into playing his character in the movie & mentions that 1 in 25 people are considered to be sociopaths. Denzel also goes on to tell an interesting story about Nelson Mandela & Sylvester Stallone as well….
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Janet Jackson Appears on Jay Leno (Video)

Janet Jackson stopped by Jay Leno to promote her new book & she’s shed a few pounds. I know plenty of brothas may not like that, but she still looks good to me either way.  But it’s “Alriiiight With Meeeee”. Props to Yardie!

Jamie Foxx Talks About President Barack Obama, His New Animated Film ‘Rio’, & More On ‘Late Night With Jay Leno’ (Video)

Jamie Foxx’s interviews are always hilarious to me! I’m still laughing! Recently he stopped by Jay Leno’s show to talk about performing for President Obama, Dancing With The Stars, his new animated film ‘RIO’, & other stuff that only Jamie Foxx can make seem funny as hell. After the first break Jay Leno’s band played the Village People’s ‘YMCA’ so I’m wondering if they were trying to hint that Jamie Foxx is suspect! Haahaa!