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Performance: KRS-ONE Live In Concert (3/12/2020) [Video]


It’s The Teacha himself coming to bless the mic and stage. But lets start with some turntable masters – Teacha’s assistants, let’s say – the legendary DJ Scratch and the Legendary Kiiiiid Capri! Enjoy this hour-strong liveness!

KRS-ONE shows this New York crowd why he is Number ONE, two, three, four AND five!


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KRS-ONE Hits The Studio For His Weekend Project (Day 4) [Video]

Mannn, this jawn here… FIRE… Check that: It’s a “Miracle” fam! If you have not checked out that “Street Light” that The Teacha just put out yet, do that ASAP! This clip ought to be enough to convince you.



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KRS-ONE – “Street Light” (First Edition) [2019] (Album)

No one is unteachable!
No one is unreachable!

At the drop of a hat… rather, at the drop of a beat… KRS got lyrical HEAT for all y’all. Case in point: THIS! The Teacha done gone and let out a 12-track project. Stream it AND download it for the FREE.99 (yes, really). HURRY UP!



KRS-ONE Hits The Studio For His Weekend Project (Day 2) [Video]

If we would just unite, and stop doing ourselves, we could make ourselves a nation, and prison can go to hell!

I don’t have the answers, Sway. But if anyone does, I am betting it’s KRS-ONE. So many gems being dropped in this weekend session video. And he is right: We gotta stop with the “that ain’t real Hip-Hop” complaining… and go FIND those folks out here who are reppin’ the real! Let’s get together and get it together y’all.

(And yes. There is a ‘Day 1’ video, too… got that for you after the jump.)


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Cannon’s Class With KRS-ONE (Full Episode) [Video]

Posted a good clip from this a few months back… because that is all that was available. But now Nick Cannon’s folks have made the entire sit-down with KRS-ONE available. Hear it all from The Teacha!

In this session of Cannon’s Class, KRS-ONE and I discuss his new book “Black Oustory,” what makes a Black Leader and more.
Nick Cannon


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KRS ONE And Nick Cannon Speak On Where The Next Generation’s Black Leadership Will Come From (Video)

Generation Z? Is that what we’re calling the youngest among us now? Who decides? And who will they look to as leaders? Well, Nick talks to The Teacha KRS; one of our leaders in the Hip-Hop Nation and for Generation X (my age group) who has a very interesting answer.

In this session of #CannonsClass, KRS ONE and Nick Cannon discuss who is the Generation Z Black leader? Is there a true leader for the next Generation? What makes a good leader?


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That Time Roxanne Shante Ran Up On KRS-ONE Over ‘The Bridge Is Over’ Diss (Video)

Really? BDP wanted to be in the Juice Crew? Hmmm. Kinda got me *sideeye* over here hearing that…

But, Roxanne Shante has the mic. So we gotta respect it. ‘The Bridge Is Over’ …but the talk about the legendary beef, by the legend that got dissed… that wasn’t over… by a long shot! Got squashed though.

Roxanne Shante spoke openly with VladTV about the beef that started between The Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions, which spawned the classic diss track, “The Bridge is Over.” Shante went on to explain how she even stepped to KRS One a few weeks after the track was released when she ran into him at the bank. Watch the interview footage above.
DJ Vlad


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KRS-ONE – “The World Is MIND” (Album Stream)

Who knew that The Kris was dropping an LP? Well, now you do!

KRS-ONE the lyrical legend drops his new 2017 album “The World Is MIND.” KRS-ONE brings that Boom Bap back, with tracks like; “Raw BEAT” and the graffiti tribute “Out for Fame.” In addition KRS-ONE celebrates the South African clique language on “Keep It Clicking” and shares ancient wisdom on the title track “The World Is MIND.” This is another banger from the Hip-Hop legend.


Thirty Years Later: DJ Red Alert Gives Us The Real Story Behind “The Bridge is Over” (Video)

Nowadays we get beef in the form of Remy Ma getting at Nicki Minaj. But heads know… The Bronx and Queens has ben going at it over the decades. Let’s listen and watch at DJ Red Alert, who was there for it all, tell us about some foundational Hip-Hop battle history: The Bridge Wars of the late 1980s, KRS-ONE and Boogie Down Productions vs. on Marley Marl and the Juice Crew.

(As an important aside, pay attention to what Red says about a DJ’s duty to our music and culture. Great stuff! “The Bridge Is Over”… but Hip-Hop don’t stop… can’t stop!)

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KRS-ONE Live In Concert (Video)

Turn the music UP! KRS-ONE aka The Teacha is coming through live and direct!!! Real Hip-Hop is over here. Two and a half of it in fact. What have we done for you lately? This! Peep.

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Ras Kass – “Bardom” feat. KRS-ONE

Ras Kass and KRS-ONE. They got one with this one. Hip-Hop heads, lean forward and prepare to nod. Even the title though… you certainly don’t think boredom with either of these emcees. You think BARS! Rhymes at the highest level… setting the bar for rap time and again. On the block. In the booth. Moving the Hip-Hop nation. Bar domination. All that – “Bardom!” Damn a Grammy! Heralding the release of Ras’ “Intellectual Property: SOI2,” this is “Bardom.” An incredible follow-up to “PayPal The Feature” (also on the LP, posted here.)



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Samuel L. Jackson x KRS-One x Sticky Fingaz x Mad Lion x Talib Kweli x Brother J – “I Can’t Breathe”

All lives will never matter until Black Lives Matter.
Talib Kweli

‘Calling out the violence of the racist police,’ is what Samuel L. Jackson is singing and what Sticky Fingaz, Talib Kweli, Mad Lion, Brother J and KRS-ONE saying with the rhymes in “I Can’t Breathe.” Mad Lion brought the beat. And check out KRS with the shutdown verse. Revolution!


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Masta Ace Speaks On The Current MC Shan Vs. KRS-ONE Beef (Video)

Wow. Check out Masta Ace’s adamant stance on the rehashing of decades-old beef between MC Shan and KRS-ONE. It may surprise you; perhaps not what he says, but how and why he feels that way.

Let it go.


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KRS-ONE – “The Phife Tribute” (Prod. By DJ Static)


Incredible idea (and music) from the Blastmaster KRS. He showed his skills and love by putting this track up as part-tribute, part-fundraiser for the Phifer. Peep the message from The Teacha:

Calling all emcees! To spit a 16 bar! In honor of Phife Dawg! All donations will go directly to Phife Dawg’s family. Donate whatever you can! Minimum price is $5 dollars. So you can donate as much as you want to Phife’s family. And if you are a real MC then lay down your 16 BARS! In honor of Phife Dawg, hashtag #ThePhifeTribute to spread the word!

Rest In Peace, Phife!


Swizz Beatz x KRS-ONE – “Jason” (Hoodie & Mask Remix)

Previously unreleased heat…But hearing it, how could this not come out?? DOPE! KRS-ONE went slap off on the Hoodie & Mask Remix to the “Jason” track Swizz originally did for Jadakiss.


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Macklemore x Lewis – “Buckshot” feat. DJ Premier x KRS-One


Stop the presses on every “they ain’t real” story you want to put out on Ben Haggerty (pka Macklemore) & Ryan Lewis. At least for now. Why? This “Buckshot” team up with DJ Premier and KRS-ONE. This has got to be the most awesome olive branch held out to Hip-Hop heads in quite some time. How real is this? Let Preemo speak on it…

Macklemore’s manager reached out to my manager (Ian) and told him that they wanted me to hook up a scratch sequence to tie in the lyrics that Ben wrote. Ryan did the track and we got on the phone to discuss the theme about their younger days running the streets and tagging graffiti. I draw as well so it made total sense! After I sent my parts back, they asked if I knew how to get in touch with Kris (KRS-ONE). I reached out to Kris’ wife and since he is a dope graffiti artist as well, he was the perfect choice and he laced the verse overnight. The whole combination made it a complete jam for the history books.
DJ Premier

In a word…boom! Take a listen above. You can pre-orderThis Unruly Mess I’ve Made” (due out February 26, 2016) below.


KRS-ONE – Black History Month: Lessons 1 & ​2 (Lecture Audio)


Black History Month: Lessons 1 and 2 is an eye-opening lecture of Black historical teachings by KRS-ONE. Narrated by Kris himself, this is a critique of Black History Month itself, re-frames the historical narrative of Black people in America properly, speaks of Black consciousness, cites and honors Black revolutionaries (past & present), and covers modern-day Black intellectuals. Mainly, Black History Month: Lessons 1 and 2 is meant to do away with misinformation regarding the African American ancestral narrative. Who better to do this with sharp intellectual analysis, retrievable facts, cited literature and poignant commentary than KRS-ONE? Nobody!

And what price is better than FREE? But, yeah, about that. Maybe… consider PAYING something for it; chipping in whatever you feel is doable financially. Because THIS is worthy work by a man who has been The Teacha to us all (Hip-Hop Nation, Black people AND Humanity) for so long. He did not have to do this. But once you click play you will be so glad he did!


KRS-ONE – “Now Hear This” (Album) [Video]

“Everywhere I go, from big festival stages to intimate clubs and bars, people want that boom-bap. But still, even though the streets are crying-out for more depth and authenticity in Hip-Hop, very few rappers today are willing to actually deliver.”

The Teacha – may as well be The Principal –  laying down principles, history and more for real Hip-Hop. Always! KRS-ONE dropped the new topics in his “Now Hear This” album out now. Created while KRS-ONE was touring the U.S., U.K. and Europe, check out the DOPE video above. We linked for the copping whenever you get ready to receive that blessing.


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KRS-ONE – “Drugs Won” (Prod. By PredatorPr!me)

The drug game is global, paying off 20 to 1.

Smack! Upside your dome once again, here is KRS with hard-hitting rhymes on the failed war on drugs, illogical vilifying of marijuana, and such. This is “Drugs Won” (produced by PredatorPr!me).

The Official single! Off the new, KRS-One 2015 album. Now Hear This! Coming out, November 24th. Hashtag #nowhearthis to spread the word! Full album will be up on my bandcamp page to buy!

Oh wait… This is FREE! Yeah man, get the download via the link that follows.


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Tragedy – “Modern Day Gangsta” feat. KRS-ONE x A.G. (Prod. By Stricknine)

“Modern Day Gangsta” is a wake up call to the passive, who just ride along with the current power structure and status quo. Not just a nudge though, more like a shot fired to start another volley in the revolution. First trigger is pulled by the leader of this lyrical skirmish, the Q-Borough’s Tragedy Khadafi. Then the Boogie Down great, KRS-ONE “The Teacha” gives us some edutaining commentary on “Gangsta” politicians. Then comes A.G. of DITC Crew talks about police murder, the hostility and reality. The trio is putting the message into your ears, to get into your mind and body; to reenergize the soul of the movement. It’s a powerful elixir laced with (and by) Stricknine.


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