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Comedy: Adrien Broner Says He Beat Manny Pacquiao?! Comedian Shuler King Gives His Post-Fight Commentary (Video)


Many have tried to say it, and maybe you were one of them, but Shuler [sarcastically] sums up the WTF sentiments of the masses who watched Broner’s “win” over Manny Pacquiao last weekend.


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Stephen A. Smith Speaking His Mind About Mayweather, The Power Of The Black Vote And More (Video)

Just saying, Stephen A. makes a good hedge mid-beginning of this clip: ‘In terms of anticipation‘ this will be the fight of a [quarter] century. Hope it lives up to that this weekend. Check out the often controversial, always outspoken Smith in this interview.

Never shy to speak his mind, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith joined Renada for an in depth discussion on the upcoming Mayweather/Pacquiao fight & reveals the real reason Mayweather is hated. He also explains why he wishes every Black American would vote Republican for one election; touches on NBA playoffs, Black athletes & more! A must watch!

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather Talks About His Tough Youth, ‘Toys,’ Manny Pacquiao And More With Stephen A. Smith (More)

“I have to…because he’s not just any other fighter.” – Floyd Mayweather

Stephen A. Smith was able to pull some good insights from Floyd Mayweather in this ESPN ‘All Access’ episode. For one, Mayweather was NOT ducking the upcoming ‘fight of the century’ AND an important two, he is preparing for his bout with Manny Pacquiao harder than he has for anyone in quite some time. Chopping wood, going old school with training techniques and intensity like a ‘Rocky’ movie. Despite the expected bravado, Floyd is SERIOUS about this upcoming fight (this Saturday, May 2nd)!

Now, okay. Fair warning: Co-host Skip Bayless is going to throw shade at Floyd (ex: “Now I KNOW he’s going to lose”). Look past that though, he touches on concerns expressed by insiders and onlookers worldwide: Mayweather’s ‘bluster’ compensating for a real ‘fear’ of Pacquiao, being embarrassed into finally making the fight, otherwise risking a lackluster legacy (were he to retire never fighting an obvious contender for his titles), and advanced age (38 years old) as a boxer, among other things.

WATCH! Great episode. Good point brought up by guest Michael Rappaport later in this culled-together clip, too. Everyone should hope for a good fight with a clear winner; and that there will be no shenanigans (interruptions by parachuters, bad decisions by the judges, etc.).

Of course, we also get a look at the house, the million-dollar car collection… you know the ‘toys’ (fun, but SERIOUS blingage)!

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Mayweather Challenges Pacquiao for Cinco De Mayo 2015 (Video)

Looks like the Fight everyone has wanted might happen.  Mayweather has challenged Pacquiao to make the fight happen May 2nd 2015. Well since the last time they tried to make this fight happen Pac-Man has lost two fights so some of the luster is gone.  Regardless this would be a blockbuster draw for Pay Per View.  Check out what our friends over at BeatsBoxingMayhem have to say about it!

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Jadakiss on ESPN First Take (Video)

Jadakiss. Money Team affiliate and loyalist. Willing to trade jabs in a debate with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take: On Floyd Mayweather’s recent fight with Marcos Maidana, how he’d do against Manny Pacquiao

Starts slow and subdued, but Bayless really knows how to push buttons and get the debaters amped. Watch!

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Sports Analyst Bomani Jones Speaks on How Boxing Brings Out Beastly Instincts In Every Race (Video)

“These things matter so much that, when it came time to root against the Germans, America jumped behind Joe Louis’ Black ass!”

HAHAHAAAAA! It’s funny. People think I make everything about race, but I’ve had NO ONE tell me I was wrong on this one. Dude speaking TRUTH above. Things can get involved, violent even… race vs. race… culture vs. culture… around boxing events. And like he said, don’t get involved in the ‘fight after the fight’ … Your opponent will likely be fighting for the PRIDE OF A NATION! Funny and true. Admit it.

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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao Fight May Only Happen ‘By The Numbers’ (Video)

Manny Pacquiao lost a split decision fight last night to undefeated fighter Timothy Bradley who advances to a 29-0 record with 12 Knockouts. Although I won a wager with several friends last night when I picked the 5-1 odds underdog to beat Pacman, I was surprised just like anyone else when it was announced that Bradley won the fight by a split decision.  Although I felt Bradley held his own, it was pretty evident that Pacman was in control of things.  The fight that everyone REALLY wants to see is the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight, but it’s likely to never happen after this point. For those that aren’t aware promoter Bob Arum represents both Pacquiao & Bradley so with last night’s loss it sets the stage for an obvious rematch for sometime in November.  I believe it’s all a ploy to avoid any contest with Mayweather for a possible big-time fight in November.  We have have to face reality that it’s never going to happen.  The video above maybe the closest Boxing fans will ever get to see in terms of a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight if we simply did it by the numbers.

Mayweather Speaks on Pacquiao Fight, Career, Fans, & his support for Black Fighters (Video)

This is part 2 of a previous interview with Floyd “Money” Mayweather & in this segment he speaks more on the possible Pacquiao fight, the support from his fans, his career, & his outward support for other black fighters in the business.

Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Manny Pacquiao; Says Sign The Contract for May 5, 2012 (Video)

Floyd Mayweather Argues with Sirius XM radio host Rude Jude (Audio)

This is straight hilarious!!! Personally I don’t believe Floyd Mayweather is afraid of anyone, but you do have to be smart when fighting a potential opponent who is alleged to be using performance enhancing drugs. If I was Floyd Mayweather I’d make every fighter I was poised to compete against take a drug test like I’ve always done. Why should Manny Pacquiao be any different? It’s called doing your due dilligence & this is more about business than it is about Floyd Mayweather being afraid of fighting anyone. The Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao debates are constantly being argued in the barbershops, in the gyms, at the office watercooler, & even on sports & hip hop radio shows. Floyd Mayweather called in to Sirius XM’s Shade 45 channel to speak with Rude Jude about his disparaging comments about him. This heated exchange on the radio between Floyd Mayweather & Rude Jude is hilarious though….


Sugar Shane Mosely’s Girlfriend Was The Star Of The Fight (Video)

I didn’t catch the Pacquiao vs. Mosely fight last night because I was on the radio while it was on, but I saw a flurry of tweets of people talking about Sugar Shane’s girl Bella Gonzalez who was seated ringside. Judging from everyone’s collective opinions, the fight was boring but Sugar Shane’s Girlfriend was clearly the star. The tweets & comments erupted when she gave the cameras a better view of her ‘Seat’
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Pacquiao Has Never Beaten Or Fought An African American? (Video)

The Manny Pacquio Vs. Sugar Shane Mosely fight tonight raises some interesting questions that Bernard Hopkins pointed out & ESPN’s sports think tank analyzed on air. Is Bernard Hopkins correct in his assessments?

Rick Ross Meets Manny Pacquiao (Video)

Looks like Rick Ross wants to be good buddies with Manny Pacquiao like 50 Cent & Mayweather’s tight friendship. Judging from his facial expressions Manny doesn’t have a damn clue who Rick Ross is in this video. Hahaaa! The Pacquiao fight with Sugar Shane goes down tomorrow night, but clearly everyone is waiting on that Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao fight. Manny just needs to agree to take the damn drug tests. Take the drug tests Manny so we can get this poppin’!