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Ask Gary Vee | “Fat Joe, Hip Hop & Business Collaborations & Marketing Music” (Video)

Gary Vaynerchuk is a lock for providing compelling Q&A content regularly himself. Every now and then he has a guest. But this time… Gary welcomes The DonFat Joe!

Discussion on the state of Hip-Hop, marketing & biz insights, career moments and life aspirations. Of course, he gets into the subject of police killings and what can be done.

Great watching; all cued up for you above.


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Moms: The New Target Market Segment For Marijuana (Video)

“The ‘Green Crack’… That’s a real branding problem. You wanna get rid of the stigma…for moms.”
Jessica Roake

Go for the moms. U.S. industry has pursued that marketing strategy for over a century. Exhibit: ‘soap’ operas (e.g. the ‘stories’) being produced specifically to sell SOAP to housewives back in the day. The tobacco smoking industry’s advertising included moms in the targeting mix (hell, they even included ‘doctors’ in some ads). The green industry machine had to eventually get around to talking to moms in their promotions (got to calm down eff’n ’round with these damn kids haha).

[The legal cannabis industry is] searching for ways to get moms around the country to set down their wine and light up. We travel to Denver with Jessica Roake, a mother of two from the suburbs of Washington, DC, for a mom-friendly cannabis tour. She gets blazed beyond belief in the name of market research.

Ah, VICE. This is that good good… article. Watch above.

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What Atlanta’s NBA Franchise Can Learn From The Miami Heat: Pay Attention You’re Missing A Payday!

JayForce recently gave on-air commentary (on The Remix and the Beatz & Lyrics shows) about his experiences at the last game of the 2012 NBA finals, about King-with-his-first-ring Lebron James, and about the welcome feel of the arena and locale. I took in all he said: the game being an incredible experience, the King’s ring being well-deserved, the Heat being the team of destiny (giving thanks to all those Lebron haters who lost bets to him), and that Miami knows how to celebrate. However, the comments that would follow – building on that last point – were likely what gave listeners the most to think about…that in Atlanta, fans are being dissed AND that money is being missed!


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Hit Em Wit The Kenny G: The Remaining Best Super Bowl XLV Ads (Video)

The ‘Hit Em Wit The Kenny G’ line alone is hilarious as hell! Hahaa!

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Volkswagen Uses ‘The Force’ In Their Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

One of the most memorable of the commercials during the Super Bowl was the ‘Lil Darth Vader’ who kept coming up short. Things weren’t working out for the kid in the beginning because he wasn’t using ‘JayForce’, but the car company didn’t cut the check for us to assist. (Rimshot) Most of the commercials during the Super Bowl weren’t that funny, but this is one of the few that stood out to me.

Imported From Detroit: Eminem’s Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Dope advertisement showing love to Detroit & Eminem is leading the way in it. Great job! FTW! This was the second advertisement that Eminem was involved with during the Super Bowl with the first that aired being for Brisk Iced Tea. If you really pay attention to what’s said in that particular ad you’ll see that Eminem is not just going to take any ad for a check unlike some rappers out today, but the word is Brisk paid him allegedly $1 Million dollars that was just to lend his voice for the claymation character. I respect the fact that Em is very choosy in terms of his ad choices. He even uses Brisk’s ad time to let YOU know why he doesn’t do commercials. Smart