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Hidden Colors 4 : “The Culture of Harming Black People” (Extended Trailer & Movie Premier Info)

The fourth installment of the award winning Documentary series Hidden Colors will be on the big screens May 26th & 27th in select cities.  Tariq Nasheed the director/producer of Hidden Colors is not holding back with this one.  The film takes an in depth look at White Supremacy and the culture of harming black people.  He enlists numerous scholars like Jennifer Tosch, Dr Boyce Watkins, and Anthony Browder to name a few.  Not just intellectual scholars but also Hip Hop artists like Killer Mike & David Banner.  I watched Hidden Colors 3 at a theater here in Atlanta and it will be screening in Atlanta again on May 26th & 27th.  The film will also screen in New York, Birmingham AL, Baltimore, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas and many more cities.  Click Here for Full list of cities and times. Check out this latest extended trailer and make sure you are in the theaters when the film drops!

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Black & Nickel (Black Thought x Royce Da 5’9) – “Rap On Steroids”

Ever heard that Hip-Hop so dope it made you cuss out loud on the first listen? That’s this Black & Nickel (as in Black Thought of The Roots and Royce da Nickel Nine) jawn “Rap On Steroids” son! Stamped approved and put out on the Twitterverse by Questlove. It’s official!


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Dice Raw – “Young, Gifted And Black”


All kinds of shout outs on here… This one’s For The People, For The Culture. Enjoy this dope Dice Raw entitled “Young, Gifted And Black.”

The Dream – “Black” (Video)

R&B singer The-Dream drops this powerful video shot in South Africa to his equally thought provoking song ‘Black’ which was inspired by the racist controversy involving Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Although the song was The Dream’s artistic response to Sterling’s racist comments, the video itself briefly touches on a number of issues worth examining. I’m diggin’ this joint right here especially a line in particular from Terius’s mama….. “Never be impressed with a man with no message.” Always good & refreshing to see & hear artists get deeper with their music. Yeah this joint ‘Got me feeling real black right now’.

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Black & Latino Students In The U.S. Can Attend Medical School In Cuba For Free (Video)

Doctors come out of med school with huge debt to repay. Probably why we “understand” why a trip to the doctor can cost so much in the United States. But wouldn’t it be a boon to making healthcare affordable if doctors could graduate debt-free? Well… somebody’s already doing that… Cuba!

All too often though, we want to vilify those (like Cuba) we are told to treat as the enemy. Remember the uproar over Bey and Jigga’s trip to Cuba (y’all gone learn today…wrote a song ’bout it)? You’dve thought it was the missile crisis all over again. But fortunately, to balance bad-mouthing of some, we have folks who declare that there are at least some things we can appreciate about the neighbor 90 miles south of South Florida (USA). For instance, check out what the Black Left Unity blog hipped us to about another bright spot of Cuba’s medical outreach.

Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine (LASM). A few years ago member of the USA Congressional Black Caucus visited Cuba and noted the small amount number of doctor available in Black and poor areas in American. When Rep. Bennie Thompson said his Mississippi district needed doctors, then President Fidel Castro announced scholarships for youth from under-served communities in the U.S.

It was later decided that people should apply through IFCO/Pastors for Peace. Currently 146 U.S. students study at LASM with full scholarships, including 16 in the their new class. Forty seven students have now graduated and two are residents in U.S. hospitals now. After the earthquake disaster in Haiti in February of 2010, many of the LASM graduates volunteered to go the serve there.

Currently there are two Detroit (Michigan, USA) students attending LASM on a full scholarship. Contact us at IFCO
418 W 145 Street
Harlem, NY 10031
(212) 926-5757

And if you don’t know, now you know. So, next time somebody spouts that ‘Communist Cuba the bad guys’ stuff … You hit ’em with the link to this story. Oh, and tell them the US is actually doing some ‘bad medicine’ down that way. Remember the Gitmo force-feeding? But we’ll keep this peace positive. Thanks for the good medicine, Cuba.

Check out more video after the jump, including a great piece from PBS Newshour.

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VICE: Racism At The University Of Alabama – Problem NOT Solved (Video)

It’s a shame that there are some societal ills, like racism, that we cannot seem to move beyond… even in this, the 21st century. Admittedly, The University of Alabama has much to be proud of – certainly its back-to-back NCAA football championships tops among them. But just as we had observed how far UA has come since its campus’ integration (see the R.I.P. James Hood post here), racism at The Capstone is exposed once again.

“In 1963, in the midst of the heated debate over the desegregation of American schools, The University of Alabama announced that it would for the first time allow African Americans to enroll. Fifty years later, in September 2013, two University of Alabama sororities rejected an African American student because of her race. As a result, an anti-racist student group called the Mallet Assembly and other members of the community took action to prevent segregation within the university’s Greek system.”


So sad. An embarrassment on so many levels: A majority of UA students have likely moved on from notions in step with its segregated past; but a significant number of students (and more important, institutions and organizations they join) have not. UA sororities, students and alumni, all should find it harder to yell “Roll Tide” with pride. And if the shame was limited to the embarrassing actions of two sororities who wanted to stay ‘lily white’… that would be enough. BUT… as you see in the documentary short above, racial insensitivity is still very much a reality woven into the fabric of campus life at UA.

Damn… they’re still trying to keep black folk out of the swimming pool. Shameful. You MUST watch. Kudos to The Mallet Assembly and to VICE for bringing this to the forefront.

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Hard To Earn, Too Costly To Learn: How For-Profit Colleges Saddle African-American Students With Staggering Debt


President Obama echoes the sentiment of Black people throughout the ages in America: The key to “winning the future” is to get educated. Get educated, get paid, live the American Dream. That’s the path to prosperity right… right?

Well, Kai Wright of writes that something isn’t right:

‘…black college enrollment shot up by nearly 35 percent between 2003 and 2009, nearly twice the rate at which white enrollment increased…But this headlong rush of black Americans to get schooled has also led too many down a depressingly familiar path. As with the mortgage market of the pre-crash era, those who are just entering in the higher ed game have found themselves ripe for the con man’s picking. They’ve landed, disproportionately, at for-profit schools, rather than at far less expensive public community colleges, or at public universities. And that means they’ve found themselves loaded with unimaginable debt, with little to show for it…’


Have we been had, hoodwinked, and bamboozled again? Kai makes a powerful argument. And were he here to speak on it today, Malcolm X might well quip: Plymouth rock landed on us. We climbed from under it. Then they dropped a mountain of debt on top of us!

Several of the top for-profit colleges are run by financiers, not educators. Damn. Now, more than ever, it costs to be poor; and it pays to exploit those striving for more.


What Atlanta’s NBA Franchise Can Learn From The Miami Heat: Pay Attention You’re Missing A Payday!

JayForce recently gave on-air commentary (on The Remix and the Beatz & Lyrics shows) about his experiences at the last game of the 2012 NBA finals, about King-with-his-first-ring Lebron James, and about the welcome feel of the arena and locale. I took in all he said: the game being an incredible experience, the King’s ring being well-deserved, the Heat being the team of destiny (giving thanks to all those Lebron haters who lost bets to him), and that Miami knows how to celebrate. However, the comments that would follow – building on that last point – were likely what gave listeners the most to think about…that in Atlanta, fans are being dissed AND that money is being missed!


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Vybz Kartel Speaks About Confronting Other Artists About His Skin Bleaching (Video)

This is the first time Vybz Kartel talks with former Atlanta selector/DJ Walshy Fire who now resides in Miami. Walshy finds his way to Jamaica to talk about the most recent issues Kartel has with bleaching his skin, possible beef with artists like Agent Sasco aka Assassin and also how he will perform via satellite Memorial Weekend in Miami for the ‘Best of the Best’ Concert.