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Drink Champs: Marlon Wayans (Video)

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN and Jack Thriller… already a pack of fools… and you’re gonna add Marlon Wayans to the mix? MAYHEM!!!!

In this episode, Marlon Wayans the cast of #DrinkChamps talk about his new movie SEXTUPLETS and his love for Comedy. We also discuss topics regarding Comedians making a comeback, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly & much more!

Been on before. Back again!


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Check Out Marlon Wayans’ Sneaker Collection (Video)

Of course, it’s only right that we keep the Wayans coverage going. Just shared the “In Living Color” reunion (here) with you. How about we crossover to Marlon Wayans collections of shoes that some NBA ballers used to wear while crossing folks up? HA!

Watch me go through some of my sneakers!
Marlon Wayans

More than just basic sneaks in this collection, too.


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Marlon Wayans Draws On His Life For The Truth, The ‘Funny’ And Speaks On His Realness In Family Relationships (Video)

The dude behind Envy was already laughing right at the start of this clip. Buckle up for funny! Without fail, I always think back to when Keenan, Damon, and Shawn Wayans were on BET’s Teen Summit back, back in the day, saying y’all think we are funny… You haven’t seen funny… just amping how crazy Marlon (a bit too young for TV at the time) is. And they were right. He’s matured since, and added some ‘tone’ to his funniness, but still hilarious…

Marlon Wayans Finds The Funny In Everything, Talks Season Two Of ‘Marlon’ + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Comedy: Marlon Wayans ‘Exposes’ More Of His Netflix Movie’s Plotline (Trailer)

Full trailer is out for Marlon Wayan’s movie on Netflix – “Naked.” Even crazier than the teaser we posted earlier let on. Still not enough nudity from Regina Hall. But oh well…

Imagine living the same day over and over again. Now imagine living the same day over and over again without clothes. Naked comes to Netflix August 11.
– Netflix

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Naked (Netflix Trailer)

Mm mm mm. Why not have sexy azz Regina Hall waking up in the raw on the elevator though… because equal rights!! We’re here for you, Regina. WE support your right to bare(ness), even if Hollywood doesn’t (haaaa)! For seriously though, this trailer is like that Bill Murray “Groundhog’s Day” movie mashed into everyone’s worst wake up at school in your draws (or less) nightmare. What is it with that dream anyway?

When Rob Anderson (Marlon Wayans), a charming man-child, arrives in Charleston the night before he is about to marry the woman of every man’s dreams, Megan Swope (Regina Hall), he hasn’t written his vows, learned the steps for the first dance, or even remembered to bring the ring. Instead of taking care of his responsibilities, Rob goes out for a night on the town with his best man (Jonathan Todd Jackson). Then something unexpected happens… Rob wakes up naked in an elevator with no idea how he got there. When the elevator doors open Rob is shocked to find that it’s late in the morning and he has only one hour to get to the church or miss his own wedding. He tries desperately to get to the chapel, streaking through a city marathon, stealing clothes, avoiding capture by local police, a near death confrontation with a vicious motorcycle gang, and many other obstacles only to find himself waking up in the elevator again and again. Some unknown force has conspired to make Rob live this hour repeatedly until he finally grows up and becomes the man that his amazing fiancée deserves to marry. On Netflix August 11.
– Netflix

Netflix is winning. Ought to be hilarious!

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