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Politics: Jeff Johnson Leads A Power-Packed Panel Of Pundits In Discussing Today’s Black Agenda And Campaign 2020 (Video)

This feels like what a TV station calling itself REVOLT should be doing with its platform, at least in significant part. Very varied viewpoints from and in the Black community are presented and explored here, which is a good thing. Folks (e.g. we and the people who want our votes) need to understand that we are not a monolith, a block, a sector, a checklist item, etc. for the campaign… nor do we necessarily ‘win’ when ‘our candidate’ (whatever that means) wins.

Go get a snack and a beverage, and come back focused. ‘Bout to be some real talk. Necessary talk!

T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, Steven Pargett Of Trap The Vote, Katrina Pierson, & Tamika D Mallory have an open and honest conversation about politics, and the culture we live in today.

Be forewarned: You will get agitated and frustrated. Hang in there. Especially because there is thoughtful, useful insight shared EVERY TIME we get a chance to hear from Killer Mike. Much respect and respek on the name Michael Render!

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Drink Champs: Marlon Wayans (Video)

N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN and Jack Thriller… already a pack of fools… and you’re gonna add Marlon Wayans to the mix? MAYHEM!!!!

In this episode, Marlon Wayans the cast of #DrinkChamps talk about his new movie SEXTUPLETS and his love for Comedy. We also discuss topics regarding Comedians making a comeback, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly & much more!

Been on before. Back again!


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Jermaine Dupri Speaks On Outkast & Janet Jackson (Video)

Who was more influential to Hip-Hop culture in Atlanta, Jermaine Dupri or Outkast? Now that’s a good question! The answer has got to be nuanced, but Jermaine’s got his own answer to share… and more… during his sit-down with The Breakfast Club.

Start with the clip above. Hit the jump for more (another dope sit-down).

(Keep forgetting about him linked with Miss Jackson for the score. Salute to JD!)

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Irv Gotti Does Not Smoke Much. But When He Does, It’s With N.O.R.E. And DJ EFN (Video)

I’ve come here to get drunk… and high… with my guy N.O.R.E.
Irv Gotti

Will you admit to wanting to watch this just to see who gets the Murderrrr shade from Tha I-N-C Boss? It’s okay, it’s more than that, but hands up. Drink Champs welcomes Irv mf’n Gotti!

The Murder Inc. co-founder talks ruining his friendship with J.Lo, making music with Bobby Brown, and Suge Knight beefs. He also calls Drake a genius and compares him to Eminem.
– Drink Champs

And whatcha’ll know about DJ Irv!?

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Nipsey Hussle Is An Entrepreneur & Hip-Hop Artist, In That Order (Video)

To me, a starving artist is uncomfortable.
Nipsey Hussle


All the faithful fam on here already know that Nip Hussle is about his BUSINESS(es)… see here for example. Dude is seemingly the epitome of laid-back in his demeanor though; like he doesn’t chase bread because he stays busy making it.

Watch the interview clip above.


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Hammer Speaks On Tupac, Beef With Jay-Z, And His Back-In-The-Day Days As An Emcee (Video)

Okay, score on for REVOLT TV for a full hour of power with MC Hammer. He’ll always be MC Hammer to me. Respect! I still have a chip on MY shoulder about how folks dissed MC Hammer, calling him something ‘other’ than Hip-Hop… Nah, MC Hammer was Hip-Hop; just maybe not how everyone else was doing, and maybe not how many people preferred at the time.

Hammer joined REVOLT to talk Tupac, his former beef with Jay-Z and more!


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Who Does Nas Think The Top Rap Acts Currently Are? (Video)

Get right to it: Who is Nas feeling among the newer school artists of now. Cole & Kendrick, certainly. But Weezy though? Interesting, but much too short from Nas, clip from Revolt’s “Music Talks” Series.

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The Birth Of A Nation (Official Trailer)

Okay, get ready for the why-can’t-you-just-let-it-go rhetoric… OR… the quiet silence/avoidance of some folks who are not ready to ‘read’ the pages left out of the history books. Regardless of how ‘they’ feel, Nate Parker is bringing it RAW to the big screen. We posted a teaser trailer earlier, but this is the full official trailer for this must-see Nat Turner story set to hit theaters in August – “The Birth Of A Nation.” Who’s ready??



(You know, they mentioned Nat Turner’s Revolt in the “Roots” reboot that aired on The History Channel a few weeks back. This movie is going to show what had ‘massa’ and his kin jumping like they were.)

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The Birth of a Nation (Trailer)

Furious! How you’ll feel… starting right when you see the little girls skipping out massa’s big house onto the porch. Guaran-DAMN-teed! “The Birth of a Nation” hits theaters October of this year. Nat Turner’s story brought to the big screen.

Set against the antebellum South, “The Birth of a Nation” follows Nat Turner (Nate Parker), a literate slave and preacher, whose financially strained owner, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer), accepts an offer to use Nat’s preaching to subdue unruly slaves. As he witnesses countless atrocities – against himself and his fellow slaves – Nat orchestrates an uprising in the hopes of leading his people to freedom.

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Nas Talks About His Independent Production, “The Land” (Video)

Shout out to Cleveland, “The Land.” Nas gave that salute and some insights on the Indie film known by that name on which he served as executive producer. Check out the quick clip above.

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Raekwon – “Heated Nights” (Live) [Video]

Raekwon fell into the Revolt studios, stepped up to the mic and put it down! Intimate crowd got this live performance of “Heated Nights.” Watch the performance, and check for the album link below, in advance of the release date for “F.I.L.A.” (April 28, 2015).


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Diddy Speaks About His Late Father, Melvin Combs (Video)

Following ‘the Oprah model’ for certain, Diddy is putting himself out there in every way (reputation, finances, personal) to spur on his Revolt TV. In the above Confessions clip he opens up… about his dad – missing him, his murder and more.

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Diddy On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Talking TV, Vodka & More (Video)

Johnson Diddy sat on the couch opposite Jimmy Kimmel to ‘answer’ for siding with Kanye against him… oh, and to promote his newly launched Revolt TV network. Other topics: the desire to own a NFL franchise and the Ciroc business. Start watching (part one) above. Parts two & three after the jump.

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Revolt: A3C Festival Recap (Video)

“It just happened organically… That’s what so great about this whole sh!t. Everybody in Atlanta is in their own lane…”


Been talking about it. Been telling you don’t miss it. So, if you missed it… your bad. However, Revolt TV has done us all a solid with a recap of the five day festival.

‘The ninth annual A3C Hip-Hop Festival took over Atlanta last week, bringing together a slew of burgeoning and established artists, thousands of fans, and media and industry experts from all over the world. Originally founded as a three-day showcase that took place in one venue in Atlanta’s Midtown section, this year saw the fest spread to five days at multiple locations throughout the city.’

– Revolt TV

Check out the video from this year. It’s already America’s largest Hip-Hop festival; and it’s getting bigger and bigger, folks. Be sure to be there next year. We damn sure will!

“I really love what this conference represents. I love that most of the people that you see here are business-minded and it’s inspiring to see that Hip-Hop understands that instead of letting other companies and corporations brand us and make money off of us, we’re learning now how to brand ourselves to make our own money and income outside of just selling the music.”

Bun B (of UGK fame)

Along the vein of what we just posted from David Banner [on getting a handle on our Hip-Hop art and biz]. A3C has concerts, culture, and commerce going on all the while. Great event.


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